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Saint Peter School

Sometime between 1855 and 1857 the first parochial school was erected in Butler, a small two room building built to the front of the parish house. Although it had only elementary grades, it was known by many as St. Peter's Academy. The school building, east of the church at a total expense of about $7,000. It was a substantial two story brick structure, with basement, contains four school rooms, and was opened in the fall of 1889. The attendance was about 125.

The teachers were laity until it was taken over the Sisters of St. Francis of Pittsburgh. After several years, the Sisters of St. Francis resigned in order to supply teachers in their larger schools in Pittsburgh. The Sisters of Mercy from Cresson then assumed charge of the school and remained until the Sisters of St. Francis returned in 1931. This small frame school facing on Franklin Street at times removed its partitions so that social affairs might be conducted. Plays and minstrels were produced, and the small building was the first Catholic Cultural Center of Butler. In the year 1890, a four-room school was erected on a spacious plot in the rear of the church. The increase in church membership necessitated adding four schoolrooms in 1911. A large auditorium was added at this time to the modem and well-equipped school, and after the erection of the first unit, the original two room school on Franklin Street was razed.

In 1990, St. Peter's school building became outdated and was razed to make room for a much needed parking lot.

Saint Michael School

St. Michael's started in 1921 in the basement of the parish’s old Spring Street church with four grades.  By early 1922, a newly erected building on South Monroe Street was opened.  The first class graduated from the school in 1925.

In the early 1960’s, plans were drawn for a new school to be built behind the church, which was now located on Center Avenue on what had been the Boyd property.

The new school was opened in the fall of 1962. 

The Sisters of Mercy originally taught at the school.  In 1938, the Sisters of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus assumed teaching responsibilities and continued until they completed their mission at St. Michaels in 1990 after 52 years of service.



Saint Paul School

Saint Paul School

Father William A. Nolan founded Saint Paul School in 1888, and the Sisters of Mercy accepted his invitation to form the faculty. The original school consisted of just two classrooms. Sister Mary Teresa and Sister Mary Justiana were appointed the first teachers, while Sister Mary Helena fulfilled the domestic duties of the convent.

In 1889 another classroom was added, and music and voice became a part of regular studies. Sister Mary Agnes was appointed the first music teacher at Saint Paul School. Again in 1891 more classrooms were added to the original structure. At that time Sister Margaret Mary was appointed as art instructor.

By 1902 the school had expanded to eight classrooms and remained at that capacity for more than forty years. After the conclusion of World War II and with the industrial expansion of the Butler area the original buildings were most inadequate and under the guidance of Monsignor William J. Spiegel new spacious facilities were erected.

The basic purpose of the educational philosophy of Saint Paul School is to develop within each student, through an approved program, a Christian personality. This Christian personality will be well-balanced spiritually, intellectually, aesthetically, socially and physically, so as to enable each student to live as a true and useful citizen in this world and be worthy of eternal life in the next. Through the years the Sisters and other teachers of Saint Paul School have guided youth toward successful futures.

In 1956 a section of the School was devoted to the training of exceptional children. This was the first center for these children in Butler County. Since the opening of this department, specially designed and equipped, this center has provided training for more than 100 Butler County children under the direction of a specially trained Sister and the Catholic Child Center of the Diocesan Schools Department.


Butler Catholic School

In 1969, Butler Catholic School was formed by the merging schools of St. Paul, St. Peter and St. Michael Parishes. St. Andrew and St. Fidelis parishes joined the merger in the late 1970's.

Today, Butler Catholic server the area of seven school districts: Butler, South Butler, Mars, Moniteau, Karns City, Seneca Valley and Slippery Rock.

The mission of the Catholic School, and therefore of Butler Catholic School, is the proclamation of the message of Jesus, and the formation of an extended family community of faith and service. The mission is directed both within the school and outward toward the service of others.

The faculty and staff of Butler Catholic strive to provide an exemplary Christ-centered educational process through which the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church are transmitted to our students in a loving and caring atmosphere that will encourage a thirst for learning, a hunger for truth, and a commitment to live a life based upon the teachings they have received.



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