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Missing Alumni


As you can see, we have a lot of missing alumni!   If you see anyone from your family, circle of friends of class year and can help us out - we would really appreciate it!    It is our goal is to find everyone missing from the alumni lists and give each of them the opportunity to come back and reconnect. 

If you can help us find any of our missing alumni, please send us a message:

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Last Name Married First Middle Address Grad Class School
** Sr. Fransitine FoundTeacher
** Sr. M. Carol FoundTeacher
** Sr. M. Helena FoundTeacher
** Sr. M. Louella FoundTeacher
** Sr. M. Lourdel FoundTeacher
Abraham Rebecca Found2000Butler Catholic School
Abrams Joseph Found1955
Abrams Maria Found1957Saint Paul School
AbulenciaConradMariaReginaFound1985Butler Catholic School
AchesinskiAchesinskiAmy Found2003Butler Catholic School
AchesinskiDammelRachelMarieFound1997Butler Catholic School
Acquaviva CarlJosephMissing1958Saint Michael School
Acquaviva CarlAnthonyFound1968Saint Michael School
AcquavivaRicchuitoLeonaMarieFound1962Saint Michael School
Acquaviva Michael Found1949Saint Michael School
Acquaviva RichardArlenFound1957Saint Michael School
AcquavivaBroughRoseMFound1934Saint Michael School
Adalja AaronAshokFound1995Butler Catholic School
Adalja Amesh Found1989Butler Catholic School
Adalja AnitaAshokFound1996Butler Catholic School
Adams BradleyJosephMissing1978Butler Catholic School
AdamsAdamsCamilla Found1971Butler Catholic School
AdamsChipreanCherylAnnFound1975Butler Catholic School
AdamsWilliamsPamelaSueFound1969Saint Paul School
Adams William Found1985Butler Catholic School
Ager Sr. M. Berchmans Ager FoundTeacher
Agnese Mary FoundTeacherSaint Paul School
AlbertFlemingAliceAnneFound1972Saint Paul School
Albert AudraElishaFound2001Butler Catholic School
AlbertGraceJenniferLynnFound1995Butler Catholic School
Albert JonathanBrentFound1997Butler Catholic School
Albert JulieMarieFound2000Butler Catholic School
Albert Phyllis Missing1956
Albert ScottEdwardFound1982Butler Catholic School
Albert Sean MissingNot Sure
Albert ShawnPatrickMissing1984Butler Catholic School
Albert Suzanne Missing1964Saint Paul School
Albert Theresa Missing1968Saint Paul School
AlbinEdingerMarilynJaneFound1962Saint Paul School
Albin Marjorie Found1963
Albin MichaelJosephMissing1966Saint Paul School
AlcantaraAlcantaraBJ Missing1997Butler Catholic School
Alert Julie MissingNot Sure
Alexander MichaelAndrewFound2008Butler Catholic School
Alexandrumas Donald Missing1953
AlexandrumasAgerJudith Found1954
AlexandrumasCorcoranPatricia Found1952
Alexandrumas PaulRichardMissing1961Saint Paul School
Alexandrunas Jean Anthony Found1951
Alexia John Found1942Saint Michael School
Allen Delores Found1958Saint Michael School
Allen Grace Found1951Saint Paul School
Alves Sr. Corinne Alves FoundTeacher
Alvey SuzanneCatherineMissing1960Saint Paul School
Alvey William Missing1956
Alvine Richard Missing1954
Alwine NicholasLeoFound1960Saint Paul School
Amarante Rita FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Ambrose DavidBFound1992Butler Catholic School
AmbroseMihelcicJulieSusanFound1989Butler Catholic School
Ambrose MaryAnnFound1982Butler Catholic School
Ambrose Rachelle FoundNot Sure
Ames AdinaMarieMissing1997Butler Catholic School
AmianoMendenhallPaula Found1976Butler Catholic School
Amos David Found1951Saint Paul School
Amos Robert Missing1956
AndersonAndersonCaryn Found1993Butler Catholic School
Anderson EricEdwardFound1993Butler Catholic School
Anderson Sr. Giles Anderson FoundTeacher
AndreKerrCharlene Found1969
Andreassi DerrickAnthonyFound2011Butler Catholic School
Andreassi JaneEllenFound1978Butler Catholic School
Andreassi JohnPatrickFound1971Saint Paul School
Andreassi MaryCelesteFound1975Saint Paul School
Andreassi NancyElizabethMissing1980Butler Catholic School
AndreassiAndreassiTimothyJosephFound1969Saint Paul School
AndrewsHopperBarbara Found1966Saint Michael School
Andrews Richard Found1961Saint Michael School
Andrews Teresa MissingNot Sure
Angeloni AnthonyAFound1939Saint Michael School
AngeloniDavisBarbaraAnnFound1975Saint Michael School
AngeloniBebloCeceliaCFound1942Saint Michael School
Angeloni DanielJFound1984Butler Catholic School
Angeloni Domenic Found1927Saint Michael School
AngeloniAngeloniDonaldRFound1945Saint Michael School
Angeloni FrankVincentFound1973Butler Catholic School
Angeloni Louis Found1944Saint Michael School
AngeloniSchnurMarieBFound1937Saint Michael School
Angeloni Nathan Found1928Saint Michael School
Angert CharlesClairMissing1967Saint Paul School
Angert DavidFrancisFound1959Saint Paul School
Angert EstherRitaMissing1976Saint Paul School
AngertLimegroverHelen Found1948
Angert JanetLouiseFound1970Saint Paul School
AngertAngertJoan FoundNot Sure
Angert MargaretAnnFound1973Saint Paul School
AngertDunmyreMaria (Mary Ann)LuisiaFound1959Saint Paul School
Angert MaryCatherineMissing1965Saint Paul School
AngertAngertPaulJacobFound1961Saint Paul School
Angert Thomas Found1956
AngertAngertToddAlanFound1986Butler Catholic School
Angiolieri DavidJFound1984Butler Catholic School
Angiolieri RichardGuerrinaFound1973Saint Paul School
AngiolieriAngiolieriRosemarie FoundNot Sure
Angiolieri TeresaLynnFound1987Butler Catholic School
Ansman CaroleKayFound1959Saint Paul School
AnsmanRappNancy Found1952
ArchambaultArchambaultAndrewDavidFound2002Butler Catholic School
Argentieri NicholasJFoundNot Sure
Arnold Jules Missing1948Saint Michael School
Arnold KimberlyJeanMissing1980Butler Catholic School
Artman Patricia Found1943
Ashbaugh BarbaraAnnMissing1979Butler Catholic School
Ashbaugh JohnRichardFound1982Butler Catholic School
Ashbaugh TimothyJamesFound1977
Ashbaugh WilliamAlanFound1976Butler Catholic School
Aumen Paula Mary FoundNot SureSaint Paul School
Austel GregoryThomasFound1988Butler Catholic School
Austin Sr. Ita Austin FoundTeacher
AuthAuthSharonBFoundNot Sure
BacharEhrmanVictoriaLouiseFound1975Butler Catholic School
Bacher DennisRichardFound1965
Bacho Edward Found1946Saint Michael School
BadgerBadgerMatthewRaymondFound2010Butler Catholic School
Badura JohnPaulFound1997Butler Catholic School
Bailey Darlene FoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Bailey JasonLeeFound1986Butler Catholic School
Bajcz Gregory Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Baker BarbaraKayMissing1971Butler Catholic School
BakerBakerPaulBruceFound1970Saint Paul School
Baker StephanieLynnFound1987Butler Catholic School
BalasBalasParticia FoundNot Sure
Baldauf Alice FoundNot Sure
Baldauf Joan MissingNot Sure
Baldauff Joseph MissingNot Sure
Ballentine Patricia Missing1954
Balog DouglasMFound1975Butler Catholic School
BalogPuzRebeccaAnnFound1977Butler Catholic School
Balog StephenWilliamMissing1980Butler Catholic School
Bandura BarryAlbertFound1966Saint Paul School
Bandura RandallPaulFound1967Saint Paul School
Bantley AnnaMaeMissingNot Sure
Baptiste AmyJFoundNot Sure
Baptiste AndrewPaulFound1974Butler Catholic School
Baptiste DennisMichaelMissing1992Butler Catholic School
BaptisteHuetElizabeth FoundNot Sure
Baptiste JamesBernardMissing1961Saint Paul School
Baptiste Kathy FoundNot Sure
Baptiste LeonardRFound1964Saint Michael School
Baptiste Leslie Missing1954
Baptiste Maurice Found1951Saint Paul School
Baptiste Max FoundNot Sure
Baptiste ReginaElaineMissing1967Saint Paul School
BaptisteBaptisteRichardRayFound1975Saint Michael School
Baptiste RuthAnneMissing1976Butler Catholic School
Baptiste Suzanne Found1952
BaptisteMintoTeresa FoundNot Sure
Baptiste ThomasJosephMissing1971Butler Catholic School
Baptiste VictoriaMargaretFound2001Butler Catholic School
Baranchak JohnMarkFound1979Butler Catholic School
Barber Karen FoundNot Sure
Barber LaurenRoseFound1998Butler Catholic School
BargerCarrKristinaMarieFound1996Butler Catholic School
BargerMillerPatriciaLeeFound1964Butler Catholic School
Barkac HollyAnnMissing1987Butler Catholic School
Barkac Stacy Missing1989Butler Catholic School
Barkus AndrewPFound1998Butler Catholic School
Barkus Emily Found2004Butler Catholic School
Barkus JohnHenryFound2007Butler Catholic School
Barkus KristenAshleyFound2003Butler Catholic School
Barkus MarielGFound2008Butler Catholic School
Barkus MichelleKaitlynnMissing1999Butler Catholic School
Barkus NatilieKathleenFound2009Butler Catholic School
Barlow KeenanLeeFound2009Butler Catholic School
Barlow MeleaRoseFound2012Butler Catholic School
BarnesHufSonyaMFound1981Butler Catholic School
BarnhartHilliardChristianne Found1991Butler Catholic School
Barnhart ErinMarieFound1989Butler Catholic School
Baroffio MariaElizabethFound2003Butler Catholic School
BaroffioBaroffioSarahJaneFound2001Butler Catholic School
Barr JamesLeslieFound1968Saint Paul School
Barr LawrenceEFoundNot Sure
Barr LindaLeeMissing1961Saint Paul School
Barr ThomasEdwardFound1960Saint Paul School
Barrera Rhodora (Dory)VillanuevaMissing1982Butler Catholic School
Barrett AmyBethFound1976Butler Catholic School
BarrettRahiserBarbara Found1956
Barron Nancy Missing1956
BartleyBartleyDavidLeeFound1983Butler Catholic School
Bartley DeborahMarieFound1971Saint Peter School
BartleyMooreEileenFrancesFound1976Saint Peter School
Bartley LarryJFound1974Saint Peter School
Bartley Paul MissingNot Sure
Bartley Tyler MissingNot Sure
Bartoli ArgeneRoseFound1962Saint Paul School
BartoliBilskiLindaJeanFound1961Saint Michael School
BartoliTritchMaryAnnFound1964Saint Michael School
Bartoli OrlandoDavidFound1958Saint Michael School
Bartoli PeterAFound1937Saint Michael School
Bartoli Raymond Found1933Saint Michael School
BartoliThompsonSallyAnnFound1967Saint Michael School
Bartoli Vasco Found1928Saint Michael School
Bartony Maggie Found2014Butler Catholic School
Bastin Camille Found1925Saint Michael School
Bauer HelenMaeMissingNot Sure
BauerBauerJames FoundNot Sure
BauerDallosJoanneMarieFound1970Saint Paul School
Bauer JohnEdwardFound1968Saint Paul School
Bauer KathleenSusanMissing1977Butler Catholic School
Bauer KennethPaulFound1973Butler Catholic School
Bauer MaryElizabethFound1970Saint Paul School
BauerDittmanPatriciaAnnFound1972Saint Paul School
BauerBauerRobert Found1975
Bauer RobertJosephFound1954Saint Paul School
Bauldauf Louise MissingNot Sure
Bauldauff Michael Missing1952
Bauldoff CoritaAnnFound1961Saint Paul School
Bauldoff GereneSueFound1973Saint Paul School
BauldoffAlfonsoJilanaLeeFound1970Saint Paul School
Bauldoff MichelleKayFound1974Saint Paul School
BaumanBaumanCarolAnnFound1993Butler Catholic School
Baumgart MaryLouMissing1955
BayerBayerDavidWayneFound1980Butler Catholic School
BayerCaseyDianaRitaFound1971Saint Paul School
Bayer GaryLeeMissing1978Butler Catholic School
BayerBacherGloriaJeanFound1965Saint Paul School
Bayer Jeanne MissingNot Sure
BayerBayerJohnPaulFound1965Saint Paul School
BayerBlainJulianaLeeFound1966Saint Paul School
Bayer Marian MissingNot Sure
Bayer MarleneMabelMissing1963Saint Michael School
Bayer MaryLouMissing1957
Bayer PaulaAnnFound1960Saint Paul School
Bayer RachelJFound1989Butler Catholic School
BayerBayerRichardAnthonyFound1968Saint Paul School
Bayer WilliamJohnMissing1962Saint Paul School
Beal DonaldFrancisMissing1959Saint Paul School
Beal LindaAnnMissing1961Saint Paul School
Beatrice Jeanne FoundNot Sure
Beatrice Thomas Found1970Saint Paul School
Beatrice ToniLeeFound1961
Beaver Augusta Found2014Butler Catholic School
Beaver SamuelSimonFound2011Butler Catholic School
Beaver VincentJosephFound2009Butler Catholic School
Beblo CharlesStephenFound1964Saint Paul School
Beblo CherylJeanFound1969Saint Paul School
BebloBebloDavidGeorgeFound1978Butler Catholic School
BebloBebloDennisGeorgeFound1968Saint Paul School
Beblo JohnJosephFound1960Saint Paul School
BebloBebloKarenLFoundNot Sure
Beblo MichaelFrankFound1965Saint Paul School
Beblo Peter Found1955
Beck Albert MissingNot Sure
Beck CarlRaymondMissing1969Saint Paul School
Beck CynthiaLouiseMissing1972Saint Paul School
Beck David Found2005Butler Catholic School
Beck Eileen Found1961
Beck Francis FoundNot Sure
BeckBeckGeorgeAloysiusFound1971Saint Paul School
Beck JeanElaineMissing1967Saint Paul School
Beck Kathy MissingNot Sure
Beck Lawrence MissingNot Sure
BeckCalabreseMargaret FoundNot Sure
Beck Paul MissingNot Sure
BeckBeckRobertAFoundNot Sure
BeckKutleniosRoseMarieFoundNot Sure
Beck RuthAnnMissing1962
Beck Stephen Missing1978Butler Catholic School
Beck Teresa Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Beck Thomas FoundNot Sure
Began AnitaC.Missing1971Butler Catholic School
BeganMarshallCatherine Found1968
Began Chris Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Began Edward Found1962
Began Joseph MissingNot Sure
Began Mary Found1965
Began Theresa MissingNot Sure
Beichner Bruce Found1979Butler Catholic School
Beichner Clement FoundNot Sure
Beichner David Found1995Butler Catholic School
BeichnerBeichnerMichael Found1987Butler Catholic School
BeichnerGeistRhonda Found1974Butler Catholic School
BeitchHabilAnnaMFound1962Saint Michael School
Beitch Steven Missing1961Saint Michael School
Bekhner Michael MissingNot Sure
Belcher Kelsey Found2009Butler Catholic School
BelcherBelcherRobertTFoundNot SureButler Catholic School
Bell Darcie Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Bell Sr. Alonza Bell FoundTeacher
BellaBellaEdward Found1985Butler Catholic School
Bella Eric Found1992Butler Catholic School
BellaConroyIsabelita FoundNot Sure
Bella Kathy MissingNot Sure
Bella NoahEdwardFound2012Butler Catholic School
BellaBellaRomeo FoundNot Sure
Bella Socorro Found1976Butler Catholic School
Bella Susan MissingNot Sure
Bellis Corey Found1988Butler Catholic School
Bellis DouglasLFound1971Butler Catholic School
Bellis Gary Found1959
Bellis Gregory Found1997Butler Catholic School
Bellis Jacob Found2009Butler Catholic School
Bellis James Missing1967
Bellis Joseph MissingNot Sure
Bellis Kathleen FoundNot Sure
BellisRaabeMichelle Found1975Butler Catholic School
Bellis Russel Found1954
BellisGillespieSusan Found1974Butler Catholic School
BellisBellisWilliam Found1945Saint Paul School
BelloSwiftCatherine Found1962
Bello Michael FoundNot Sure
Bello Samuel Found1959
Beltrami Michael Found1989Butler Catholic School
Bender Laurel MissingNot Sure
Bender Louis Missing1947Saint Michael School
Bender Sr. Sophia Bender FoundTeacher
BenderBenderTravis Found1989Butler Catholic School
Beneigh Jean Missing1962
Beneigh Jeff FoundNot Sure
Beneigh Joelyn Missing1967
Beneigh Kent FoundNot Sure
Benjamin Ansu Found2010Butler Catholic School
Benniger Jodi MissingNot Sure
Benniger Mark MissingNot Sure
Benson Dale Missing1962
Benson Donald FoundNot Sure
BensonFischerKaren Found1951Saint Paul School
Benson Kenneth MissingNot Sure
BentonBentonCharles Found1987Butler Catholic School
Berckbichler Nancy Missing1966
Berg JohnDrewMissingNot Sure
Bergan AnnaMarieMissing1951
Bergbigler Bernadette Missing1961
Bergbigler Brenda Found1968
Bergbigler Donald Found1960
Bergbigler Eugene Found1975Butler Catholic School
Bergbigler Evelyn FoundNot Sure
Bergbigler JuliaAFound1957Saint Michael School
Bergbigler Leroy Found1971Butler Catholic School
Bergbigler LindaAnnFound1965
BergbiglerBergbiglerPaul FoundNot Sure
Bergbigler Ralph Found1968
Bergbigler Shirley Missing1962Saint Michael School
Bergbigler Steven Found1970Butler Catholic School
Berkus Andrew MissingNot Sure
BernotBernotEdward Found1987Butler Catholic School
Bernot John Found1989Butler Catholic School
Bernot LynetteMarFound1991Butler Catholic School
Bernot Patrick Found1994Butler Catholic School
Bernot Paul Found1998Butler Catholic School
Berns Wendy FoundNot Sure
Bertuzzi Kathy/Cathy Missing1974Butler Catholic School
BerzonskiBerzonskiGeorge Missing1991Butler Catholic School
Berzonski MelindaSFound1989Butler Catholic School
BetresMurphyMichelleYMissing1982Butler Catholic School
BeverlyBeverlyMaureenCFoundNot Sure
BeverlyShookShannon Found1989Butler Catholic School
Bialock Andrew MissingNot Sure
Bianco Carmen Found1973Butler Catholic School
Bianucci DavidJFound1964Saint Michael School
BianucciBetresFloraJFound1936Saint Michael School
Bianucci GaryDMissing1960Saint Michael School
Bianucci Victor Found1934Saint Michael School
Bice Donald MissingNot Sure
Bielewicz HarryRFoundNot Sure
BierBenjaminAshley Found1998Butler Catholic School
BierBierDeborah FoundNot Sure
Bier Martha Found1954
Bifaretti Louis Found1957Saint Michael School
BiffarettiBoppDonna Found1957Saint Michael School
Biffaretti Paul Missing1960Saint Michael School
Bikowsky Margaret Found1954Saint Paul School
BillekDuespohlColleen Found1971Butler Catholic School
Billek Michael Found1967
BillekSanzottiRebecca Found1971Butler Catholic School
Billek-Sawhney Barbara Found1973Butler Catholic School
Bilski Nathan Found1999Butler Catholic School
Bilski Tobiah Found2003Butler Catholic School
Binder Sr. Clotilde Binder FoundTeacher
Birch Donna MissingNot Sure
Birchbickler Susan Missing1959
Birckbichler Brian3 BriansMissingNot Sure
Birckbichler Carol Missing1955
BirckbichlerBirckbichlerChris FoundNot Sure
BirckbichlerBirckbichlerFlorence FoundNot Sure
BirckbichlerBirckbichlerJeffrey FoundNot Sure
Birckbichler Nancy AnnMonksFound1967
Birckbichler Paul FoundNot Sure
Birckbichler Richard FoundNot Sure
Birckbichler Rosemary Missing1967
Birckbichler Theresa Missing1952
BirckbichlerBirckbichlerWilliam Found1955
Birckbickler Carolyn MissingNot Sure
Birckbickler Ralph MissingNot Sure
Bisneo Carmen Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Biter Sr. Miriam Rita, RSM FoundTeacher
Bitter Mary Lou PrestonFoundNot Sure
Bitter Maureen Missing1962
BitterSkalRoseann Found1957Saint Paul School
Black Charles Found1987Butler Catholic School
BlackBusinDebbie Found1975Butler Catholic School
Black Derek Found1993Butler Catholic School
Black Gregory Found1976Butler Catholic School
BlackBlackJohn FoundNot Sure
BlackBlackNathaniel Found1990Butler Catholic School
Black Sandra MissingNot Sure
Black Sr. M. Cecelia Black FoundTeacher
Black William Found1992Butler Catholic School
Blaine Christine Found1969
Blaine Wesley MissingNot Sure
Blaine William Missing1960
Blair John FoundNot Sure
Blanchard Samuel Found1988Butler Catholic School
Blankemeyer Joseph FoundNot Sure
BlaskoToyGeorgianna Found1963Saint Michael School
Blasko JosephGFound1965Saint Michael School
Blasko Lori Missing1973Butler Catholic School
BlaskoVavroMarthaAFound1940Saint Michael School
Blasko PatsyJFound1961Saint Michael School
Bleil Walter MissingNot Sure
Blind Sr. Damian FoundTeacherSaint Peter School
Blum Katie MissingNot Sure
Blum Kylie Found2009Butler Catholic School
BlumBlumSandra Found1973Butler Catholic School
Blumling Karen Missing1962Saint Michael School
Blumling Robert Missing1944Saint Michael School
Blymiller Pam Missing1997Butler Catholic School
BobGreen Found1947Saint Peter School
Bocchi Amy MissingNot Sure
BodesheimThorneDoris FoundNot Sure
BodesheimBodesheimLinda FoundNot Sure
BodesheimPaserbaMaryAnnFound1958Saint Peter School
Bogacki Christy Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Bogusky Carol FoundNot Sure
Bogusky James Found1965Saint Michael School
Bogusky Joyce Found1971Butler Catholic School
Bogusky Richard Found1968Saint Michael School
Bohan Michael FoundNot Sure
BolamMcconnellKariAnneFound1991Butler Catholic School
Bolam Michael Found1989Butler Catholic School
Bollinger Alek Found2006Butler Catholic School
Bollinger Elena Found2008Butler Catholic School
BollingerBollingerKathleen Found1971Butler Catholic School
Bollinger Robert Found1970Butler Catholic School
Bolte Leona MissingNot Sure
BonAnno BennettJamesFound2012Butler Catholic School
BonAnno BryceRobertFound2011Butler Catholic School
Boncy John MissingNot Sure
BonefesteCipolloneCatherine Found1938Saint Michael School
Bonefeste Domenic Found1937Saint Michael School
BonefesteWeilandGina Found1969
Bonefeste John Found1972Butler Catholic School
Bonefeste JosephVFound1936Saint Michael School
BonettiMillerBonita Found1963Saint Michael School
Bongartz Kenneth Found1962Saint Michael School
Bono Jesse Found2005Butler Catholic School
BonoBonoRandy FoundNot Sure
Bono Sara Found2003Butler Catholic School
Bonyak Bernadette FoundNot Sure
BonyakEldridgeCheryl Found1958
Bonyak Ronald Missing1953
Book Jacob Found2014Butler Catholic School
Book ShirleyGFoundNot Sure
BooselBooselAdam Found1994Butler Catholic School
Boosel BrianDFound1988Butler Catholic School
Boosel RalphLFoundNot Sure
BoppBoppCharlesAFound1961Saint Michael School
Bopp George Found1949Saint Michael School
Bopp Joseph Found1943Saint Michael School
Borcy Theresa MissingNot Sure
Borcz Christine Found1967
Borden Kay MissingNot Sure
Borden Ray Missing1961
Bordonaro Chad FoundNot Sure
Bordonaro David Found1982Butler Catholic School
Bordonaro Joseph Found1930Saint Michael School
Bordonaro Melissa FoundNot Sure
Boreale Esther Found1925Saint Michael School
Borez Theresa Missing1962
BosakCuppsChristineRFoundNot Sure
Bournique Ann MissingNot Sure
BourniqueRichardsBarbara Missing1953Saint Paul School
BourniqueCrawfordBette Found1957
Bowman Kimberly MissingNot Sure
BowmanFeyrerMinnetta FoundNot Sure
BowserNatiliCharlotte Found1953Saint Paul School
Bowser David FoundNot Sure
Bowser Debbie FoundNot Sure
BowserRocheDonnaMFound1957Saint Michael School
Bowser Francis MissingNot Sure
Bowser George Found1968Saint Michael School
Bowser Georgette MissingNot Sure
Bowser James MissingNot Sure
BowserMeehanJudithAFound1959Saint Michael School
Bowser Kelly Found1998Butler Catholic School
Bowser Margaret FoundNot Sure
BowserSchmidtMaureen MissingNot Sure
Bowser Phyllis FoundNot Sure
Bowser Randy MissingNot Sure
BowserVan BurenShirley Missing1970Saint Michael School
Bowser Thomas FoundNot Sure
Boyen Gretchen MissingNot Sure
BoyerBoyerJoshuaVictorFound2012Butler Catholic School
Boyer Kyle Found2009Butler Catholic School
Boyer Lisa Found2014Butler Catholic School
Boyer Patricia Missing1952
Boyer Richard Missing1968
BoyleSzwezDiane FoundNot Sure
Boyle John FoundNot Sure
BoyleBoyleKennethDFoundNot Sure
Bradrick Janie Missing1961
BradrickBradrickLinda MissingNot Sure
Bradrick Sean Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Brady Richard Found1976Saint Michael School
Brandon Roy MissingNot Sure
Brandt Sr. Norbert Marie Brandt FoundTeacher
Brashears Sr. Regis Brashears FoundTeacher
BratkovichGianneskiColleen Found1988Butler Catholic School
Bratkovich Joseph Found1991Butler Catholic School
BraunTrivilinoAlyssa Found1973Butler Catholic School
Braun David MissingNot Sure
Braun Jeff FoundNot Sure
BraunMonacoJennifer FoundNot Sure
Braun Philamena FoundNot Sure
Braun Richard Missing1976Butler Catholic School
BraunBraunThelma Found1962
Braun Victoria Found1967
Brennan Mary EllenTeresaMissing1970Saint Paul School
BrethBrethBrianD.FoundNot Sure
Breth Kathleen FoundNot Sure
BrethBrethThomas Found1980Butler Catholic School
BriggsBriggsTonya FoundNot Sure
Brink Melva Found1951Saint Paul School
Britanik Amelia Found1996Butler Catholic School
Brock Anne MarieMarieFound2004Butler Catholic School
Brock John Found2001Butler Catholic School
Brody Sr. Elizabeth Ann Brody FoundTeacher
Broerman D. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Broerman Daniel Missing1958
BroermanDancikDianne FoundNot Sure
Broerman Donna Missing1960
Brokenbek BethAnneMissing1991Butler Catholic School
Bronder MaryJaneFound1970Butler Catholic School
Bronder Neal Found1966Saint Peter School
Brophy Denise Missing1960
Brophy Sr. Michele Brophy FoundTeacher
Brough JohnRFound1995Butler Catholic School
Brough Peter Found1996Butler Catholic School
Brough Thomas Found1997Butler Catholic School
Brown Eric MissingNot Sure
Brown Sr. Agnes Marie Brown FoundTeacher
Brown Sr. Marie Fatima Brown FoundTeacher
Brown Terrance Missing1957
BrowningBrowningLuAnnFound1992Butler Catholic School
Browning Mark Found1992Butler Catholic School
Browning Michelle Missing1991Butler Catholic School
Bruck Flo MissingNot Sure
Bruschi George Found1930Saint Michael School
Bruschi Joseph Found1956Saint Michael School
Buchner DianneM.MissingNot Sure
Buchter Elizabeth Missing1968
BuchterBuchterJohn Found1960
Buck Sr. M. Adrienne Buck FoundTeacher
Buckley Ann Missing1957
Buckley Margaret Missing1952
Bullman Beverly Missing1952
Bundic Charles MissingNot Sure
Buongiorne Deborah FoundNot Sure
Buongiorne Joseph FoundNot Sure
Burger Nancy FoundNot Sure
Burke Barbara Missing1960
BurkeBurkeDaniel Found1960Saint Paul School
Burke Eileen Found1969
Burke Jacqueline Missing1969
Burke Joanne FoundNot Sure
Burke Lanny Missing1961
BurkeDorfieldPatricia Found1959
Burke Ronald Found1965
Burke Terry Found1961
Burke William Missing1954
Burmer Thomas Missing1953
Burns Bernard Missing1960
BurnsMcclaffertyCarol Found1952
Burns Michael FoundNot Sure
BurnsBurnsSandra Found1954
Burrio Deanna MissingNot Sure
Burris Jason Found1987Butler Catholic School
BurrisDaSilvaKellyKFound1983Butler Catholic School
BushWernerGeralyn Found1973Butler Catholic School
Butler Kathryn MissingNot Sure
ButlerHeinsohnShirley MissingNot Sure
Butz Sr. M. Hilda Butz FoundTeacher
Buzanoski AmyLMissingNot Sure
Buzanoski DebraAMissingNot Sure
Buzanoski Robert MissingNot Sure
Buzar Albert Missing1973Butler Catholic School
ByrnsGalvanAmanda Found1991Butler Catholic School
ByrnsByrnsJeffrey FoundNot Sure
ByrnsDobsonKimberly Found1989Butler Catholic School
CaccamoNoldValerie Found1974Butler Catholic School
Caccamo Vincent FoundNot Sure
CagniMcIntyreDeborahLMissing1988Butler Catholic School
Calcutta Margaret Ann FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Calderone Mary Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Calderone Sherry MissingNot Sure
Calhoun Georgeanne FoundNot Sure
Callen Betsy MissingNot Sure
Callihan Ida Found1954
CallihanCioccioKathyAFound1982Butler Catholic School
Callihan Korry Found1989Butler Catholic School
CallihanSchnurLoretta Found1954
CalvertHusbandMartha FoundNot Sure
Cameron Michael MissingNot Sure
Cammisa Albert Found1966Saint Michael School
Cammisa Angelo Found1941Saint Michael School
CammisaChepelskyConnie Found1971Butler Catholic School
CammisaParksHelen Found1969Saint Michael School
CammisaRolandJennifer FoundNot Sure
Cammisa JohnEFound1970Butler Catholic School
Cammisa MaryMMissingNot Sure
Cammisa Paul Found1969Saint Paul School
Cammisa Romeo Found1944Saint Michael School
CammisaLasichakTheresa Found1967Saint Michael School
Cammisa Vincent Found1938Saint Michael School
Camp Brendan Found2008Butler Catholic School
Camp Corey Found1997Butler Catholic School
Camp Jordan Found2010Butler Catholic School
Camp Whitney Found2002Butler Catholic School
Campbell AnthonyJFound1969
Campbell Barbara MissingNot Sure
Campbell Constance Missing1960
CampbellCampbellDonna FoundNot Sure
Campbell Gail Missing1959
CampbellCampbellGary FoundNot Sure
Campbell Helen Missing1967
Campbell James Found1962
Campbell JanetMarieFound1967
CampbellBakerKaren Found1982Butler Catholic School
Campbell Katherine Missing1955
CampbellCampbellKen FoundNot Sure
CampbellHuffKristi Found1988Butler Catholic School
CampbellConnellLarry MissingNot Sure
Campbell Mark FoundNot Sure
CampbellBodaMichelle Found1999Butler Catholic School
Campbell Nancy Found1952
Campbell Peter MissingNot Sure
Campbell Phyllis Missing1965
Campbell Robert MissingNot Sure
Campbell RonaldLFound1960Saint Michael School
CampbellHutchensSandraLFound1961Saint Michael School
Campbell Sheila Found1969
Campbell Thomas MissingNot Sure
Campbell Tracy Found1987Butler Catholic School
CampbellWestWilmaJFound1958Saint Paul School
Campisi Angelena Missing1998Butler Catholic School
Campisi Laura Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Campisi Mark FoundNot Sure
Canalero Annie MissingNot Sure
Cannon Amy Found2001Butler Catholic School
Cannon Jennifer Missing1999Butler Catholic School
Cantera Jose Found2008Butler Catholic School
Cao Zuan (Huy) MissingNot Sure
CaparosaHoranJosephWFound2005Butler Catholic School
Caparosa Laura Found2006Butler Catholic School
Caparosa Lydia Found2003Butler Catholic School
Caparosa Monica Found2008Butler Catholic School
Capers Harry Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Capezzuti David FoundNot Sure
CapinjolaAndersonStaci Found1985Butler Catholic School
Caprosa Kyle Missing1965
Caraliena Caroline MissingNot Sure
Carbin Barbara MissingNot Sure
Carbin Georgeann Found1965
Carbin John Found1973Butler Catholic School
Carbin Linda MissingNot Sure
CarbinMcKainMichelle Found1969
CarbinTiptonSharon Found1967
Carbin Theresa MissingNot Sure
CarbinNoulletTheresa Found1962Saint Paul School
Carbin Vincent Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Carlisano Carolyn FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
CarmodyKovacikSara Found1961
Carnahan Michael MissingNot Sure
Carnetti Dale MissingNot Sure
Carney Margot MissingNot Sure
Carr Sr. Maria Carr FoundTeacher
Carter Mark FoundNot Sure
CascinoSingletonRebecca Found1982Butler Catholic School
Casey C. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Casey Daniel Found1965
CaseyCaseyKevin FoundNot Sure
Casey Patricia FoundNot Sure
Casey ThomasA.Found1971Butler Catholic School
Casey Timothy Missing1960
Cassioli Aldo Found1931Saint Michael School
CassioliYovanovichNorma Found1937Saint Michael School
Cassioli Terence FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
Cassioli Thomas Found2004Butler Catholic School
Castilyn Daniel FoundNot Sure
Castilyn Sandra Found1969
Castro Michelle Found1996Butler Catholic School
Cavalero Connie FoundNot Sure
Cavalero Joseph Found1986Butler Catholic School
Cavalero Robert Missing1967
Cavalero Rosemarie MissingNot Sure
Cavalero TammyJoFoundNot Sure
Cavaliero Buddy MissingNot Sure
Cavaliero Eric FoundNot Sure
Cavaliero Joseph Found1947
Cavaliero Mark MissingNot Sure
CavalieroCavalieroMichael FoundNot Sure
CavanaughBartoErin FoundNot Sure
Cavanaugh Kevin Found1969
Cavanaugh Maureen MissingNot Sure
CavanaughCavanaughPatricia Found1968
Cavanaugh Patrick Found1971Butler Catholic School
Cavanaugh William Found1965
Cehelski Dennis FoundNot Sure
CehelskySlobodaAmyAFound1987Butler Catholic School
Cehelsky Dolores MissingNot Sure
Cehelsky Gary FoundNot Sure
CehelskyCehelskyRonald FoundNot Sure
Cekelsky Helen Missing1960
Centeno Stephanie Found2010Butler Catholic School
Cerja Stacey MissingNot Sure
CerjaCerjaThomas FoundNot Sure
CervelliShermanDonna Found1962
Cervenka Kathy FoundNot Sure
CettiCettiJosephAFound1961Saint Michael School
Cetti RichardJFound1962Saint Michael School
ChajkaRaypushAnn Found1965
Chajka Margaret FoundNot Sure
Chajka Patricia Found1968
Chamberlain Hanna Found2014Butler Catholic School
Chamberlain JohnHarveyFound2012Butler Catholic School
ChamberlainChamberlainJohn FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
ChamberlainChamberlainLarry FoundNot Sure
Chapin Timothy MissingNot Sure
ChepelskyChepelskyEric Found1985Butler Catholic School
Chepelsky Jennifer Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Chepelsky Mark FoundNot Sure
ChepelskyChubaMarnie FoundNot Sure
ChepelskyChepelskyMichael FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
ChepelskySchaffnerMichelle FoundNot Sure
Chepelsky Tonya Missing1989Butler Catholic School
CherryWymerDonna Found1961Saint Michael School
Cherry Frank FoundNot Sure
Cherry James Missing1962
CherryCherryPeter FoundNot Sure
Cherry VictorAFound1943Saint Michael School
Chiappini AnthonyT.Found1993Butler Catholic School
Chiappini Emily MissingNot Sure
Chiappini Michael FoundNot Sure
Chiappini Nicholas Found1995Butler Catholic School
Chiodini Vivian FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Chiprean Anna Found2014Butler Catholic School
Chiprean Neal Found2003Butler Catholic School
ChobotChobotJayne FoundNot Sure
Christie Darlene FoundNot Sure
Christie Dawna FoundNot Sure
ChristieChristieRalph FoundNot Sure
Christofani Marie FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Christofano Anthony FoundNot Sure
Christofano CarlFFound1952Saint Peter School
Christophano Cynthia Missing1961
ChristyGalloCarlaJFound1990Butler Catholic School
Christy Kirby Found1971Butler Catholic School
ChristyChristyRobert Found1994Butler Catholic School
ChristyChristyTyrone Found1976Butler Catholic School
Chuba Beth MissingNot Sure
Chuba Corey Found2008Butler Catholic School
Chuba Joan MissingNot Sure
ChubaChubaJohn FoundNot Sure
Chuba Lillian FoundNot Sure
Chuba Sidney Found2013Butler Catholic School
Chuba Tanner Found2010Butler Catholic School
Churchill David Missing1973Butler Catholic School
CicerchiCicerchiMark Found1970Butler Catholic School
CicerchiLindeyPatricia FoundNot Sure
Cihonski Charmaine Missing1960
Cihonski Donald FoundNot Sure
Cihonski John Found1962
Cihonski Joyce Missing1954
Cihonski Patricia MissingNot Sure
Cihonski Stanley Missing1952
Cihonski Thomas Missing1957
Cihonski Wilbert Missing1958
Cikowski Shirley MissingNot Sure
Cingolani ArmandRobertFound2012Butler Catholic School
CingolaniCingolaniJohn FoundNot Sure
CingolaniClinefelterLisaAnnFound1985Butler Catholic School
CingolaniCingolaniNancy Found1952
CingolaniCingolaniNancy FoundNot Sure
Cingolani Paul Found1975Butler Catholic School
Cipollone Boniface Found1927Saint Michael School
Cipollone BonitaJFound1957Saint Michael School
Cipollone Frank Found1932Saint Michael School
CipolloneFoxLinda Found1975Butler Catholic School
CipolloneChiappiniPatricia Found1965Saint Michael School
Cipollone Rosemary Found1969Saint Michael School
Cipollone Tony Found1929Saint Michael School
Clark Christine Missing1969
Clark Joann Found1967
Clark Robert Found1955
Clark Ronald Found1965
Clawson Linda MissingNot Sure
Clay Amanda MissingNot Sure
Cleary Benjamin Found2000Butler Catholic School
Cleary Daniel Found2010Butler Catholic School
Cleary Nathaniel Found2004Butler Catholic School
Cleary Rachel Found2001Butler Catholic School
Cleary Sam Found2007Butler Catholic School
ClearyClearyThomas FoundNot Sure
ClicquennoiWaltersClaudine Found1985Butler Catholic School
Clicquennoi Sam FoundNot Sure
Close Erin Found2004Butler Catholic School
Close Kelly Found2005Butler Catholic School
Closkey Cindy Found1980Butler Catholic School
Closkey Kathleen MissingNot Sure
Closkey Laura MissingNot Sure
ClouseSnyderAmyBFoundNot Sure
Clouse John Found1971Butler Catholic School
Clouse Lisa MissingNot Sure
Clouse Lucas Found2004Butler Catholic School
ClouseClouseMarkRobertFound1982Butler Catholic School
ClouseSchellerMary Found1964Saint Peter School
CockroftAllenLindaJFoundNot Sure
Cockroft Robert Found1960
Codespoti Eugene Found1937Saint Michael School
Codispot Anthony Found1965Saint Michael School
Codispot Carole MissingNot Sure
Codispot Dan Found1980Butler Catholic School
Codispot David MissingNot Sure
Codispot DominicEFoundNot Sure
Codispot Dorothy Missing1962Saint Michael School
Codispot EdwardL.Found1960Saint Michael School
Codispot JosephNFound1949Saint Michael School
Codispot Leonard Found1963Saint Michael School
CodispotGeibelMarianRFound1962Saint Peter School
Codispot Michael Found1957Saint Michael School
Codispot PhilipJFound1956Saint Michael School
CodispotRobertsSherryAnnFound1963Saint Michael School
Codispot Theodore Found1958Saint Michael School
Codispot Vincent Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Cogley DavidBryanMissing1970Saint Paul School
Cogley JohnRMissing1962Saint Paul School
CogleySavannahLindaMFound1964Saint Paul School
CogleySmithPauletteSFound1969Saint Paul School
Cogley Robert Found1968
Cokely Sr. M. Eugenia Cokely FoundTeacher
Coll Frederick Found1960
Coll Sr. M. Eulalia Coll FoundTeacher
Collahan Janet MissingNot Sure
Colley Suzanne Found1955
Collins AnneCFound1969
CollinsCollinsCarol Found1961
Collins ChrisLFound1990Butler Catholic School
Collins Edward Missing1958
Collins Elaine Missing1965
CollinsSpanglerEleanor Found1971Butler Catholic School
CollinsSwartzlanderGail FoundNot Sure
Collins Harry Missing1971Butler Catholic School
CollinsZavackyJaneRFound1970Butler Catholic School
CollinsWeilandJudyAFound1970Butler Catholic School
CollinsSchirraLaurie Found1979Butler Catholic School
Collins Leslie Missing1968
Collins MarciaGFound1967
CollinsFrenchakMaryAnnMissingNot Sure
CollinsMcclaffertyMaryJoyceMissing1956Saint Paul School
Collins Michael Found1988Butler Catholic School
Collins PatriciaLFoundNot Sure
Collins Philip MissingNot Sure
Collins Robert FoundNot Sure
CollinsCollinsStephen Found1975Butler Catholic School
Collins Susan MissingNot Sure
Collins TheresaSMissingNot Sure
CollinsCollinsThomas Found1963
Collins VincentEMissing1973Butler Catholic School
Collodi Richard Found1944Saint Michael School
Combs HeatherMFound1996Butler Catholic School
Combs Jeremy Found1998Butler Catholic School
Como Clotilde FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Conerty CynthiaPFoundNot Sure
Conerty PatrickKFoundNot Sure
Conklin David MissingNot Sure
Conklin DennisSFound1962
ConklinConklinJonathan Found1991Butler Catholic School
Conklin Josh Found1989Butler Catholic School
Conklin NancyEFoundNot Sure
Conklin Zachary Missing2003Butler Catholic School
ConlonConlonCherylAFoundNot Sure
Conlon Sean Found1998Butler Catholic School
Connell Alex Found2005Butler Catholic School
Connell Andrew Found1995Butler Catholic School
Connell ColleenMFound1976Butler Catholic School
ConnellGalanteMary BFound1974Butler Catholic School
Connell Timothy FoundNot Sure
Connelly CaitlynNFound1998Butler Catholic School
Connelly Margaret Missing1955
Connelly Michael Found2008Butler Catholic School
ConnellyLumleyRoseMFound1951Saint Paul School
Connor Catherine Missing1952
Connor Rodney Found1951Saint Paul School
ConnorsConnorsRobert Found1951Saint Paul School
ConradConradAdrianRFound1973Butler Catholic School
ConradStumpColleen Found1968
Conrad John Found1972Butler Catholic School
ConradConradKaren FoundNot Sure
Conrad Kathleen MissingNot Sure
Conrad KennethR.MissingNot Sure
Conrad Paul Found1963
Conrad RobertJMissingNot Sure
Conrad Ruth MissingNot Sure
Conrad Sr. M. Teresa Cecelia Conrad FoundTeacher
Consentino Andrea Missing1959
Conti Marsha Missing1959
Conti MaryElizabethFound1955
ConveryMalettaConnie Found1948Saint Peter School
Corey Dennis Found1955
CornellBergBeckiAFound1988Butler Catholic School
CornellCornellMichael Found1987Butler Catholic School
Cornell Nathan Found2004Butler Catholic School
CornellCornellTimothy FoundNot Sure
Cornetti KarenSueMissing1967
Cornetti ThomasJFound1960
Cornibe Bradley Found1970Butler Catholic School
CornibeCornibeJohn Found1974Butler Catholic School
Cornibe JosephPFound1962Saint Michael School
Cornibe Leslie Found1982Butler Catholic School
CornibeSchaffnerTracyLFoundNot Sure
Cornibe VictoriaLMissing1971Butler Catholic School
Corso Sr. Jolitta Corso FoundTeacher
Corvan Steven Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Coskroft MaryJaneMissing1968
Costa Frederick Found1965
CostaWiseJudith Found1962Saint Paul School
Costa Karen MissingNot Sure
Costo Katherine Missing1958
CotterCotterCatherineBFoundNot Sure
Cotter Erin Found1995Butler Catholic School
CottingtonCottingtonRobertBFound1974Butler Catholic School
Cowan Steven Found1972Butler Catholic School
Cowoski Allyson Found1989Butler Catholic School
CowoskiCowoskiChristopherJFoundNot Sure
Cowoski JeffreyAMissingNot Sure
Cowoski RobynLFoundNot Sure
Coyle Barbara Missing1951
CoyleCoyleDaniel Found1953
Coyle DianaLFound1997Butler Catholic School
CoyleRicciJodieLynnFound1987Butler Catholic School
Coyle JohnEFound1967
CoyleCoyleKathryn Found1962
CoyleKaseburgKellieAnneFound1989Butler Catholic School
CoyleCoyleMarkEFound1971Butler Catholic School
Coyle PatrickMFound1994Butler Catholic School
Coyle RichardJFound1967
Coyle Robert Missing1954
CoyleScottSally Found1966Saint Paul School
Coyle SethRFound1996Butler Catholic School
CoyleCoyleShawn FoundNot Sure
Coyle ThomasKFoundNot Sure
Coyley John MissingNot Sure
Craig Barbara Found1968
Craig Carol Found1962
Craig Colleen Found1954
Craig JamesAFoundNot Sure
CraigCraigJasonDFoundNot Sure
CraigDukeJayne Found1971Butler Catholic School
CraigHartleJoanne Found1969
Craig JohnPFound1968
CraigFordKathryn Found1959Saint Paul School
Craig Kelly FoundNot Sure
Craig ScottEFound1973Butler Catholic School
Craig Theresa Missing1961
Craig Thomas Found1963
Craig Virginia Missing1954
Craig WilliamJFoundNot Sure
Cramer WendellMFoundNot Sure
CrawfordCrawfordFrederick FoundNot Sure
Crawford GeraldFMissingNot Sure
Crawford Lacretia Found1993Butler Catholic School
Crawford LindaLFound1961
CrawfordRiderLisa Missing1979Butler Catholic School
CrawfordRenselMandaSFound1990Butler Catholic School
Crawford MaryLouMissing1973Butler Catholic School
Crawford Melissa MissingNot Sure
Crawford RobertCFoundNot Sure
Crawford Stephanie MissingNot Sure
Creese Victor MissingNot Sure
Crevar Deborah FoundNot Sure
Crevar JenniferLFound1991Butler Catholic School
Crevar Michelle Found1993Butler Catholic School
CrifaceLauxPatricia Found1965
Crifaci NicolettaMMissing1957
Crighton Jonathan Found1990Butler Catholic School
CrightonDudleyKathleenSuzanneFound1986Butler Catholic School
Crighton Kimberly MissingNot Sure
Crighton Steven MissingNot Sure
Crispin HaroldLMissing1960
CrispinDolesKathyJoFoundNot Sure
CrispinStephensonKelly Found1986Butler Catholic School
CrispinCrispinKenneth FoundNot Sure
Crispin Larry Missing1958
Crispin Yolanda Missing1961
Culp Sr. Marina Culp FoundTeacher
Cumberland MarciLMissingNot Sure
Cummings Dennis Missing1962
Cummings Michele Missing1959
Cummings Philip Missing1960
Cunningham James Found1954
Cunningham Jennifer MissingNot Sure
Cunningham Matthew Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Cunningham Sr. M. Fidelis Cunningham FoundTeacher
Cuny DavidPFound1974Butler Catholic School
Cuny Jeffrey MissingNot Sure
CunyCunyJon FoundNot Sure
Cuny Nanette Found1975Butler Catholic School
Cunzi Joseph MissingNot Sure
CuppsWarnerDawnMFound1994Butler Catholic School
Cupps DeniseEFound1973Butler Catholic School
Cupps Jeffrey Found1996Butler Catholic School
Cupps JohannaMFoundNot Sure
Curcio MichaelJFound1975Butler Catholic School
Curcio NancyJFoundNot Sure
Curcio SusanMFound1981Butler Catholic School
CypherDillDonna Found1960Saint Paul School
Cypher ElaineMFound1970Butler Catholic School
Cypher MaryMFound1971Butler Catholic School
Cypher Steven Missing1989Butler Catholic School
Cyphert JohnDFound1956
Cyphert LeoPFound1955
Cyphert MaryKathyFound1961
Czzowitz Catherine MissingNot Sure
Czzowitz David FoundNot Sure
CzzowitzGrenekDiane Found1987Butler Catholic School
Czzowitz James MissingNot Sure
CzzowitzWymerJenniferEFound1987Butler Catholic School
Czzowitz John FoundNot Sure
CzzowitzMcLaughlinRebecca Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Czzowitz Stanley FoundNot Sure
Czzowitz Thomas FoundNot Sure
CzzowitzZacherlTina Found1983Butler Catholic School
Czzowitz William MissingNot Sure
DaBella Sr. M. Giuseppe daBella FoundTeacher
DalcamoDalcamoDavid Found1987Butler Catholic School
DalcamoWeitzelKimberly FoundNot Sure
Dalcamo Michael FoundNot Sure
Daller RichardDavidFound1970Butler Catholic School
Daly Sr. M. Justina Daly FoundTeacher
D'Amore Aaron Found2006Butler Catholic School
D'Amore Daniel Found2003Butler Catholic School
D'Amore Michelina Found2005Butler Catholic School
DancikDancikBrian MFound1992Butler Catholic School
Dancik ShawnChristopherMissing1988Butler Catholic School
d'Andrea Sr. Marie Francel d' Andrea FoundTeacher
Daniels Eugene FoundNot Sure
DanielsKarenbauerPennyLFoundNot Sure
Daniels SherryA.Missing1981Butler Catholic School
Daniels WendySFoundNot Sure
D'antonio ChrisDMissingNot Sure
D'antonio Vincent Found1987Butler Catholic School
Darcy Cornelius MissingNot Sure
Darcy Robert Missing1961
Darcy Ronald Missing1952
Datz Spencer Found2014Butler Catholic School
Daubenspeck CurtisWFoundNot Sure
Dauberspeck Hope MissingNot Sure
Daugherty JohnEFoundNot Sure
Daugherty Margaret Missing1959
Daugherty MaryJaneMissing1961
Daum Meghan Found1989Butler Catholic School
Daung Lee MissingNot Sure
Dausch DanielJFound1991Butler Catholic School
DauschSlaterUrsulaMFound1989Butler Catholic School
Davanzati Enrico Found1945Saint Michael School
Davanzati MarkSFoundNot Sure
Davanzati MichaelGFoundNot Sure
DavanzatiDavanzatiRichardBFoundNot Sure
Davidson RobertA.FoundNot Sure
Davis Charles Found1962
Davis KathleenA.Missing1965
Davis Michael Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Davis ScottEFound1992Butler Catholic School
Davis WilliamDFound1961
Daw BillGFound1988Butler Catholic School
Dawling Patricia MissingNot Sure
Dawson Jack MissingNot Sure
DawsonGabrieleMarcellaDemianaMissing1980Butler Catholic School
Daye Lori MissingNot Sure
Daye Robert MissingNot Sure
Daye William MissingNot Sure
DeabrunzzoDeabrunzzoRalph Found1993Butler Catholic School
Deal MelissaA.Found1991Butler Catholic School
DeanTalianiLisaA.Found1980Butler Catholic School
Dean Rosemarie Found1976Butler Catholic School
Deane Eileen Missing1952
Dec Andre Found1989Butler Catholic School
Dec Valerian Found1990Butler Catholic School
DeFelice Logan Found2010Butler Catholic School
Defoggi JamesSFoundNot Sure
DeFoggiDimunLisa Found1975Butler Catholic School
DeFoggi MelissaJFound1982Butler Catholic School
DeFoggiDeFoggiRonald Found1967Saint Michael School
Defoggi ScottJFoundNot Sure
Defoggi Defoggi John FoundNot Sure
DeFurioYoukersPatriciaLFound1957Saint Michael School
DeKleva Anthony Found1956Saint Michael School
Dellen Denise Found1976Butler Catholic School
Dellen RonaldJFound1974Butler Catholic School
Demarco MaryAnnMissing1959
deMartini Sr. M. Mercedes deMartini FoundTeacher
Demask Robert Found1960
DeMatteis Clara Found1933Saint Michael School
DeMatteis Domenic Found1931Saint Michael School
DeMatteisLaskyEleanor Found1975Saint Michael School
DeMatteisThomasElisa Found1935Saint Michael School
Dematteis RomeoRichardFound1949Saint Michael School
DeMatteisWigtonSylviaJFound1944Saint Michael School
DeMatteis Violet Found1939Saint Michael School
Demayo EdwardA.FoundNot Sure
Demayo Mary MissingNot Sure
Demayo Michael MissingNot Sure
Demayo PatriciaA.FoundNot Sure
Demays Margot MissingNot Sure
DemucciHennonAnne MissingNot Sure
Demucci EllenDFound1980Butler Catholic School
DemucciDemucciMargaretA.Found1945Saint Michael School
DeMucci Mary Found1935Saint Michael School
Dennis Jeanne Missing1958
Denny Danielle Missing1999Butler Catholic School
Denny Joshua Found2008Butler Catholic School
Denny Rachel Found2010Butler Catholic School
Denny William Found1959
Dent Carl Found1931Saint Michael School
DentDentRichard Found1953
Dent Tony Found1929Saint Michael School
Dente Joseph Found1935Saint Michael School
Denys Sylvia Missing1956
DePaulo Dana Found2010Butler Catholic School
DePauloDePauloGuy FoundNot Sure
Deprill Joyce MissingNot Sure
deRicci Sr. Mary Catherine deRicci Kelly FoundTeacher
DeRita August Found1928Saint Michael School
DeRita Dorothy Found1925Saint Michael School
DeRita Elvira Found1960Saint Michael School
Derita Louis Found1929Saint Michael School
Derose JohnA.FoundNot Sure
DeroseBurgerLucyMFound1988Butler Catholic School
Derose Maria Missing1987Butler Catholic School
DesantisChristieDeborah Found1966Saint Peter School
DeSantis Peter Found1932Saint Michael School
DesantisMillerRayleneMarieMissing1987Butler Catholic School
Desantis RichardA.Found1960
DeSantis Robert Found1936Saint Michael School
DeSantis RudolphVFound1941Saint Michael School
Desiderio Ernestine FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Desmond DanaL.FoundNot Sure
Desmond Edward Found1976Butler Catholic School
Desmond Marina Found1971Butler Catholic School
Desmond Marjorie MissingNot Sure
DesmondDesmondRichard FoundNot Sure
DeStasio Ferdinand Found1939Saint Michael School
Dewerth Bruce Found1965
Dewerth Charmaine MissingNot Sure
Dewerth Henry(Chip)Found1961Saint Paul School
Diamond Ernest Missing1955
Diamond John Found1974Butler Catholic School
DiamondWaltersMarybeth Found1975Butler Catholic School
DiamondWalkowiakTeresa Found1980Butler Catholic School
DiamondDiamondTimothy FoundNot Sure
DiAntonio Michael Missing1960Saint Michael School
Dickey JosephMFound1971Butler Catholic School
Dickey Maria MissingNot Sure
Dickey Matthew Found1974Butler Catholic School
Dickey Peter Found1970Butler Catholic School
Diebold Sr. M. Therese Ann Diebold (Annette Marie) FoundTeacher
Dietrick ChristineAFound1971
DietrickPrestonDonna Found1980Butler Catholic School
DietrickDietrickJohnC.Found1978Butler Catholic School
Dietrick Kevin MissingNot Sure
DietrickDietrickLaurence (Larry)J.Found1972Butler Catholic School
Dietrick Robert Found1968
Dietrick William Found1969
Dietz Donna Missing1957
DietzWattersonJill Found1977Butler Catholic School
DiGiacomoDorenkampLindaDFound1961Saint Michael School
DiGiacomo Michael Found1932Saint Michael School
DiGiacomo Peter Found1930Saint Michael School
Digiacomo RussellMFound1977Butler Catholic School
Dillard Ashley Found1996Butler Catholic School
Dillard Kristen Found1998Butler Catholic School
Dillon Ann Found1963
Dillon John Found1963Saint Paul School
Dillon Robert Missing1967
Dilts Kathryn Missing1958
Dimemmo Sr. Carmina Dimemmo FoundTeacher
Dineff Janet FoundNot Sure
Dittmer Gordon MissingNot Sure
Ditullio Carmen Found1947Saint Michael School
DiTullioRodgersEleanorRFound1941Saint Michael School
DiTullioKellyMaryLFound1933Saint Michael School
DiTullioNanniRoseMMissing1937Saint Michael School
Ditullio Vivian Found1952
Dixan Paula MissingNot Sure
Dobnanski Lucille MissingNot Sure
Dodd Sarah AnnTommasina CatherineFound2012Butler Catholic School
Dodson Thomas MissingNot Sure
Doerr Gretchen Missing1961
Doerr JPaulFound2001Butler Catholic School
Doerr James Missing1945Saint Paul School
Doerr NormaJeanMissingNot Sure
Doerr Susan Missing1963
Doerr Tiffany Found1987Butler Catholic School
Doerr Traci MissingNot Sure
Dolan JamesJamesFoundNot Sure
Doller Amber Found2001Butler Catholic School
DollerFrielJennifer Found1989Butler Catholic School
DollerBortmasLaura FoundNot Sure
Doller Robin Missing1967
Doller Terrence MissingNot Sure
Domachowski SteveCFound1983Butler Catholic School
Doman Sandra Found1962Saint Michael School
Donavan Karen MissingNot Sure
DonnellyVodickaCari-Anne Missing1995Butler Catholic School
DonovanButlerCleone Missing1948Saint Paul School
Donovan Eileen MissingNot Sure
Donovan Sr. M. Helen Donovan FoundTeacher
Donovan Sr. M. Ignatius Donovan FoundTeacher
Doran Sr. M. Ligouri Doran FoundTeacher
Dorcy Amara Found2013Butler Catholic School
DorcyDorcyCornelius Found1962
DorcyDorcyCurtisBFoundNot Sure
Dorcy Daniel Found1970Butler Catholic School
Dorcy Dante Found2008Butler Catholic School
Dorcy James Missing1973Butler Catholic School
DorcyYanityMegan Found1977Butler Catholic School
Dorcy Michael Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Dorcy Nancy Found1965
DorcyDorcyPatrick Found1965
DorcyCallenderSherry Found1967
DorcyWelchSuzanne Found1967
Dorcy Timothy MissingNot Sure
DoriaDiPadovaAngela Found1985Butler Catholic School
Doria Michelle Found1984Butler Catholic School
Doria Stephen Missing1989Butler Catholic School
DorschCoffmanChristineAMissing1982Butler Catholic School
DorschMcMillanKathleen Found1971Butler Catholic School
Dorsch Sharon Found1978Butler Catholic School
DorschLaingSusan Found1971Butler Catholic School
Dottario Dorothea FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Double Dawn Found1985Butler Catholic School
DouganKnapecDorothy Found1951Saint Paul School
DouganDouganJames Found1951Saint Paul School
Dougherty Conrad MissingNot Sure
Dougherty Regina Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Dougherty Sr. M. Regina Dougherty FoundTeacher
Dougherty ThomasG.MissingNot Sure
Douthett Barbara Missing1952
Douthett DavidClairFound1955
Douthett Deborah Missing1962
Downey BethAFound1984Butler Catholic School
Downey Gregory Found1991Butler Catholic School
Downey KevinPMissing1995Butler Catholic School
DowningDowningRaymond Found1960
Downing Sandra Found1964
Downs Connie Found1982Butler Catholic School
DownsDownsJeffery FoundNot Sure
Doyle Joseph Missing1953
Doyle Sr. M. Teresita Doyle FoundTeacher
Draeger Jessica Found2006Butler Catholic School
Draeger KatherineAnnFound2012Butler Catholic School
Draeger Zackary Found2008Butler Catholic School
Drechsler Thomas FoundNot Sure
DrobnakDrobnakFrancis Found1937Saint Michael School
Dubuc Marcel Found1934Saint Michael School
DubyakDubyakJeffrey Found1982Butler Catholic School
DubyakBrowneLisaMarieFound1985Butler Catholic School
Duespohl Ashley Found2002Butler Catholic School
Duespohl Emiley Found2005Butler Catholic School
Duespohl Mary FoundNot Sure
Duffy Barbara Missing1974Butler Catholic School
DuffyMcCarrenMarilyn Missing1950Saint Paul School
DuffyMorrisonNorberta Found1952Butler Catholic School
DuganDuganBeverlee Found1961
DuganWilesConstance FoundNot Sure
Dugan Eileen Found1987Butler Catholic School
DulyaDulyaAndrew Found1960
Dulya Frances Found1952
Dumm Rebecca MissingNot Sure
Dumm Sr. Helen Marie Dumm FoundTeacher
Dumm Sr. M. Christine Dumm FoundTeacher
DunlapHilliardRebecca Found1989Butler Catholic School
DunnDunnLinda Found1956
Dunn MaryAnnMissing1953
Dunn Patricia Missing1965Butler Catholic School
Dunn Richard Found1953
Dunningan MaryAFoundNot Sure
Dymum Amanda Missing2006Butler Catholic School
Dymun Joshua Found2008Butler Catholic School
EadeKonopskiAshleigh Found1998Butler Catholic School
EbbertSpinderBarbara Found1976Butler Catholic School
Ebbert Martha MissingNot Sure
Ebbert William MissingNot Sure
EckKohlAmySFound1980Butler Catholic School
Eck Beth MissingNot Sure
Eck Jeffrey FoundNot Sure
Eck KevinJFound1976Butler Catholic School
Eck Michelle Found1989Butler Catholic School
Edwards TerriLFoundNot Sure
Edwards Thomas Missing1996Butler Catholic School
Ehrenbeith Kathleen FoundNot Sure
Ehrenbeith RoseAnnMissing1967
Eibeck Sr. Wilma FoundTeacherSaint Peter School
Eichenlaub Adrienne Missing1959
Eichenlaub David Found1991Butler Catholic School
EichenlaubWaltersGlenda Found1958Saint Paul School
Eichenlaub JayEdwardFound1975Butler Catholic School
Eichenlaub Jenna Found1978Butler Catholic School
Eichenlaub JosephDFound1991Butler Catholic School
EichenlaubDuffyLori Found1974Butler Catholic School
Eisenhuth Paul MissingNot Sure
Eisenhuth Stephanie MissingNot Sure
Eisenhuth Thomas MissingNot Sure
Elder Donald Found1982Butler Catholic School
Elder Jennifer FoundNot Sure
ElderDakersLeAnn Found1979Butler Catholic School
EliasRonaldTerriEFound1982Butler Catholic School
Ellermeyer John Found1982Butler Catholic School
Ellermeyer Mark MissingNot Sure
Ellermeyer MaryKayMissingNot Sure
EllermeyerDoss-CanedyPatricia"Trish"Found1974Butler Catholic School
ElliBrandonBarbaraLFound1962Saint Michael School
Elli FrancisPMissing1946Saint Michael School
Elli Paul Found1934Saint Michael School
Ellis Melissa FoundNot Sure
Elorie Vincent Found1943Saint Michael School
EmanueleCartwrightJulie Found1978Butler Catholic School
Emauele Daniel Found1969Saint Michael School
Emery Mark Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Emery Michael FoundNot Sure
Emery Paula MissingNot Sure
Emery Steven Missing1974Butler Catholic School
EmmettRiversLouise FoundNot Sure
Emminger Patricia Found1969
Emrick Margaret Missing2009Butler Catholic School
Endos Joseph MissingNot Sure
English Nathan Found1996Butler Catholic School
EnglishEnglishRyan Found1993Butler Catholic School
English Tom Found2008Butler Catholic School
Enright James Missing1951
EnrightBachoJanet Found1951Saint Paul School
EppingerMorganElizabethRFound1962Saint Michael School
Eppinger Jamie Missing1969Saint Michael School
Erdos Edward MissingNot Sure
Erdos Elizabeth MissingNot Sure
Erdos Louid MissingNot Sure
Erhman Kathleen Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Erkman Christopher FoundNot Sure
Erkman Daniel Found1980Butler Catholic School
Erkman Joseph FoundNot Sure
ErkmanCooperKathleen Found1974Butler Catholic School
Erkman Patrick FoundNot Sure
EsperCovertPatriciaLFound1956Saint Michael School
Esposito Bridget FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Estes JacquelinePMissing1991Butler Catholic School
Etzel Amanda Found1997Butler Catholic School
EtzelNebelDiane Found1977Butler Catholic School
EtzelEtzelJustin Found1994Butler Catholic School
Eury CharlesLMissing1964Saint Paul School
Eury JamesEMissing1956Saint Paul School
Eury John MissingNot Sure
EuryAllenKim Found1980Butler Catholic School
Eury KirkL.FoundNot Sure
Eury MaryJoMissingNot Sure
Eury MichaelFFound1969Saint Paul School
EuryPeeleMichelleLFound1982Butler Catholic School
EuryEuryPeterJ.Found1962Saint Paul School
Eury Raymond FoundNot Sure
EurySarveyRhondaLFound1977Butler Catholic School
EuryNewhouseTara Found1994Butler Catholic School
Eury Todd Found1987Butler Catholic School
Eury Troy MissingNot Sure
Eury Virginia Missing1959
Evanko Nicholas Found2004Butler Catholic School
EvansForresterAmanda Found1990Butler Catholic School
EvansFranchukAnnie Found1950Saint Paul School
Evans John Found1957
EvansEvansJohn Found1972Butler Catholic School
Evans Patrick FoundNot Sure
EvansTwerdokRita Missing1947Saint Peter School
Evans Vincent FoundNot Sure
Eyth Donald Found1954
EythCarrabbaJennifer Found1966Saint Paul School
Eyth Laura MissingNot Sure
Eyth MaryJoMissing1953
Eyth Michael Missing1958Saint Paul School
Eyth Raymond Found1952Saint Paul School
Eyth William MissingNot Sure
Fabrizzi Albert Found1941Saint Michael School
Fabrizzi Guy Found1941Saint Michael School
Fabrizzi Michael FoundNot Sure
Fagan Julie MissingNot Sure
Fagle Patricia MissingNot Sure
Fair Daniel Found1996Butler Catholic School
FairFairKenneth FoundNot Sure
Fair SarahEFound1995Butler Catholic School
Fair Tammy Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Fair Todd Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Fair WilliamLFound1982Butler Catholic School
Fallon Amy Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Fallon AnthonyDFound1971Butler Catholic School
Fallon Katherine Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Fallon L. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Fallon Marc Found1971Butler Catholic School
FallonGoodwinMarthaAFound1976Butler Catholic School
Farabaugh Sr. M. Celeste Farabaugh FoundTeacher
Farmer Christina Found2007Butler Catholic School
Farmer DavidRandallFound2012Butler Catholic School
Farmer Dominic Found2007Butler Catholic School
Farmer JosephGregoryFound2012Butler Catholic School
Farmer Monica Found2008Butler Catholic School
FarnenCagnoCheri Found1962Saint Paul School
Farnen Constance Missing1957
FarnenTraceyCynthia Found1964Butler Catholic School
FarnenHawksDebra Found1966Saint Paul School
Farnen John Found1962
FarnenCarterTammy Found1972Butler Catholic School
Farrell Sr. M. Euphrasia Farrell FoundTeacher
Farren Sr. M. Patrice Farren FoundTeacher
Faull Patricia MissingNot Sure
Fay Karen Missing1958
Fay Paul Found1963Saint Michael School
Fay William Found1956
Fazio KevinCFoundNot Sure
FazzinoWilsonMary AnnEFound1953Saint Paul School
Feczko EmilyMarieFound2011Butler Catholic School
Feczko Steven Found2006Butler Catholic School
FeilQuerryShannon Found1992Butler Catholic School
FelixFelixChristina MissingNot Sure
Fellows Joanne Found1976Saint Michael School
Fend Stephen MissingNot Sure
Fenek Carol MissingNot Sure
Fennell Mary Missing1969
Feno ShirleyAnnMissingNot Sure
Ference Colleen Missing1965
Ferguson Jacob Found2008Butler Catholic School
Ferguson JohnFrancisFound2011Butler Catholic School
Ferguson NoahJamesFound2012Butler Catholic School
Ferguson Rachel Found2006Butler Catholic School
FergusonFergusonSandra Found1963Saint Paul School
Fernandez Michael MissingNot Sure
Ferne Brian Found1968
Ferne Donna MissingNot Sure
Ferne James MissingNot Sure
Ferne Robert MissingNot Sure
Ferne Susan MissingNot Sure
Ferrara Christine Missing1960Saint Michael School
Ferrari BettyAnnMissingNot Sure
Ferrari Michael MissingNot Sure
Ferraro Peter Missing1962Saint Michael School
Ferry Patricia MissingNot Sure
Fetter Thomas MissingNot Sure
Fetter Patricia MissingNot Sure
Fetterman Charles FoundNot SureSaint Paul School
Fetterman Charmaine FoundNot Sure
Fetterman Edgar FoundNot SureSaint Paul School
Fetterman Gerald Found1972Butler Catholic School
FettermanHorstmanJanet Found1972Saint Paul School
FettermanMarburgerMarcia Found1961Saint Paul School
FettermanSimpsonMarieElaineFoundNot SureSaint Paul School
Fetterman MichaelVMissing1980Butler Catholic School
FettermanCrouseMonicaAMissing1969Saint Paul School
FettermanBeitchRita FoundNot SureSaint Paul School
Fetterman Thomas MissingNot Sure
Fetzko BettyAnnMissing1962Saint Michael School
Fetzko Joseph Found1925Saint Michael School
Fetzko Steve Found1928Saint Michael School
Fetzko Thomas Missing1960Saint Michael School
Fey Carol Missing1955
Fey Joseph MissingNot Sure
Fey Robert Found1960
Feyrer DavannaJosephineFound2012Butler Catholic School
Field Curt FoundNot Sure
Field Jodi Found1989Butler Catholic School
Field Tina MissingNot Sure
FilipponeLivermoreSusan Found1941
Fillhart Barbara MissingNot Sure
FillhartFillhartDennis FoundNot Sure
FillhartMianoDianeMFound1957Saint Peter School
Fillhart Randall Found1972Saint Peter School
Fillhart Ted Found1976Butler Catholic School
Fillippone John Found1942Saint Michael School
Filson Linda Missing1956
Finan Michael Found1952
Fischer Brent MissingNot Sure
Fischer Kristin Found1995Butler Catholic School
Fiscus James Missing1988Butler Catholic School
Fiscus Lisa Missing1990Butler Catholic School
FiscusMorandoTrista FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
Fisher Andrea Missing1969
Fisher AnnaM.Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Fisher Barbara Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Fisher Brent MissingNot Sure
Fisher Carol MissingNot Sure
Fisher Christine FoundNot Sure
Fisher Karen MissingNot Sure
FisherKrenitskyKaren Found1954Saint Peter School
Fisher Kristin MissingNot Sure
FisherMinorPatricia Found1951Saint Paul School
FisherFisherRobert Found1959
Fitch Anita Missing1959
Fitzpatrick Colleen FoundNot Sure
FitzpatrickFitzpatrickDavid Found1975Butler Catholic School
Fitzpatrick Elizabeth Missing1963
Fitzpatrick Kelly MissingNot Sure
FitzpatrickHilliardLorraine Found1972Butler Catholic School
Fitzpatrick Margaret Missing1961
FitzpatrickSwidzinskiNancyAFound1950Saint Peter School
Fitzpatrick Patricia Missing1951
FitzpatrickFitzpatrickRichardLFoundNot Sure
FitzpatrickFitzpatrickRichard Found1971Butler Catholic School
Fitzpatrick William Missing1953
Flaherty Sr. M. Philippa Flaherty FoundTeacher
Flanigan Kathleen Missing1961
Flanigan Kirstie MissingNot Sure
Flanigan Mary Missing1965
FlaniganFlaniganPatrickMFound1962Saint Paul School
Flanigan TimothyA.Found1971Butler Catholic School
Flanigan Vicki Missing1973Butler Catholic School
FlasherStevensAnnetteKathleenFound1980Butler Catholic School
Flasher Michelle MissingNot Sure
Fleischer Carl Found1958
Fleischer Fay Missing1960
Fleischer Harry Found1955
Fleischer Russell Found1973Butler Catholic School
FlemingFlemingPaul FoundNot Sure
Fleming Sr. Marista Fleming FoundTeacher
Flick Beverly Found1963
Flick Harley FoundNot Sure
Flick Kathleen Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Flick RandallF.Found1971Butler Catholic School
Flick Robert MissingNot Sure
Flynn Jessica Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Fogel Albert Found1931Saint Michael School
FogelPaschalJanine Found1978Butler Catholic School
Fogel Jeffrey MissingNot Sure
Fogel Kenneth Found1945Saint Michael School
Fogel Leo Found1930Saint Michael School
Fogel Norman Found1951
Fogel Randall Missing1967
Fogel Richard Found1937Saint Michael School
Fogel Marianne MissingNot Sure
FoglePennseyAnn MissingNot Sure
Fogle James MissingNot Sure
Fogle Lea MissingNot Sure
Fogle Pauline MissingNot Sure
FogleKeilTherese Found1964
FohlThomasBertiann Found1951Saint Paul School
Foley David Found1960Saint Paul School
Foley Theresa Missing1969Saint Michael School
Folk BrettEdwardMissingNot Sure
Folk Greg FoundNot Sure
FolkSpohnJohnMFound1989Butler Catholic School
Follicker Dennis MissingNot Sure
Follicker Joyce MissingNot Sure
Fontaine Daniel MissingNot Sure
Fontaine Timothy MissingNot Sure
Forcht Constance FoundNot Sure
ForchtMcElhaneyJacquelineJFoundNot Sure
Forcht Jeanne MissingNot Sure
Forcht Jocelyn MissingNot Sure
Forcht LelandJFound1970Butler Catholic School
ForchtLudolffRoseanne Found1973Butler Catholic School
Ford Carol Found1952
Ford JeanMarieMissing1973Butler Catholic School
Ford Kathleen FoundNot Sure
Ford Patrick Found1968
Ford Robert Missing1965
Ford Stephen Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Ford William MissingNot Sure
Foreso Sr. Majella FoundTeacher
Fornelli Louis Found1949Saint Michael School
Fornelli Mary Missing1963Saint Michael School
FoschiMccarrenValerie Found1970Butler Catholic School
Foster Katie Missing2006Butler Catholic School
Foster LeslieCFoundNot Sure
Fox Beverly MissingNot Sure
Fox Donald Missing1966Saint Paul School
Foy Christian MissingNot Sure
Foy GeorgeTMissing1960
Franchuk Luke Found2004Butler Catholic School
FranekFranekThomasRMissingNot Sure
Freedline Charles MissingNot Sure
Freeland MelindaKMissingNot Sure
Friel ChristinaMarieFound2011Butler Catholic School
Friel David FoundNot Sure
FrielFrielDonna FoundNot Sure
Friel Jacob FoundNot Sure
Friel Joey Found2007Butler Catholic School
Friel Matt Found1984Butler Catholic School
Friel Tyler Found2008Butler Catholic School
Fries Aaron Found1994Butler Catholic School
Frissora Gordon Found1967
Frissora Sharon Found1971Butler Catholic School
Frost CarlaEFound1975Butler Catholic School
Frost DionneLFound1976Butler Catholic School
Frost Douglas FoundNot Sure
Frost KarenLynnFoundNot Sure
Frost KevinMMissingNot Sure
Fry BruceLFound1960
Fry MaryAnnMissingNot Sure
Frye Alfred MissingNot Sure
Frye Joseph MissingNot Sure
Fuchs Stephanie Missing1998Butler Catholic School
Fudoli Doug MissingNot Sure
Fudoli Joelle FoundNot Sure
Fudoli Joseph Found1926Saint Michael School
Fuller BettyJaneFoundNot Sure
Fuller John MissingNot Sure
Funk Lea MissingNot Sure
Furka CarolAMissing1973Butler Catholic School
Furka Kathryn Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Furka Linda Missing1962Saint Michael School
FurkaLazariaLuann Missing1980Butler Catholic School
FurkaShawStephanieSFound1976Butler Catholic School
FurkaFurkaThomas Found1964
Gaffney Sr. Maureen Gaffney FoundTeacher
Gahagan Erin MissingNot Sure
Gahagan Melissa MissingNot Sure
Gaiser MargaretMaryMissingNot Sure
GaiserCurcioMaryAnnFound1974Saint Paul School
GalanteRossmillerDanielle Found1976Butler Catholic School
Galante Jeanine FoundNot Sure
GalanteSchidemantleMichele Found1967Saint Michael School
Galante RichardBFound1941Saint Michael School
GalanteDorcyRoseMFound1936Saint Michael School
GalanteHorsmanTina Found1971Butler Catholic School
Galante Victoria Found1965Saint Michael School
GalanteGalanteVirgil Found1941Saint Michael School
Galbraith Sr. Timothy Galbraith FoundTeacher
Gall Anthony Found1947Saint Michael School
Gall Elmer Found1929Saint Michael School
Gall Leroy Found1926Saint Michael School
Gall Robert FoundNot SureSaint Michael School
Gallagher Amy MissingNot Sure
Gallagher Ashlee Found2004Butler Catholic School
Gallagher BernardJFound1960Saint Paul School
Gallagher Charles MissingNot Sure
Gallagher Dan Found1980Butler Catholic School
Gallagher Dennis Found1961
GallagherGallagherGreg FoundNot Sure
GallagherDaubenspeckHelenEMissingNot Sure
Gallagher JamesCFound1969
GallagherGallagherJeffreyJFound1975Butler Catholic School
Gallagher MaryBethMissingNot Sure
GallagherCollierNancy Found1960Saint Paul School
GallagherBullmanPatricia MissingNot Sure
Gallagher Roberta Found1956
GallagherBrownRuth MissingNot Sure
Gallagher Sally Missing1965
GallagherSteppShirley Found1954Saint Paul School
Gallagher Tammy MissingNot Sure
Gallagher ThomasMFound1973Butler Catholic School
Gallas Sr. Germaine Gallas FoundTeacher
GambleDorcyCarol Found1972Butler Catholic School
Gamble Chris Found2010Butler Catholic School
GambleGreenEvelynn Found1946Saint Peter School
Gamble Jake Found2005Butler Catholic School
Gamble MaryKatherineMissingNot Sure
Gamble Matt Found2002Butler Catholic School
Ganley Maria MissingNot Sure
Ganster George Missing1955
Garber MaryKMissing1973Butler Catholic School
Garber TimothyWFound1971Butler Catholic School
Garcia RichardJMissingNot Sure
Gardina BartJFound1966Saint Michael School
Gardina BartPFound1967Saint Michael School
Gardina Salvatore Found1942Saint Michael School
Gardina Thomas Found1942Saint Michael School
Gardner Kerry Missing1968
Gardner Terrance MissingNot Sure
GaringKenskyDonna FoundNot SureSaint Paul School
Garing Gerald FoundNot SureSaint Paul School
GarnerMiseykaPatty Found1963Saint Paul School
GarvinGarvinLawrenceWFound1988Butler Catholic School
Gasparian Pat Missing1963Saint Michael School
Gaudino Anthony Missing1948Saint Michael School
Gaudino EugeneMFound1946Saint Michael School
Gaudino Gino Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Gaudino Paul Found1949Saint Michael School
GaudinoMcMarlinSabrina Found1970Saint Michael School
GaupinBaldauffJudith Missing1954
Gay KarenAnnFound1967
Gay Patricia Missing1969
Gehaway James Missing1997Butler Catholic School
Gehrmann RobinAFound1969
GeibelFreezeCarolAFound1965Saint Paul School
GeibelGeibelChad FoundNot Sure
Geibel Chris Missing1993Butler Catholic School
GeibelJamisonChristine Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Geibel Dan Found1989Butler Catholic School
Geibel DavidBFound1962
Geibel DavidEFound1971Butler Catholic School
Geibel Diane Found1967
GeibelSteibelDonna Found1965Saint Peter School
Geibel GaryMichaelFound1962Saint Paul School
Geibel Greg Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Geibel Jason Found1999Butler Catholic School
Geibel JeffreyDFound1974Butler Catholic School
GeibelMennorJoyce Found1965Saint Paul School
GeibelJacksonKaren MissingNot Sure
GeibelGeibelLawrence FoundNot Sure
Geibel Linda MissingNot Sure
GeibelCranmerMarilynGFound1951Saint Paul School
Geibel Nancy Missing1954
Geibel PatriciaAFound1967
Geibel Rebecca Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Geibel Robert Missing1954
Geibel RonaldJFound1961
Geibel SallyAnnMissing1961
Geibel Sandra Missing1956
Geibel Shirley MissingNot Sure
Geibel Spencer Found1996Butler Catholic School
GeibelGeibelStephen Found1958
Geibel StephenJFound1959
Geibel StevenJeffreyFound1972Butler Catholic School
GeibelGeibelTimothy Found1992Butler Catholic School
Geisler Sr. M. Damian Geisler FoundTeacher
Geister Shelia Missing1960
Geither Dorothy Missing1953
Geither EdwardJFound1952
Geither Marianne Found1962
GeitherCunninghamVirginia Missing1957
Gentile Amy MissingNot Sure
Gerard James Missing1954
Gerber Kathryn Missing1967
GerhartGerhardRichard FoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Gerstner Amanda Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Gerstner Barbara Missing1965
Gerstner Catherine Missing1960
Gerstner CharlesPFound1974Butler Catholic School
Gerstner DeborahAnnMissing1967
Gerstner GeorgeJFound1973Butler Catholic School
Gerstner Joanne Missing1967
GerstnerSagoneJudith Found1953
Gerstner KathleenEMissingNot Sure
GerstnerCraigKathy Found1960Saint Paul School
Gerstner Kristeen MissingNot Sure
Gerstner Larry Missing1970Saint Paul School
GerstnerAngleMargaretGFoundNot Sure
Gerstner Myra Found1957Saint Paul School
GerstnerKimballPatricia Found1968
Gerstner Robert Found1968
Gerstner Thomas Missing1969
Gerstner William Found1952
Getty Marianne Missing1957
Getty Robert Missing1955
Getty Roy Missing1953
Getty William Found1952
GheringBozackBethAFound1974Butler Catholic School
Ghering Pamela MissingNot Sure
Ghering Richard Found1972Butler Catholic School
Gianneschi Bruna Found1927Saint Michael School
Gianneschi JohnBFound1929Saint Michael School
GianneschiGianneschiJohnBFound1957Saint Michael School
Gianneschi Lois Found1970Saint Michael School
GianneschiVrableMaryEllenFound1964Saint Michael School
GianneschiGianneschiRichardGFound1975Butler Catholic School
GianneschiPrestoRitaMFound1938Saint Michael School
Gianneschi ThomasAFound1967Saint Michael School
GibsonShermanGretchen Found1999Butler Catholic School
GibsonMillerKristanSuzanFound1987Butler Catholic School
Gibson Nicholas Found2009Butler Catholic School
GieslerOluschakDiane FoundNot Sure
GieslerGealeySheila Found1960Saint Paul School
GigliottiGrippoBridgette Found1995Butler Catholic School
GigliottiPrescottGina Found2004Butler Catholic School
Gigliotti Joseph Found1998Butler Catholic School
Gigliotti Maria Found1996Butler Catholic School
GigliottiOschePamela Found2002Butler Catholic School
GigliottiGigliottiRichard Found2000Butler Catholic School
Gildea William Missing1962
GillespieOesterlingGail MissingNot Sure
GillespieHinchbergerJeanne Found1948Saint Michael School
Gillespie WilliamVanceFound1952
Gilliland Joyce Found1955
GillilandRegesPatricia Missing1952
Gingo Charles Missing1962
Gingo Johanna Found1961
Girdano AnnNFound2004Butler Catholic School
Gladd Tyler Found2010Butler Catholic School
Gladis AlbertM.Found1960
Gladis Janet Missing1965
Gladis Joseph Missing1968
Gladis Kathleen Missing1957
GladisIlesRoseann Found1963Saint Paul School
Gladis Thomas Missing1968
Glafka Joan Missing1960Saint Michael School
Glaviano Sam Found1932Saint Michael School
Glenn Craig MissingNot Sure
Gnade Joyce Missing1954
Goas Sr. Miriam Anita Goas (Julia) FoundTeacher
Gobert Ernest Found1935Saint Michael School
Godot Leslie Found1965
Godot Sandra FoundNot Sure
Goeppner Geoff Found1989Butler Catholic School
Goeppner Robert MissingNot Sure
Goeppner Thomas FoundNot Sure
Goettler Alexander Found2004Butler Catholic School
Goettler Bruce Found1972Butler Catholic School
GoettlerGoettlerDaniel Found1970Butler Catholic School
Goettler Holly Found2014Butler Catholic School
GoettlerGoettlerJay FoundNot SureSaint Peter School
GoettlerSuttonJeanne Found1985Butler Catholic School
Goettler Jeffrey FoundNot Sure
Goettler Joan MissingNot Sure
Goettler John Found1974Butler Catholic School
Goettler Judith MissingNot Sure
GoettlerYoungKaren Found1973Butler Catholic School
GoettlerGoettlerKevin Found1970Saint Paul School
Goettler Larry MissingNot Sure
Goettler MaryAnnMissingNot Sure
Goettler MeganElizabethFound2012Butler Catholic School
Goettler Nancy Missing1961
Goettler Paul MissingNot Sure
Goettler Rachel Found1999Butler Catholic School
Goettler RobertD.FoundNot Sure
Goettler Stephen FoundNot Sure
Goettler Timothy Found1978Butler Catholic School
Goff Lorraine Missing1960
Goff Philip Missing1958
Golden Sr. M. Ines Golden FoundTeacher
Goliat Michael Found2009Butler Catholic School
Gomari Donna MissingNot Sure
GomezFinlandNorma MissingNot Sure
GomezGomezRaymond Found1985Butler Catholic School
Gomori JoAnnFound1970Butler Catholic School
Gorencic Andrew Found1933Saint Michael School
Gorencic Joyce MissingNot Sure
GoriKucerAnitaMFound1935Saint Michael School
Gori Emily Found1929Saint Michael School
Gornick Rita Found1962
Gornick William Missing1959
GoughPattersonSandy MissingNot Sure
Gould Gerald MissingNot Sure
Govan Kathy MissingNot Sure
Govan Kenneth Found1976Butler Catholic School
Grabowski Matthew Found1993Butler Catholic School
GrabowskiGrabowskiMichael Found1993Butler Catholic School
Graham Alfred MissingNot Sure
Graham Carrie Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Graham Cassandra MissingNot Sure
Graham DamonRayMissing1990Butler Catholic School
Graham David Found1982Butler Catholic School
Graham DyronJMissing1994Butler Catholic School
Graham Harry MissingNot Sure
Graham Jack MissingNot Sure
Graham James FoundNot Sure
Graham Margaret Missing1955
Graham MaryAnnMissingNot Sure
Graham Nancy Missing1959
Graham Raymond Missing1961
GrahamGrahamRichardJFound1964Saint Peter School
GrahamGrahamRobert Found1956Saint Michael School
Graham ScottCFound1992Butler Catholic School
GrahamGrahamSharenEFoundNot Sure
Graham Shirley Missing1963
Graham Thomas MissingNot Sure
Graham Todd Found1992Butler Catholic School
Graham William Missing1960
Graham/LeoneFrederickKathy Found1963Saint Paul School
Gray Melissa MissingNot Sure
Grecco CarlEFound1947Saint Michael School
GreccoGreccoEdwardFFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
GreccoPavlikLisa MissingNot Sure
Grecco Robert Found1976Butler Catholic School
Grecco Vincent MissingNot Sure
GreenGreenAlphons FoundNot Sure
Green Beth MissingNot Sure
Green CarolAnnMissing1962
Green CharlesBFound1965Saint Michael School
Green Chris Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Green Daniel Found1974Butler Catholic School
Green Danna MissingNot Sure
Green Debra Missing1968
GreenGreenEdward Found1970Butler Catholic School
Green Edward Found1945Saint Peter School
Green Eileen MissingNot Sure
Green Harold Found1958
GreenGreenJames Found1955
Green JeanMarieMissing1959
Green Jennifer Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Green JohnPFound1962
GreenGreenJohnAFound1973Butler Catholic School
GreenGreenJoseph Found1973
GreenCullyJoyce Found1976Butler Catholic School
Green Julie Missing1968
Green Katelin Found2004Butler Catholic School
GreenBowserLindaKFound1963Saint Michael School
Green Margaret Missing1961
GreenFrielMargaret Found1950Saint Peter School
Green Marianne Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Green Marlene MissingNot Sure
Green Martin Found1969
Green MaryAliceMissing1953
Green MaryAnnMissing1958
Green Michael Found1970Saint Paul School
Green Nancy Missing1980Butler Catholic School
GreenFranchukPatrice Found1966
Green Paul MissingNot Sure
Green RichardGFound1971Butler Catholic School
GreenGreenRobert Found1965
Green Sara Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Green Steven MissingNot Sure
Green Thomas Missing1961
Green Thomas Found1975Butler Catholic School
Green Timothy Found1970Saint Paul School
Green Valerie Missing1991Butler Catholic School
Green Vivian Missing1962
Greenawalt Charles Found1960
Greenawalt JamesCliffordMissing1957Saint Paul School
GreenawaltSchaffnerJoan Found1947Saint Paul School
GreenawaltNowakowskiKathleenCFound1953Saint Paul School
GreenawaltBensonRebeccaRFound1966Saint Paul School
GreenawaltGreenawaltWilliam FoundNot Sure
Greenert Diane Missing1959
GreenertHoresHelen Found1971Butler Catholic School
GreenertPaserbaHenrietta Found1960
GreenertBarbaryLucille Found1959
Greenert Marianne Missing1974Butler Catholic School
GreenertKreinbacherMary Found1962
Greenert PatrickH.FoundNot Sure
Gregor James MissingNot Sure
Gregor Robert MissingNot Sure
GregoryCoulterAnissaLMissing1982Butler Catholic School
GregoryEshenbaughCarla Found1975Butler Catholic School
Gregory Kelly Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Gregory Leonard MissingNot Sure
Gregory Peggy Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Gregory Richard Found1929Saint Michael School
GregoryNobleToniLynnFound1982Butler Catholic School
Grence Anthony Found1938Saint Michael School
GrenceBaranowskiCatherineEMissing1941Saint Michael School
Grence Dominic Found1940Saint Michael School
Grence Earl Found1938Saint Michael School
Grence James Found1945Saint Michael School
Grence Joseph Found1935Saint Michael School
Grence Mario Found1939Saint Michael School
Grence Robert Found1942Saint Michael School
GrenciSalsovicAnnette Found1965Saint Michael School
GrenciGrenciAnthony Found1970Butler Catholic School
Grenci AnthonyFMissing1932Saint Michael School
GrenciCraigBethGFound1991Butler Catholic School
Grenci Brent Found1993Butler Catholic School
Grenci BrockAllenFound2012Butler Catholic School
Grenci ChristineMarieFound1982Butler Catholic School
Grenci Correne Found1996Butler Catholic School
Grenci Craig Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Grenci Daniel Found1969Saint Michael School
Grenci Dante Found2014Butler Catholic School
Grenci David Found1967Saint Michael School
Grenci Denise MissingNot Sure
GrenciHindmanFrancine Found1964Saint Michael School
Grenci Jenna Missing1996Butler Catholic School
GrenciGrenciJohn Found1976Saint Paul School
Grenci Lee Found1962
GrenciGrenciLouisEFound1964Saint Michael School
GrenciZimaMaryCFound1961Saint Michael School
Grenci Michael Found1966Saint Michael School
Grenci NicholasAnthonyFound2011Butler Catholic School
Grenci Randi MissingNot Sure
GrenciGrenciRichardTFound1977Butler Catholic School
Grenci RobertLFound1962Saint Michael School
Grenci Ronald MissingNot Sure
Grenci Theresa Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Gress Sue FoundNot Sure
Gribik Elizabeth Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Grigoletti Guy MissingNot Sure
GrigolettiGrigolettiRobert Found1950
GrigolettiPrescoRobinLFound1985Butler Catholic School
Grindel Stephen Missing1967
Grislar Karen MissingNot Sure
Grossi Greg MissingNot Sure
Grossi James FoundNot Sure
GrossiEmanueleJeanne Found1944Saint Michael School
Grossi John Missing1960Saint Michael School
Grossi Joseph Found1944Saint Michael School
Grossi Leonard Found1928Saint Michael School
Grossi Mark Found1987Butler Catholic School
GrossiGardinaTheresaPFound1940Saint Michael School
Groutt John MissingNot Sure
Groutt Thomas MissingNot Sure
Groy Craig Found1980Butler Catholic School
GroyFranchakDianeLynnFound1982Butler Catholic School
GroyMadgwickMelissaKayeFound1986Butler Catholic School
Grun Pamela Missing1965
Grus Albert Missing1960Saint Michael School
Grystar Brian Found1990Butler Catholic School
Gschnell Alfred Found1958Saint Michael School
Gschnell John Found1960Saint Michael School
GschnellGschnellJudith Found1968Saint Michael School
GschnellBellVirginia Found1966Saint Michael School
Guber Lori MissingNot Sure
Guetthoff Charles Missing1970Saint Paul School
Guetthoff William FoundNot Sure
Guillespie Tom FoundNot Sure
Gumbort Kelly MissingNot Sure
Gurner Joseph Found1991Butler Catholic School
GurnerMichaelsMarilou Found1961Saint Paul School
GurnerGurnerNick FoundNot Sure
Gurner Nicole Found2000Butler Catholic School
Haas David Missing1968
Haas John Found1967
Haas Kathleen Missing1960
Haas Maria Missing1969
Haas Timothy Missing1963
Haben Paul FoundNot Sure
HageterSpohnKarenKristenFound1979Butler Catholic School
HageterHageterMarkTFound1982Butler Catholic School
Hagg Sr. Lambert Hagg FoundTeacher
Hagins Jan MissingNot Sure
Hagovsky Michael Missing1961
Halaszynski James MissingNot Sure
Halaszynski Judith MissingNot Sure
Haley Mary MissingNot Sure
HaleyHaleyTerrence Found1968
Hallock Christopher Found1997Butler Catholic School
Hamabach John MissingNot Sure
Hamder Leslie Found1951Saint Paul School
Hamder RichardLFound1959
Hamilton Francis Missing1962
Hamilton Gerry Missing1971Butler Catholic School
HamiltonHamiltonHarold Found1968
HamiltonBeckVeronica Found1970Saint Paul School
Hammond Alice Missing1967
Hammond Judith Missing1962
HammondDusheckLeah Found1967Saint Paul School
Hammond Robert Missing1969
Hammond Sally Missing1965
HancheckMarkleCarol Found1975Butler Catholic School
Hancheck Michael MissingNot Sure
HancheckHancheckRobert FoundNot Sure
Handford David Found1963Saint Michael School
Hanford Constance Missing1961Saint Michael School
Hank Sr. M. Ursula Hank FoundTeacher
Hanley Brian MissingNot Sure
HanleyMcKeeDeborah Missing1980Butler Catholic School
HanleyHanleyJason Missing1988Butler Catholic School
Hanner Wanda MissingNot Sure
Hanniger Sr. M. Agnes Hanniger FoundTeacher
HanrattyHanrattyBeverly FoundNot Sure
HanrattyAllisonChristine Found1985Butler Catholic School
Hanratty James MissingNot Sure
Hanratty Margaret Missing1959
Hanratty Michael MissingNot Sure
Hanratty Peter Missing1958
Hanratty Susanna Missing1963
Hanratty Terry FoundNot Sure
Harkless Rohna FoundNot Sure
Harmon Emily Found2004Butler Catholic School
Harmon Joe Found2002Butler Catholic School
Harmon Rebecca Missing1967
Harpel SamanthaLeeFound2012Butler Catholic School
Harpel Tony Found2009Butler Catholic School
Harper Cynthia MissingNot Sure
Harper Donald MissingNot Sure
Harper Peggy MissingNot Sure
Harper Robert Found1976Butler Catholic School
Harren JeanMarieMissingNot Sure
Harrer Aysha MissingNot Sure
Harrer Barbara MissingNot Sure
Hart Barbara MissingNot Sure
Hart Cheryl Missing1962
Hart Joanne Missing1969
Hart Marsha MissingNot Sure
Hart Carolyn Missing1959
Hartert Diane MissingNot Sure
HartertThoma-MillerGloria Found1961
Hartle AlexandriaLeoraFound2012Butler Catholic School
HartleEnrightNancy Found1971Saint Paul School
HartmanHartmanHarriett MissingNot Sure
Hartman MaryAnnFoundNot Sure
HartmanHartmanRonald FoundNot SureSaint Paul School
Hartung Chris MissingNot Sure
HarveyHarveyBrian FoundNot Sure
Harvey Brittney Found2004Butler Catholic School
Harvey Christine Found2002Butler Catholic School
Harvey Mark Found1971Butler Catholic School
HarveySuojaVictoriaJ.Found1970Saint Paul School
Hasser Arthur MissingNot Sure
Hastings John Found1945Saint Michael School
HaugheyHaugheyDolores Found1955
Haughey Donna MissingNot Sure
Hauser Joe Found1995Butler Catholic School
Hauser Jonathan Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Hauser Robert Missing1991Butler Catholic School
Hawkins Ellen Missing1961
Hays Kristin MissingNot Sure
Hazy James Found1969
Hazy Robert FoundNot Sure
Hazy Thomas Missing1967
Heade Bruce Missing1970Saint Paul School
Heade Gregg Found1971Butler Catholic School
Heade Norma Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Heade Pamela Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Hearn Maureen Missing1999Butler Catholic School
Heasley MaryEllenMissing1952
Heater Patricia MissingNot Sure
Heath Gregory MissingNot Sure
Heck Kathryn Missing1959
Heckel Steven Found1976Butler Catholic School
Heckert Diane MissingNot Sure
Heckert Donna Found1965
HeemerNaretSally Found1975Saint Paul School
Heeter Colonel MissingNot Sure
Hegedus Emily Found2014Butler Catholic School
Hegedus KatherineAnnFound2011Butler Catholic School
Hegedus Megan Found2009Butler Catholic School
HegedusHegedusMike FoundNot Sure
Heichel CarolAnnMissing1955
HeichelHeichelLinda Found1973Butler Catholic School
Heinzer John Found1960Saint Paul School
Heinzer NormaJaneMissing1961
Heinzer Norman Missing1957
Heist Brian MissingNot Sure
Heist Mark MissingNot Sure
Heitzer Emily Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Heitzer Rita MissingNot Sure
HellerHellerWilliam FoundNot Sure
Helpfling Jos MissingNot Sure
Hempfling Sandra Missing1952
HemphillMadiganBrittnee Found1998Butler Catholic School
Hempling Linda MissingNot Sure
HendersonKarnesCelina Found1994Butler Catholic School
Henderson Tamara MissingNot Sure
Hendricks Gloria Missing1954
Hendricks James Missing1951
Hendricks Mary MissingNot Sure
Hendricks Patrick Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Hendricks William MissingNot Sure
Henniks Karen MissingNot Sure
Henricks David MissingNot Sure
Henricks Joseph Found1970Saint Paul School
Henricks Kathleen Missing1967
Henricks Margaret Missing1969
HenricksRushingNancy Found1979Butler Catholic School
Henricks Thomas Found1973Butler Catholic School
Henricks Vincent Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Henricks William Missing1961
Hensel George Found1955
Hensel Regina Missing1952
Henthorn Justin Found1989Butler Catholic School
HenthornForingerTrenaMoniqueFound1992Butler Catholic School
Henthorne Heidi MissingNot Sure
Hepfl Janet Missing1955
HeplerBiggieBernadetteCFound1959Saint Michael School
HeplerMealsDianaMFound1956Saint Michael School
Herbert Mary Missing1969
HerbertHerbertPaulDFound1966Saint Paul School
Herbert PhilipJohnFound1968Saint Paul School
Hergenreder Joan MissingNot Sure
Herman Emily Found1996Butler Catholic School
Herman Megan Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Herman Melissa Missing1993Butler Catholic School
Herman Michael Missing1989Butler Catholic School
HertzHertzAnthony FoundNot Sure
Hertz Christopher Found1974Butler Catholic School
Hertz Michael Found1976Butler Catholic School
Hertz Steven MissingNot Sure
Hesidence James FoundNot Sure
HesidenceHesidenceRichard Found1971Butler Catholic School
HesidenceHesidenceRichardPatrickMissingNot SureSaint Paul School
HesidenzMcKinneyAnnetteLisaFound1979Butler Catholic School
HesidenzSchnurCynthia FoundNot SureSaint Paul School
HesidenzFoehringerDianaMarieFoundNot Sure
Hesidenz Gerald FoundNot Sure
Hesidenz Linus Found1971Butler Catholic School
Hesidenz Vivian Found1952
Hesky Donald MissingNot Sure
Hesky Eugene MissingNot Sure
Hesky Gloria MissingNot Sure
Hesky Joseph FoundNot Sure
Hesky Michelle MissingNot Sure
Hesky Ronald MissingNot Sure
Hetrick Alexandria Missing2006Butler Catholic School
Hevesy Justin Found2005Butler Catholic School
Hichel Raymond Found1963
Hickery William Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Hicks John Missing1957
Higgins George Found1954
Higgins Jeff Missing1989Butler Catholic School
Higgins MaryCatherineMissingNot Sure
HigginsHigginsThomas Found1960
HilderbrandMontagJudith Found1955
Hilderbrand Julia Missing1957
Hilger William MissingNot Sure
Hilgon Monilee MissingNot Sure
Hill Mary MissingNot Sure
Hill Michael Missing1968
Hill Randolph Found1974Butler Catholic School
Hill Richard MissingNot Sure
Hillard Devon MissingNot SureButler Catholic School
HillardHillardRobert FoundNot Sure
Hilliard Christine MissingNot Sure
HilliardWhalenCynthia Found1975Butler Catholic School
HilliardHilliardDavidEFound1982Butler Catholic School
Hilliard Deanna Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Hilliard Dolores Missing1957
Hilliard Edward MissingNot Sure
Hilliard Hilary FoundNot Sure
Hilliard Holly MissingNot Sure
HilliardSoloskiJean Found1984Butler Catholic School
Hilliard Johnna MissingNot Sure
Hilliard Joseph Found1983Butler Catholic School
Hilliard Lisa Found1977Butler Catholic School
Hilliard Marjorie Missing1960
Hilliard Mary MissingNot Sure
HilliardHilliardMaryAnnFound1973Butler Catholic School
Hilliard Melissa Found1997Butler Catholic School
Hilliard Michelle MissingNot Sure
HilliardHargerPatricia Found1980Butler Catholic School
Hilliard Paul MissingNot Sure
HilliardGoettlerPauline Found1978Butler Catholic School
Hilliard Steven Found1988Butler Catholic School
Hilliard William FoundNot Sure
Hilosky John Missing1958
Hilouski Jaron Missing1989Butler Catholic School
Hilovsky Eilen MissingNot Sure
HilovskyHilovskyTyson Found1991Butler Catholic School
Hinchberger Ann MissingNot Sure
Hinchberger Bonnie Missing1968
Hinchberger Carol MissingNot Sure
Hinchberger James Found1974Butler Catholic School
Hinchberger Kirk Found1969Saint Paul School
Hinchberger Lee Found1974Saint Paul School
Hinchberger MaryE.Missing1973Butler Catholic School
HinchbergerHinchbergerPaul FoundNot Sure
Hinchberger Robert Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Hinchberger RussellGFound1973Butler Catholic School
Hinchberger Sylvia MissingNot Sure
Hinchberger Timothy Found1970Saint Paul School
Hinchberger William Missing1958
Hinderliter Karen FoundNot Sure
HindmanHindmanGeorge FoundNot Sure
Hinterberger Curtis Found2005Butler Catholic School
Hinterberger Nathan Found2003Butler Catholic School
HinterlangMederAbbyMFound1995Butler Catholic School
Hinterlang Anne Found2003Butler Catholic School
HinterlangHinterlangEdwin FoundNot Sure
HinterlangJuliusKiera Found1999Butler Catholic School
HinterlangMurphyRachel Found1993Butler Catholic School
Hinterlang Sarah Found2007Butler Catholic School
Hirsch Margaret Missing1952
HitchcockHitchcockPatricia Found1988Butler Catholic School
Hite Sr. Jane Frances Hite FoundTeacher
Hite Sr. RoseMary Hite FoundTeacher
Hixon Donald FoundNot Sure
Hoak John Missing1961
Hodgkiss Marilyn MissingNot Sure
Hodgkiss Patricia MissingNot Sure
Hodgkiss Trudy MissingNot Sure
HoffmanTimkoCarolyn Found2004Butler Catholic School
Hoffman MaryCeceliaFound2008Butler Catholic School
Hohn Shauna FoundNot Sure
Holbach Ann Missing1969
Holbach Joseph Missing1963
HolbachRoughanKatherine Found1970Saint Paul School
Holbach Timothy Missing1965
Holback James Missing1962
Holfelder Joe Found2008Butler Catholic School
Holfelder MarcellaFaithFound2012Butler Catholic School
Holfelder Mark Found2003Butler Catholic School
Holko Michael MissingNot Sure
Hollbach Joseph MissingNot Sure
HollefreundDesantisDiana Found1960Saint Peter School
Hollinshead Sr. M. Philomena Hollinshead FoundTeacher
Hollobaugh Marlene FoundNot Sure
Hollock Alex Found2002Butler Catholic School
Hollock Andrew Found1995Butler Catholic School
Hollock AnthonyJMissing1998Butler Catholic School
HollockHollockJohn FoundNot Sure
Holobach Suzanne Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Homa Eric Found2013Butler Catholic School
Homa Zane Missing2009Butler Catholic School
Honzo Fred Found1952
Hook Judy Missing1975Butler Catholic School
HookOlexsakMariellen Found1970Saint Paul School
Hook Martha MissingNot Sure
Hook Michele MissingNot Sure
HookeHookeJamie Found1987Butler Catholic School
Hootman LynnAnnFound1996Butler Catholic School
Hootman Michael MissingNot Sure
Hoover Eugene MissingNot Sure
Hoover James MissingNot Sure
Hoover John MissingNot Sure
Hoover Marion MissingNot Sure
Hopkins Kyle FoundNot Sure
Hopper Rene MissingNot Sure
Horam Katherine Missing1958
Horan Don Found1951Saint Paul School
Horan Helen MissingNot Sure
Horan Marilyn Missing1968
Horan Mark MissingNot Sure
Horan Raymond Missing1965
Horan Richard Missing1953
Horgan Sr. Danelle Horgan (Mary) FoundTeacher
Hornyak Robert Missing1960
Horowicz Carol Missing1968
Horowicz Mark Missing1970Saint Paul School
Hortert Donald Found1949Saint Michael School
HortertBebloDorothy Found1944Saint Michael School
Hortert Paul MissingNot Sure
Hortert Rex Found1961
Hortert Roland Found1947Saint Michael School
Hortert WilliamAFound1963Saint Michael School
Hortsman Jerry MissingNot Sure
Horvath Sr. Marie Horvath FoundTeacher
HorwatFitzhenryJennifer Found1993Butler Catholic School
Horwat Lindsay Found1997Butler Catholic School
Houllion BernardDFound1945Saint Michael School
Houllion EugeneJFound1944Saint Michael School
Houllion George Found1939Saint Michael School
Houllion HelenMFound1941Saint Michael School
HoullionMccrackenJoanneEFound1945Saint Michael School
Houllion Regis Found1947Saint Michael School
HoullionHoullionRobert Found1949Saint Michael School
Hovis Duffy MissingNot Sure
Howard CraigJFoundNot Sure
Howes Casie Missing1996Butler Catholic School
Hoy Tracy MissingNot Sure
Huba Joseph Found1963
Huba Mary Missing1965
Hudak Armond Found1957Saint Paul School
Hudak David Missing1953
HudakWoganElaineMarieFound1970Saint Paul School
Hudak Julia MissingNot Sure
Hudak PatriceErkmanFoundNot Sure
HudakHudakWalter Found1968
Huff Barry FoundNot Sure
Huff Becki FoundNot Sure
HuffHartzelBrenda FoundNot Sure
HuffHuffBrian FoundNot Sure
Huff Bruce Found1988Butler Catholic School
Huff Constance Missing1960
HuffPopovichCybilHFound1989Butler Catholic School
Huff David Missing1958
Huff Donald Missing1954
Huff Dorothy Missing1961
HuffHuffGeorge FoundNot Sure
Huff Justin Found1987Butler Catholic School
Huff Leonard Found1957
Huff Mary Missing1970Saint Paul School
Huff Norma Missing1953
Huff Paul Missing1952
Hughes Sr. Demetrius Hughes FoundTeacher
Hughes Sr. Miriam Hughes FoundTeacher
Hume Jacob MissingNot Sure
Hume Kathleen Missing1965
HumesMohnJacqueline Found1949Saint Paul School
Hurley Janet Missing1956
Hurley Joan Missing1952
Hurley John Missing1959
Hurley Marian Missing1954
Hurley MaryLouMissing1959
Hurley Robert Missing1953
Hurley Virginia Missing1961
HusemanHusemanDavidC.FoundNot Sure
Hutchinson James FoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Huth Adam Found2003Butler Catholic School
Huth Kelly Found2005Butler Catholic School
Hutzler Diana Missing1960
HutzleyHutzleyBrianK.FoundNot Sure
IamsSiroisTina Found1975Butler Catholic School
Iannotti Ashlee Found1998Butler Catholic School
Iarrapino Anthony Found1987Butler Catholic School
Iarrapino Larry Found1966Saint Michael School
Iarrapino Mark Found1971Butler Catholic School
IarrapinoBitterMicheleBFound1964Saint Michael School
Iarrapino Thomas Found1936Saint Michael School
Ignelzi Albert Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Ihms Sr. M. Raymond Ihms FoundTeacher
Ihmsen Sr. M. Josephine Ihmsen FoundTeacher
Iman Carolyn MissingNot Sure
ImanNovakJoyce Found1971Butler Catholic School
Iman Marie Missing1955
Iman MaryAnneMissingNot Sure
Iman Robert MissingNot Sure
Iman Suzan MissingNot Sure
Imgrund Sr. M. Ann Joachim, RSM FoundTeacher
Imhof Gerald Found1955
Ippolito Michael FoundNot Sure
Ireland Buddy MissingNot Sure
Ireland Kellie MissingNot Sure
Isabella Marisa Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Ishman AdamAFound1995Butler Catholic School
IsovitschKnauerAmyLFound1982Butler Catholic School
IsovitschWhittenbergerJessica Found1996Butler Catholic School
IsovitschKarnesMilannSueFound1987Butler Catholic School
Itell Sr. M. Rita Itell FoundTeacher
Jacoby Pam MissingNot Sure
JacobyJacobyPaul Found1989Butler Catholic School
Janicki Jacqueline MissingNot Sure
JanickiJanickiJohn Found1975Butler Catholic School
Jankowski RoseMarieMissingNot Sure
Jeffers Matthew Found1992Butler Catholic School
Jenkins Beth MissingNot Sure
JenkinsHenesDeloris Found1951Saint Paul School
JenkinsReddickJaneLFound1944Saint Michael School
Jesteadt Carol MissingNot Sure
Jesteadt Cheryl Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Jesteadt Gerald Found1968
JesteadtChubaKenneth Found1965
Jesteadt Ronald Found1969
Jevsevar Kathleen MissingNot Sure
Jevsevar MaryAnnMissing1965
Jewell Daniel Found1972Butler Catholic School
Jewell KathleenKFoundNot Sure
Johanning Mary Missing1962
John Agnes MissingNot Sure
John Eugene MissingNot Sure
John Lowe Missing1952
Johns Diane Missing1965
JohnsMcFarlandMary Found1965Saint Paul School
Johnson Bennezette MissingNot Sure
Johnson Craig Missing1961
Johnson Denise Missing1969
Johnson Deronda Missing1960
Johnson Edward Missing1962
Johnson Nancy Missing1955
Johnson Sandra Missing1967
Johnson Thomas MissingNot Sure
Johnston DavidPFound1970Butler Catholic School
Johnston James Found1961
Johnston Kathryn Missing1967
Johnston William Missing1967
Jones Doreen Missing1988Butler Catholic School
Jones Douglas Missing1989Butler Catholic School
Jovene VincentT.FoundNot Sure
Kabel James Found1970Butler Catholic School
Kabel Ronald Found1971Butler Catholic School
KadunceKinAndrea Found1971Butler Catholic School
Kadunce Charles Found1977Saint Michael School
Kadunce Cynthia Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Kadunce DarrellLFound1962Saint Michael School
Kadunce Harry Found1932Saint Michael School
KadunceDixonJacqueline Found1956Saint Michael School
KadunceMcLarenJeanette Found1957Saint Michael School
Kadunce Raymond Found1947Saint Michael School
Kadunce Susan Found1957Saint Michael School
KadunceFlatleyTeresa Found1965Saint Michael School
Kadunce Walter Found1931Saint Michael School
Kaib Bernard MissingNot Sure
Kaib Kenneth Missing1970Saint Paul School
Kaib Linda Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Kaib Rolland MissingNot Sure
KalacDeSantisDorothy Found1957Saint Peter School
Kalac John Found1958
Kalac Phyllis Missing1954
KaleGilpatrickLindaLFound1963Saint Michael School
Kale Ralph Found1964Saint Michael School
Kamarchik Christine FoundNot Sure
Kane Daniel MissingNot Sure
Kane Kristina Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Kane Marilyn FoundNot Sure
Kane Paul MissingNot Sure
Kappeler Phyllis Found1945Saint Peter School
Karch Kevin Found1993Butler Catholic School
Karenbauer David Found1969
Karenbauer Nancy Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Karls David Found2002Butler Catholic School
Karls Tim Found2005Butler Catholic School
Karlsen Eleanor Missing1967
Karnick Jean Missing1965
Karnick Mary MissingNot Sure
Kastelic MaryAnnFoundNot Sure
Kasunic JulieFrancesFound2012Butler Catholic School
Kasunic Michael Found2008Butler Catholic School
Kasunic Nicholas Found2005Butler Catholic School
Kasunic PaulThomasFound2011Butler Catholic School
Kasunic Sarah Found2009Butler Catholic School
Katsko Richard MissingNot Sure
KayFrySandra Found1959
Kaylar Barbara MissingNot Sure
Kaylor Robert Found1970Saint Paul School
Kaylor Thomas Found1967
KearnsMcNaughtonColby Found1993Butler Catholic School
Kearns Virginia Found1951Saint Paul School
Keasey Ashley Found1963
Keasey Elizabeth Found2002Butler Catholic School
Keasey LettyJoMissing1967
Keasey Maura Found2004Butler Catholic School
Keasey Theodore MissingNot Sure
Keck Katherine MissingNot Sure
Keddie Regis Missing1959
Keefer Kristine MissingNot Sure
Keelan Adam Found2004Butler Catholic School
Keelan Eileen FoundNot Sure
Keelan John MissingNot Sure
Keep Kailey Found2009Butler Catholic School
Keil William Missing1958
Keilan William Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Keller Gretchen Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Keller Janelle MissingNot Sure
Keller Mark MissingNot Sure
Kelly AmandaMarieMissing1997Butler Catholic School
Kelly BernadetteMarieMissing2005Butler Catholic School
Kelly BrendanPatrickFound1990Butler Catholic School
KellyKempleCarol Found1956Saint Paul School
Kelly CharlotteVictoriaFound1992Butler Catholic School
Kelly ColinSeanFound1995Butler Catholic School
KellyLaichColleen Found1965Saint Paul School
Kelly EarlEugeneFound1965Saint Paul School
Kelly Edward Found1965
KellyRossiEleanor FoundNot Sure
KellyKellyGeorge Found1962
Kelly JeffreyJamesFound1974Saint Paul School
Kelly JudithAnneMissing1969Saint Paul School
Kelly KarenElizabethMissing1958Saint Paul School
KellyOlsonKathleenAnnFound1969Saint Paul School
KellyKellyKevinFFound1972Saint Paul School
Kelly MaryJoyceMissing1959
Kelly MaryMarthaMissingNot Sure
Kelly MaryPatMissingNot Sure
KellyKellyMegan Found1998Butler Catholic School
Kelly MichaelJosephFound2001Butler Catholic School
KellyMyersMichelleMarieMissing1973Saint Paul School
Kelly Mike Found1989Butler Catholic School
Kelly NonaAFoundNot Sure
Kelly Paul Missing1963
Kelly Paul Missing1967
KellyKellyRichardJFoundNot Sure
Kelly Sr. Flavia Kelly FoundTeacher
KellyKellyWilliam Found1955
Kelly William Found1999Butler Catholic School
Kemper Daniel MissingNot Sure
Kemper David Found1951Saint Paul School
Kemper ErnestFFoundNot Sure
Kemper Joan MissingNot Sure
Kemper John MissingNot Sure
Kemper Louis MissingNot Sure
Kemper Margaret Missing1963
Kemper Mary MissingNot Sure
Kemper Richard MissingNot Sure
Kemph Sandra Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Kendziorski Eric MissingNot Sure
Kennedy Donna MissingNot Sure
Kennehan William Missing1959
KennellyWhiteMary Found1951Saint Paul School
Kenniham Daniel Missing1963
Kennihan Jerry Found1982Butler Catholic School
KennihanWagarTheresa Found1980Butler Catholic School
KenyonCzzowitzBarbaraEFound1962Saint Michael School
Kenyon DanielA.Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Kenyon David Found1967Saint Michael School
Kenyon Joseph MissingNot Sure
Kenyon Matthew Found2009Butler Catholic School
KephartKephartArthur FoundNot SureSaint Peter School
KephartPachecoSharon MissingNot Sure
Kephart Thomas Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Kerner Mark MissingNot Sure
Kerner Nora MissingNot Sure
Kernic Elizabeth Found2014Butler Catholic School
Kernic Eva Found2009Butler Catholic School
Kernic Luke Found2013Butler Catholic School
Kernic Nicholas Found2004Butler Catholic School
Kerr Patricia MissingNot Sure
Kerr Timothy MissingNot Sure
Keys Jamie Missing1974Butler Catholic School
KeysKeysKirkD.Found1973Butler Catholic School
Keys Kristen MissingNot Sure
Kienzle Carol Missing1960
Kienzle Cheryl Missing1971Butler Catholic School
KienzleKienzleDennis Found1965Saint Michael School
KienzleLearyDonna Found1962
Kienzle Linda MissingNot Sure
Kienzle Nancy MissingNot Sure
KienzleKienzelPamela Found1961
Kienzle Randall Found1968Saint Michael School
Kieszkowski Edward Found1962Saint Michael School
KieszkowskiNeighJudy Found1956Saint Michael School
KieszkowskiKyperNorma Found1959Saint Michael School
KieszkowskiEuryVirginiaLMissing1957Saint Michael School
Kikel Jammie Found1987Butler Catholic School
Kilchenstein Joseph MissingNot Sure
Kiley Audrey MissingNot Sure
Kiley Beverly MissingNot Sure
Kiley Charmaine MissingNot Sure
Kiley Darlene MissingNot Sure
Kiley Joseph MissingNot Sure
KileyO'DonnellSandra Found1960Saint Paul School
Killmeyer Amy MissingNot Sure
Killmeyer Herbert MissingNot Sure
Killmeyer Howard FoundNot Sure
Killmeyer J. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Killmeyer Kathleen Missing1961
Killmeyer Lanny MissingNot Sure
Killmeyer Mary MissingNot Sure
Killmeyer Theodore MissingNot Sure
KillmeyerClouseVicki Found1971Butler Catholic School
Kim Debbie MissingNot Sure
Kimmel Judith Missing1967
Kimmel Paul MissingNot Sure
King Anita Missing1974Butler Catholic School
King Jared Found1999Butler Catholic School
King Jean Missing1957
King JohnF.Found1971Butler Catholic School
King Margaret MissingNot Sure
King Marie Missing1960
King Norma Missing1959
King Peggy FoundNot Sure
King Sr. Annette King FoundTeacher
King Theresa Missing1962
Kingsley Brittney Found2003Butler Catholic School
Kingsley David Found1957Saint Paul School
Kingston Sr. M. Clare Kingston FoundTeacher
Kinnick Curtis MissingNot Sure
Kinnik Joseph MissingNot Sure
Kinnik Mimi MissingNot Sure
Kinnny Beverly MissingNot Sure
Kinter Kathy Missing1972Butler Catholic School
KirkKirkFloyd FoundNot Sure
KirkKirkJames Found1952
Kirk John MissingNot Sure
Kirk Lisa MissingNot Sure
Kirk Marsha MissingNot Sure
Kirk Paulette Missing1959
Kirk Ralph Found1940Saint Michael School
Kirsch Sr. Consuella Kirsch FoundTeacher
Kish Catherine MissingNot Sure
Kish Maria MissingNot Sure
Kish William Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Kisner Theresa Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Kittell Sr. M. Carl Kittell FoundTeacher
Klann Eric Found1976Butler Catholic School
Klann Gregory Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Klann Kristine MissingNot Sure
KlannCombsRoseMarieFound1970Saint Paul School
Klein Patricia Missing1960
Kleman Sr. Reginald Kleman FoundTeacher
Kletzli KateLynnFound2010Butler Catholic School
KletzliKletzliMaria FoundNot Sure
Kletzli Phillip Found2008Butler Catholic School
KleyKleyEdgar Found1956Saint Paul School
Kline Sr. Dorothy Ann Kline FoundTeacher
Kline William MissingNot Sure
Klingensmith Joyce Missing1962
Klinko MaryKatherineFound2012Butler Catholic School
Kloker Kourtney Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Klutinoty Maria Found2000Butler Catholic School
Knebs Marianne MissingNot Sure
Knight Elizabeth Mary FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Knulatz Sylvia MissingNot Sure
Koch Amy Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Koch Cheryl MissingNot Sure
Koch Frank FoundNot SureSaint Peter School
KochKochJames Found1971Butler Catholic School
Koch John Missing1960
Koch John Found1970Saint Paul School
Koch Judith MissingNot Sure
Koch Kathleen Missing1961
KochTebay-DiggsKathryn Found1961
Koch MaryJoFound1947Saint Peter School
Koch Melissa Missing1998Butler Catholic School
KochStewartMichelle Found1967Saint Peter School
Koch Richard MissingNot Sure
Koch Stephen Found1991Butler Catholic School
Koehler Mark Missing1970Saint Paul School
Koehler Scott Missing1967
Koehring Danielle Missing1999Butler Catholic School
Koehring Devin Found2002Butler Catholic School
Koehring Kevin FoundNot Sure
Koehring Spencer Found2006Butler Catholic School
Koerner James Missing1958
Kohnen MaryLouiseMissing1953
Komstock CarolAnnMissing1961
Komstock Richard Missing1969
Komstock Robert Found1969
Komstock Virginia Missing1959
Konieczny Kathleen Missing1965
Konieczny Mark Found1969
KoniverKoniverMarionRFoundNot Sure
Koon Jacqueline Missing1959
Koon Michael MissingNot Sure
Koon Stephen Missing1963
Koretski Carole Missing1956
KornKornJames FoundNot Sure
Korn Louise Missing1955
Korn Robert Missing1957
Kornick Francis Missing1969
Kortick Phyllis MissingNot Sure
KosarLisyLindaCMissing1962Saint Michael School
Kotch Ann Missing1973Butler Catholic School
KotchKotchRichardW.FoundNot Sure
Kotch Robert MissingNot Sure
Kovac Angela Found2009Butler Catholic School
Kovach Sr. M. Veronica Kovach FoundTeacher
Kovack Darlene Missing1958
Kovaleski Alex Missing1958
Kradel Charles MissingNot Sure
Kradel James MissingNot Sure
KradelCharmoLaurie Found1976Butler Catholic School
Kradel Linda MissingNot Sure
KradelKradelMark Found1982Butler Catholic School
Kradel Terry Missing1969
Kraft Lanny MissingNot Sure
Krainbucher Dan MissingNot Sure
KrainbucherKrainbucherDavid FoundNot Sure
KrainbucherKrainbucherFrankMFoundNot Sure
Krainbucher Joelle Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Krainbucher Lori Missing1993Butler Catholic School
Kramer Bernadette MissingNot Sure
Kramer Charles Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Kramer Donna Missing1960
Kramer Linda Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Kramer Marjorie MissingNot Sure
Kramer Michael Missing1965
Kramer Pamela MissingNot Sure
Kramer Thomas Found1969
KrampertHetlerLindaRFound1963Saint Michael School
Krankota Anna FoundNot Sure
Krapf Isabella Missing1958
Krauchak Becky MissingNot Sure
Krauchak Christopher MissingNot Sure
KrauchakSmithCynthiaLFound1970Butler Catholic School
Krauchak NancyLFound1956Saint Michael School
Krause Donald MissingNot Sure
Krauth Robert MissingNot Sure
Krchnak DonnaMarieMissingNot Sure
KrchnakKrchnakMarkPFound1943Saint Michael School
Krchnak MaryAnnMissing1961
KrchnakMenchykMary Ann Found1961
Krebs Elaine MissingNot Sure
Krebs Giles MissingNot Sure
Krebs Girard MissingNot Sure
Krebs Marilyn MissingNot Sure
Kresen Janet MissingNot Sure
Kresen Jean MissingNot Sure
Kresh Irene Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Kresh Patrick Found2013Butler Catholic School
Krick Albert MissingNot Sure
Krick Connie Missing1967
Krick David MissingNot Sure
Krick MaryAnnMissingNot Sure
Kriebel Rebecca Found2008Butler Catholic School
Kriley Brenda Missing1971Butler Catholic School
KrileyLightnerGail Found1951Saint Paul School
KrileyKrileyJames Found1972Butler Catholic School
KrileyBartonJoan Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Kriley Martha Found2001Butler Catholic School
Kriley Melissa Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Kriley Patricia Missing1965
Kriley Robert Missing1991Butler Catholic School
KrileyWalshVerna Found1940
Kripowicz John MissingNot Sure
Kripowicz Robert MissingNot Sure
Krise Sr. Colman Krise FoundTeacher
Kristofek John Missing1954
KristofekKristufekPaul Found1958
Kristufek Mark Found1963
Kucer FrankTFound1962Saint Michael School
KucerBerkleyMarilynKFound1964Saint Michael School
Kucharic James MissingNot Sure
KuciakNeighEileen Missing1954
Kudamik David MissingNot Sure
Kudamik JeanMarieMissing1968Saint Michael School
KudamikVaughanJoanneEFound1961Saint Michael School
Kudika Cecelia Missing1961Saint Michael School
KudikaProctorLouiseAMissing1957Saint Michael School
KudikaO'NeillMarion Found1968Saint Michael School
Kudika Rudolph Found1928Saint Michael School
Kudika SteveJFound1941Saint Michael School
Kuehner Suzanne MissingNot Sure
Kuharic Ann Missing1960
Kuharic Vincent MissingNot Sure
Kuhn David Missing1993Butler Catholic School
Kuhn Mark Missing1998Butler Catholic School
Kuhn Todd Missing1988Butler Catholic School
Kumar Rohini Found1995Butler Catholic School
Kuminkoski Danielle MissingNot Sure
KuminkoskiSengeMary Found1988Butler Catholic School
Kuminkowski Diane MissingNot Sure
Kummer Brian Found1988Butler Catholic School
Kummer Joan MissingNot Sure
Kuntz David MissingNot Sure
Kurtz Brian MissingNot Sure
Kurtz GregoryJ.MissingNot Sure
KurtzFrielHeidi Found1978Butler Catholic School
Kustra Rachel FoundNot Sure
Kutsch Barbara MissingNot Sure
Kutsch Deborah Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Kutsch Robert MissingNot Sure
KuzioRodgersBernice Found1952
Laborie EmileWFound1935Saint Michael School
LaborieKellyErmenia Found1934Saint Michael School
Laborie Marianne Found1972Butler Catholic School
Laborie Nicole Found2014Butler Catholic School
Laconi Andrew Found1954
Laconi Andrew Found1925Saint Michael School
Laconi B. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Laconi Camden Found2014Butler Catholic School
Laconi David Missing1956
LaconiHenryDebra Found1966Saint Michael School
Laconi Eloise Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Laconi Joseph Found1939Saint Michael School
Laconi Joseph Found1970Saint Michael School
Laconi Joyce MissingNot Sure
Laconi Larry Found1929Saint Michael School
Laconi Paul Found1970Saint Michael School
Laconi Reginald Missing1952
Laconi Regis Found1942Saint Michael School
Laconi Rosina Found1925Saint Michael School
LaconiLaconiScott FoundNot Sure
LaconiLaconiSharon Found1971Butler Catholic School
Lafferty Arthur Found1956
Lafferty Daniel Missing1960
Lafferty Timothy Found1965
Lafferty William Missing1954
Laffy MaryJaneMissing1958
LaGrutta Electa FoundTeacherSaint Peter School
LaGrutta Laurentine FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Lambermont Patricia Missing1955
Lambert Carol Missing1968
Lambert Patricia Found1965
Lamka Kevin MissingNot Sure
LamparelloMiseykaCarol Found1969Butler Catholic School
Landrum Dean Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Landrum Jean Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Landrum Joanie Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Landrum Judy MissingNot Sure
LandrumFkaMargaretRFound1977Butler Catholic School
LandrumEhrlichMary Found1973Butler Catholic School
Landrum NancyAnnFound1976Butler Catholic School
Lane Pamela MissingNot Sure
Laneless Gerald MissingNot Sure
Lang Gretchen MissingNot Sure
Lang MaryAnnMissingNot Sure
Lang Ralph MissingNot Sure
Lang MargaretMaryMissing1973Butler Catholic School
Langa DanielJFoundNot Sure
LangaLangaDavid Found1965
Langa Theodore Found1953
Langland Mary Missing1967
Langland Michele Missing1971Butler Catholic School
LanglandLanglandPaulLFound1938Saint Michael School
Lanka Kevin Missing1996Butler Catholic School
Lanzalotto Gary Found1970Saint Paul School
Laporte Elizabeth Missing1993Butler Catholic School
Laporte Samuel Found1997Butler Catholic School
Lappan Margaret Missing1962
Larenz Shirley MissingNot Sure
Larkin KathleenEFound1954Saint Paul School
Larkin Lucille Found1952
LaRocca JoelSebastianFound2012Butler Catholic School
Lascoula Michael Found1935Saint Michael School
LaskyFosterCarol Found1961Saint Michael School
LaskySixCynthia Found1974Butler Catholic School
Lasky DianneMFound1967Saint Michael School
LaskyDreherSherry Found1969Saint Michael School
Lasky ThomasAFound1964Saint Michael School
Lasky Timothy MissingNot Sure
Lattanzi Elaine Ann FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Lauer James MissingNot Sure
Laurent Daniel Missing1970Saint Michael School
Laurent David Found1962Saint Michael School
LaurentBestDonnaJFound1964Saint Michael School
Laurent Steven Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Lavery MaryAnnMissing1954
Lavorini Blanche Found1925Saint Michael School
Lavorini Brian Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Lavorini Deno Found1933Saint Michael School
Lavorini Frank Found1931Saint Michael School
Lavorini Larry MissingNot Sure
LavoriniProkopchakLydia Found1937Saint Michael School
Lavorini Mark FoundNot Sure
LavoriniLavoriniNorma FoundNot Sure
Lavosini Sherry MissingNot Sure
Layton David MissingNot Sure
Layton George MissingNot Sure
Leech Edward FoundNot Sure
Leech Gordon MissingNot Sure
Leech Gregory MissingNot Sure
Leech James MissingNot Sure
Leech John MissingNot Sure
Leech Matthew Missing1988Butler Catholic School
Leech Rita MissingNot Sure
Leech Ruth Missing1967
Leech Mary MissingNot Sure
Lefevre Jayne MissingNot Sure
Lefevre Joel MissingNot Sure
Lefevre John MissingNot Sure
Lefevre Michael MissingNot Sure
Lefevre Paul MissingNot Sure
Lefevre Robert Found1976Butler Catholic School
Lehnerd Ann Missing1962
Lehnerd Helen MissingNot Sure
Lehnerd Kathleen FoundNot Sure
Lehnerd Philip MissingNot Sure
Lehnerd Stephanie MissingNot Sure
Lehnerd Thomas MissingNot Sure
Lehnerd Wendle Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Leitem Ann MissingNot Sure
LeitemNemcekBettyLouFound1957Saint Peter School
Leitem Catherine MissingNot Sure
LeitemLeitemDavid FoundNot Sure
Leitem Hilda MissingNot Sure
Leitem Jack MissingNot Sure
Leitem Leon Missing1945Saint Peter School
Leitem Paul MissingNot Sure
Leitem RoseMarieMissingNot Sure
Leitem MaryTheresaFound1947Saint Peter School
Leith Sr. M. Scholastica Leith FoundTeacher
LeMay Elizabeth Found2009Butler Catholic School
LeMay Emma Found2013Butler Catholic School
LeMay Erin Found2013Butler Catholic School
Lenahan Sr. de Neri Lenahan FoundTeacher
Lenzi Bruno Found1929Saint Michael School
Leone Sarah Missing1993Butler Catholic School
LeporeLeporeMichaelE.Found1946Saint Michael School
Leroy HenryJFound1936Saint Michael School
Leslie Matthew Found2004Butler Catholic School
LesnikCunninghamBrandi FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
LewisLewisBradley FoundNot Sure
Lewis Crysta Found2009Butler Catholic School
Lewis Helen Found2009Butler Catholic School
Lewis Jaci MissingNot Sure
Lewis Joan Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Lewis Joseph Found1958
LewisLewisKarenLFound1972Saint Paul School
Lewis Kayla Found2004Butler Catholic School
Lewis Linda Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Lewis Lisa MissingNot Sure
LewisAltmanLori Found1980Butler Catholic School
Lewis Maria Found2008Butler Catholic School
Lewis Melissa Found2006Butler Catholic School
Lewis Nancy Found1967
Lewis Patricia MissingNot Sure
LewisLewisRegis Found1970Butler Catholic School
Lewis Richard Missing1967
LewisLewisScott FoundNot Sure
Lewis Joan Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Ley Timothy Missing1991Butler Catholic School
Ley Tricia Missing1988Butler Catholic School
Leyland Dana FoundNot Sure
Leyland Emily Found1996Butler Catholic School
Leyland Karen Missing1958
Leyland Levi Found2009Butler Catholic School
LeylandMcConnellLisa FoundNot SureSaint Michael School
LeylandMcLaughlinMarguerite Found1972Butler Catholic School
Leyland Michael Found1968Saint Michael School
Leyland Ralph Missing1953
Leyland Trevor Found1999Butler Catholic School
Leyland WilliamHankFound1975Butler Catholic School
Li Sr. Rosellen Li FoundTeacher
Liebler Constance MissingNot Sure
Liebler Gerald MissingNot Sure
Lindey Caroline Found2013Butler Catholic School
Linkiewicz John Missing1968
Linthurst Delores MissingNot Sure
LisLisDavid FoundNot Sure
Liska John FoundNot Sure
Litzenberg Georgia Missing1952
LockhaiserMyersAudrey Found1945Saint Peter School
Lockhaiser John MissingNot Sure
Lockheiser Philip MissingNot Sure
Loftus Sr. Catherine Loftus FoundTeacher
Logan David Missing1969
Logan Richard Missing1968
Loidl Gloria Missing1988Butler Catholic School
Lokhaiser August MissingNot Sure
Lokhaiser Patrick Missing2009Butler Catholic School
Lokhaiser William FoundNot Sure
Lombardo LynnLFoundNot Sure
Long DarrellRFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Long MaryAnnMissing1962
Long Sister M. Avila MissingNot Sure
Longland Louann Missing1967
Lorenz Charles MissingNot Sure
Lorenz Joann MissingNot Sure
Lorenz Vincent MissingNot Sure
Lorenzinc Joyce Missing1960
LorenziniLorenziniCharles Found1962
LorenziniBlumChelseyJoFound1953Saint Peter School
LoStorto Mario Found1936Saint Michael School
Loutzenhiser Louis Found1963
LoveLoveDennis FoundNot Sure
Love Jeremy Found1988Butler Catholic School
Love Todd Found1991Butler Catholic School
Lovric Christopher Missing1964Saint Michael School
Lowe Heather Missing1993Butler Catholic School
Lowe Sr. Miriam Eileen Lowe (Monica) FoundTeacher
Lowrie Courtney Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Lowry Sean Found2004Butler Catholic School
LubinskyLubinskyDennis FoundNot Sure
Lucas Austin Missing1961Saint Michael School
Lucas Carolyn MissingNot Sure
Lucas Charles MissingNot Sure
Lucas Joseph Found1930Saint Michael School
Lucas N.E.Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Lucas Paul Missing1973Butler Catholic School
LucasBiskupSusan Found1970Saint Paul School
LuccoLuccoRocco Found1966Saint Michael School
Luchkew Larry Found1967
Luchkew William MissingNot Sure
Luchkiev Marianne Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Luffy Dennis Missing1956
LumleyFieldsAmy Found1998Butler Catholic School
Lumley DarlR.FoundNot Sure
Lumley Keith MissingNot Sure
LumleyGoslawKimberly FoundNot Sure
LumleyLumleyMark MissingNot Sure
Lundell EdwardNorumFound1954Saint Peter School
Lutz Daniel MissingNot Sure
Lutz Deborah Missing1962
Lutz Frances Missing1960
Lutz Gerald FoundNot Sure
Lutz Gregory Missing1957
Lutz Jacqueline Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Lutz Jeffrey MissingNot Sure
Lutz John Found1972Butler Catholic School
Lutz Nancy MissingNot Sure
LutzLutzRoger FoundNot Sure
Lutz ScottDFound1971Saint Michael School
Lutz Steven MissingNot Sure
LutzJohnstonSusan Found1970Saint Paul School
Lutz Coddington Kim MissingNot Sure
LydonBetjemannCharmaine FoundNot Sure
Lydon Martha Missing1965
Lydon Patricia Found1955
Lynch Sr. M. Joseph Lynch FoundTeacher
Lyndon Chris MissingNot Sure
Lyndon John Missing1954
Lyndon Mary Missing1959
Lyndon Thomas Missing1956
Macdonald William Found1954
Macefe FrankRFound1962Saint Michael School
MacefeBrackettLaurie Found1972Butler Catholic School
Macefe Melissa Missing1991Butler Catholic School
Macefe Rachelle Missing1989Butler Catholic School
MacefeMacefeSusan Found1957Saint Michael School
Mack James Missing1954
MackWesterkampJeanne Found1957Butler Catholic School
Mack John Found1986Butler Catholic School
Mack KarenMFound1984Butler Catholic School
Mack Richard Found1955Butler Catholic School
MackMackThomas Found1980Butler Catholic School
MackalicaRayKellyAnnFound1985Butler Catholic School
MacKinneyTackNancyMFoundNot Sure
Madigan MichaelCFound1995Butler Catholic School
Madigan PatrickJFound1992Butler Catholic School
Madigan Tim Found1993Butler Catholic School
Maffei Francis Found1934Saint Michael School
MaffeiMamulaJean Found1969
Maffei Joy FoundNot Sure
MaffeiRexMaryJFound1936Saint Michael School
Maffei RalphJMissing1968
Maffei Ralph Found1939Saint Michael School
Maffer GaeTanaMissingNot Sure
Magala Steve Found1929Saint Michael School
Magill Sr. Gerald Magill FoundTeacher
Magola Sharon Missing1961Saint Michael School
Mahalik Arthur MissingNot Sure
Mahalik David MissingNot Sure
Maharg Beverly MissingNot Sure
Maharg Dennis MissingNot Sure
MahargFeatherKarenMFound1963Saint Paul School
Maharg Mark Found1967Butler Catholic School
MahlerJohnEric Found1985Butler Catholic School
Mahler Jennifer Found1988Butler Catholic School
MahlerKernMarianne Found1967Butler Catholic School
Mahler Sr. Constance FoundTeacherSaint Peter School
Mahoney Dennis Missing1953
Mai The MissingNot Sure
Mainhart Larry Found1968
Maitland Francis Missing1959
Maitland Robert Found1955
Major Lara MissingNot Sure
Maletta James Found1971Butler Catholic School
Maletta JohnAFound1978Butler Catholic School
MalettaJonesJudyRFoundNot Sure
MalloyMalloyAnthony Found1994Butler Catholic School
Malloy Elizabeth Missing1996Butler Catholic School
MalloyGilkeyJean Found1992Butler Catholic School
MalloyRohrlickJennifer FoundNot Sure
Malloy Joseph Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Malloy Patrick MissingNot Sure
Malloy Rita Missing1988Butler Catholic School
MalloyMalloyScott Found1985Butler Catholic School
Malloy Terry MissingNot Sure
MalloyMalloyWilliam FoundNot Sure
Maloney DavidPFound1978Butler Catholic School
Maloney DonaldJFound1970Butler Catholic School
Maloney WilliamJ.FoundNot Sure
Maloney WilliamGFound1965Butler Catholic School
Manell Mason MissingNot Sure
MangelNataliGeorgene Found1966Saint Peter School
Manny JohnPaulFound1996Butler Catholic School
MaradeiKrasonJennifer Found1986Butler Catholic School
Maradei Mara Found1994Butler Catholic School
MarchinoskiBinusJeanMFound1965Butler Catholic School
MarchinoskiMcChesneyNancy Found1968Butler Catholic School
Marcus Richard Found1951Saint Paul School
Margrett Robert Missing1955
Margus Kathryn MissingNot Sure
Marie Sr. Anthony Marie FoundTeacher
Marie Sr. Mercedes Marie FoundTeacher
Marinaro David Found1963Saint Michael School
MarinaroMarinaroJuliusTheodoreFound1961Saint Michael School
Marinaro Theodore Found1928Saint Michael School
Marinaro Vincent Found1925Saint Michael School
Marini Joanne Found1943Saint Michael School
Marini Olindo Found1925Saint Michael School
Marinoro Anita MissingNot Sure
MariottiCettiDena Found1934Saint Michael School
Mariotti Deno Found1928Saint Michael School
Mariotti Frank Found1928Saint Michael School
MariottiMariottiGeno Found1945Saint Michael School
Mariotti IdaMaeFound1970Butler Catholic School
Mariotti JosephAFound1961Saint Michael School
MariottiMalisLucy Found1966
Mariotti Mario Found1937Saint Michael School
Mariotti Ralph Found1974Butler Catholic School
Markwell DavidMFound1963Butler Catholic School
Markwell Patricia Missing1958
Marner Marcelle Missing1960
Marone MaryKathleenMissing1965
Marsch ErwinRFound1964Butler Catholic School
MarschMarshallPatty Found1962Butler Catholic School
MarshallWinderDeborah Found1965Butler Catholic School
Marshall Dennis Missing1968
Marshall John Found2004Butler Catholic School
Marshall JosephRFound1976Butler Catholic School
Marshall Sr. M. Nona Marshall FoundTeacher
Martin Allison Found2005Butler Catholic School
Martin CatherineA.Found1970Butler Catholic School
MartinMartinDavid FoundNot Sure
Martin Deborah Found1973Butler Catholic School
Martin ElizabethAFound1978Butler Catholic School
Martin Katie Found1980Butler Catholic School
Martin KennethJ.Found1971Butler Catholic School
MartinMartinPaulaLFoundNot Sure
Martin Rebecca FoundNot Sure
Martin Susan Found1971Butler Catholic School
MartinMartinThomas Found1977Butler Catholic School
Martin Timothy Found1974Butler Catholic School
MartonikWorstMaria Found1975Butler Catholic School
Martz Louis Found1926Saint Michael School
MartzGrossPatriciaLFound1959Saint Michael School
Martz Robert Found1928Saint Michael School
Marwaha Rohit Found1988Butler Catholic School
Marwaha Sanjay Found1981Butler Catholic School
Marwaha Sunil Found1986Butler Catholic School
MarxGreenCatherine Found1951Saint Paul School
Mary Sr. Margaret Mary FoundTeacher
Marzulla Judith MissingNot Sure
Marzulla Linda MissingNot Sure
Marzullo Barbara MissingNot Sure
Marzullo John Missing1967Butler Catholic School
MashudaMashudaRaphael FoundNot Sure
Maskal Joshua Found1997Butler Catholic School
Maskal Justin Found1998Butler Catholic School
MassartMinehartLorraineAFound1951Saint Paul School
Massart Oscar Found1949Saint Michael School
Massart Tammy MissingNot Sure
Massart Terry MissingNot Sure
Massart Todd Found1976Butler Catholic School
Massella PhilipAndrewFound2011Butler Catholic School
Matachak Dana Found1988Butler Catholic School
Matis Danielle Missing1989Butler Catholic School
Matis Marguerite Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Matonak Adria Found1998Butler Catholic School
Matonak Andrew Found1968Butler Catholic School
MatonakMillerCynthia Found1975Butler Catholic School
MatonakMatonakDennisWFoundNot Sure
Matonak Dorothy MissingNot Sure
Matonak Eleanor Missing1974Butler Catholic School
MatonakKellyEvelynJFound1970Butler Catholic School
Matonak Greg MissingNot Sure
Matonak J.JamesFound1973Butler Catholic School
Matonak Kathy Found1969Butler Catholic School
MatonakRekichMaryCFound1971Butler Catholic School
MatonakStuddsRebecca Found1971Butler Catholic School
Matonak Richard Found1977Butler Catholic School
Matonak Scott Found1993Butler Catholic School
Matonak Shelby Missing1988Butler Catholic School
MatonakMatonakThomas Found1962
Matson Brenda Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Matson David Missing1952
Matson James Found1969Butler Catholic School
Matson Joseph Found1959
Matson Pamela Missing1966
MatsonElliottRaymaAnnFound1964Butler Catholic School
Matson Sharon MissingNot Sure
Matson Thomas Found1971Butler Catholic School
MattaceVollrathMaryJoFound1967Saint Paul School
Matteoni EvaTFound1939Saint Michael School
Matuke Donald Missing1954
Matuke James Found1956
Matuke Steven Found1953Butler Catholic School
May Joseph Missing1960
MazureMazureSandra FoundNot Sure
MazzantiZirnsakDiane Found1968Butler Catholic School
Mazzanti GeorgeA.Found1959
Mazzanti James Found1974Butler Catholic School
Mazzanti Michael Found1973Butler Catholic School
MazzantiMcEndooRhondaLFound1974Butler Catholic School
Mazzanti RichardLFound1967Saint Michael School
Mcanallen Darin MissingNot Sure
McanallenMcanallenEdwardRFound1966Butler Catholic School
Mcanallen Lorie MissingNot Sure
Mcanallen Patricia MissingNot Sure
Mcanallen Robert Found1970Butler Catholic School
McanallenMcAnallenScottLFound1982Butler Catholic School
Mcanallen Thomas Found1969
Mcauliffe Anne Missing1956
Mcauliffe Myra Found1954Butler Catholic School
Mcbride Joan Missing1953Saint Paul School
Mcbride Patricia Missing1969
McBride Sheila Found1967Butler Catholic School
McBride Thomas Found1962Butler Catholic School
Mccabe Patrick Found1965
McCafferty Elizabeth Missing1955
MccallMccueAlice Found1952Butler Catholic School
MccallO'TooleArlene Found1947Saint Peter School
Mccall MaryMargaretMissingNot Sure
Mccall Patricia Missing1965
Mccall Sandra Found1967
Mccandless Charles Found1994Butler Catholic School
Mccandless David Found1959Butler Catholic School
Mccandless Ellen MissingNot Sure
McCandlessNeighGretchen Found1990Butler Catholic School
Mccandless James Missing1998Butler Catholic School
MccandlessNeillJudith Found1954Butler Catholic School
McCandlessForchtKaren Found1960
Mccandless Kenneth Found1951Saint Paul School
Mccandless Mary MissingNot Sure
MccandlessLambermontPatricia Found1961Butler Catholic School
Mccann David Found1955Butler Catholic School
Mccann Joyce Missing1953
MccarrenVaniddekingeAmy Found1989Butler Catholic School
MccarrenMccarrenCharles FoundNot Sure
McCarren Clinton Found2006Butler Catholic School
Mccarren D. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Mccarren Fred Found1965
MccarrenMccarrenJeffrey Found1973Butler Catholic School
McCarren Jeffrey Found2004Butler Catholic School
MccarrenHoltKiraAFound1992Butler Catholic School
MccarrenSnyderMaryAnnFound1965Butler Catholic School
Mccarren Michael Found1967
Mccarren Millicent Found1975Butler Catholic School
Mccarren Patrick FoundNot Sure
Mccarren Philip Found1968Butler Catholic School
MccarrenFeczkoStacy Found1980Butler Catholic School
Mccarren Tobin Found1998Butler Catholic School
Mccarren Victoria Found1970Butler Catholic School
Mccartan Edward Missing1991Butler Catholic School
MccarthyAnnettBeth Missing1975Butler Catholic School
McCarthyMcCarthy-ArnoneDebra Found1970Saint Paul School
Mccarthy John Found1974Butler Catholic School
MccarthyMillerKim Found1971Butler Catholic School
Mccarthy Michael MissingNot Sure
Mccarthy Patrick MissingNot Sure
Mcchesney DanielRichardFound1995Butler Catholic School
McChesney DawnMMissing1991Butler Catholic School
McChesneyStoopsJaime Found1990Butler Catholic School
Mcclaferty Joann Missing1960
Mcclafferty Doris Missing1958
Mcclafferty Judith Missing1952
McClaffertyVidmarNancy Found1948Saint Paul School
Mcclafferty Shirley Found1947Saint Paul School
Mcclafferty Susan Missing1953
Mcclellan Edward Missing1963
Mcclellan Steven Found1974Butler Catholic School
Mcclellan Victoria Missing1967
Mcclelland Edward MissingNot Sure
McclellandMosesJayne Found1944Saint Paul School
McclellandGrybackJohn Found1958
Mcclelland Kathleen Missing1958
Mcclelland Lynn MissingNot Sure
Mcclelland Matthew Found1988Butler Catholic School
Mcclelland Michael MissingNot Sure
McClellandRegesMonica Found1985Butler Catholic School
Mccloskey Eugene Missing1968
Mccloskey James Found1976Butler Catholic School
Mccloskey Jeffrey Missing1974Butler Catholic School
McCloskeySmithKathleenB.Found1970Saint Paul School
Mccloskey SheilaAnnMissing1967
Mccloskey William Found1952Saint Paul School
McclymondsBinsackLeigh Missing1968
McclymondsGeorgeLeslie Found1967
Mcclymonds Lorrie Missing1967
McclymondsCoeLynn Found1968
McConnell ChristopherWilliamFound2011Butler Catholic School
Mcconnell Linda MissingNot Sure
McConnell MaryGraceFound2011Butler Catholic School
McConnell Sr. M. Lillian McConnell FoundTeacher
Mcconny MaryAnnMissingNot Sure
MccoolLassingerCynthiaLFound1968Butler Catholic School
Mccool PatriciaLFound1970Butler Catholic School
Mccorry Chris MissingNot Sure
Mccorry Robert Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Mccorry Susan Missing1970Saint Paul School
McCrackenPefferDonna Found1963
Mccracken Joan Found1966
Mccracken Joyce FoundNot Sure
Mccracken Karen Missing1975Butler Catholic School
McCrackenSmithKathy Missing1968Saint Michael School
MccrackenVaughnMaryAnnFound1973Butler Catholic School
Mccracken Michael Found1971
Mccracken Randall Found1974
Mccracken Ronald Found1975Butler Catholic School
Mccracken William Missing1962
Mccrea Bernard MissingNot Sure
Mccrea JamesHFound1973Butler Catholic School
Mccrea Joseph Found1958Butler Catholic School
McCue Sr. M. Ursula McCue FoundTeacher
McDannellBeanAngela Found1987Butler Catholic School
McdannellTackBarbaraJFound1982Butler Catholic School
McDannell KathrynLFoundNot Sure
Mcdeavitt Edward Missing1954
Mcdeavitt James Found1952Butler Catholic School
Mcdeavitt Joseph Missing1957
McDermott Sr. Pauline McDermott FoundTeacher
McdonaldSlaterDeborah Found1970Butler Catholic School
Mcdonald Douglas Found1978Butler Catholic School
Mcdonald JanE.Missing1971Butler Catholic School
McdonaldWagnerJanet Found1974Butler Catholic School
McdonaldPrescoJeanne Found1964
Mcdonald Linda Missing1968
Mcdonald M. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
McdonaldHearnMary Found1973Butler Catholic School
McDonald Robert Found1963Butler Catholic School
Mcdonald Selma MissingNot Sure
Mcdonald Shirley MissingNot Sure
Mcdonnell Daniel Found1963Butler Catholic School
Mcdonnell Terrence Found1962Butler Catholic School
McDowell Maura Found1959
McElwee Sr. M. Anina McElwee FoundTeacher
Mcgaham Kevin Missing1965
Mcgee Jennifer MissingNot Sure
Mcginley Mary Missing1969
McGough Sr. M. Nolasco McGough FoundTeacher
Mcgouldrick Allen MissingNot Sure
Mcgowan MaryAnneMissing1967
Mcgowan Barbara MissingNot Sure
Mcgrath Brian MissingNot Sure
Mcgrath Charles Missing1955
McgrathRoyerJoAnne Found1957
McGrathRutkoskiKathleen Found1964
Mcgrath Michael Found1953
Mcgrath Paul Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Mcgrath Scott Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Mcgrath Thomas Found1960Butler Catholic School
Mcgroden Joseph Found1974Butler Catholic School
McgroganStockwellAlice Found1968
Mcgrogan John Missing1970Saint Paul School
Mcgrogan Joseph Found1974Butler Catholic School
McgroganBobenMargaret Found1965Butler Catholic School
McgroganTrusteeMaureen Missing1964
McGuireStrobelAndrea Found1973Butler Catholic School
McguirePerattLauren Found1982Butler Catholic School
Mcguire Robert Missing1962
Mcilvain John MissingNot Sure
Mcindoe Paul MissingNot Sure
Mcindoe Robert MissingNot Sure
McIntosh Andrew Found2002Butler Catholic School
McIntosh Neva Found2005Butler Catholic School
Mckain James Found1976Butler Catholic School
Mckain Jeffery Found1982Butler Catholic School
McKainNaklesJoann Found1973Saint Paul School
McKainConnellyJudy Found1971Saint Paul School
Mckay ColleenCFound1970Butler Catholic School
MckeeKresenCharlene Found1957
MckeeFinkMargaret Found1962
McKeeHarlessSusan Found1966Saint Peter School
Mckee Audry Missing1954
Mckeever Joyce Missing1958
McKeever Kenneth Found1951Saint Paul School
McKeonMcKeonThomas Found1951Saint Paul School
Mckinney Brian MissingNot Sure
McKinney MichaelCFoundNot Sure
McKitten Carla MissingNot Sure
Mckitten Frank MissingNot Sure
Mckitten Rhonda Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Mckivigan Aaron Found1990Butler Catholic School
Mckivigan Richard Found1972
Mckivigan RobertSFound1984Butler Catholic School
McKnight Angela Found2010Butler Catholic School
McKnight Benjamin Found2008Butler Catholic School
MclaffertyMoorePatricia Missing1964
MclaffertyFurlongSusan Found1969
Mclafferty Terrence Missing1961
Mclaughlin Daniel Found1954Butler Catholic School
Mclaughlin Eugene MissingNot Sure
McLaughlin John Missing1962Saint Michael School
Mclaughlin Karen MissingNot Sure
Mclaughlin MaryLeeMissingNot Sure
McLaughlin Mason Found2005Butler Catholic School
McLaughlin Morgan Found2009Butler Catholic School
MclaughlinBoothPatricia Found1951Saint Paul School
Mclaughlin Thomas MissingNot Sure
Mcleod Jodi MissingNot Sure
Mcmahon Maureen Missing1961
Mcmahon Terence Missing1954
Mcmanus Kevin Missing1960
Mcmanus Mark Missing1963
Mcmurray James MissingNot Sure
Mcmurray Thomas Found1952Butler Catholic School
McNany Dylan Found2006Butler Catholic School
Mcquistion David Found1960
Mcquistion Mary Found1956Butler Catholic School
Mecurio Ronald MissingNot Sure
Megan Foster Missing1961
Megan Lawrence Found1951Saint Paul School
Meier Harry Missing1971Butler Catholic School
MeliotesArmsValerie Found1957Butler Catholic School
Mellinger Delma FoundNot Sure
Mellinger Edward Found1956Saint Paul School
Mellinger GeorgePFound1954Saint Paul School
Mellon Suzanne MissingNot Sure
Melvin Sr. M. Alphonsus Melvin FoundTeacher
Mendenhall David FoundNot Sure
Mendenhall Richard FoundNot Sure
MennitiPetrilliAusonia Missing1948Butler Catholic School
Menruria Thomas MissingNot Sure
Mentzer Sandra Missing1965
Mentzer William Missing1954
MercatelliMooreKathyJFound1964Saint Michael School
MercurioMercurioJamesWFoundNot Sure
Mergery Helen Found1925Saint Michael School
Meshanko Dorothy Missing1952
Meshanko Janet Missing1956
Metz Bernadette FoundNot Sure
MetzMetzJamesDFoundNot Sure
Miano Lorenzo Found1926Saint Michael School
Michaels Sr. M. Salome Michaels FoundTeacher
Michel Gary Found1957Butler Catholic School
Midha Anil Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Midha Kiran Missing1988Butler Catholic School
Midha Sonita MissingNot Sure
Migliorini David Found1968Saint Michael School
Mikan Allison MissingNot Sure
Mikan David Found1984Butler Catholic School
Miklavic Brian Found1990Butler Catholic School
Miklosovic Joseph Found1929Saint Michael School
Mikolaj Sr. M. Agnese Mikolaj FoundTeacher
Mikula Daniel Found1970Butler Catholic School
Mikula James MissingNot Sure
MikulaMercurioMary Found1969Butler Catholic School
Mikula Michael Missing1967
Mikula Robert Found1980Butler Catholic School
MikulaMikulaStephen Found1973Butler Catholic School
Milano Rita Marie FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Milich Ellen FoundNot Sure
MilichMilichEugene FoundNot Sure
MillerHeplerBarbara Found1959Butler Catholic School
MillerWolfeBrenda Found1970Butler Catholic School
MillerMitchCarol Found1952
MillerOesterlingCarolyn Found1959Butler Catholic School
Miller Catherine MissingNot Sure
Miller Cynthia Missing1961
Miller David Found1955
Miller DavisAntonFound2011Butler Catholic School
MillerMarraEdith FoundNot Sure
Miller Edward Missing1977Butler Catholic School
Miller Elaine Missing1961
MillerBonneyElizabeth Found1978Butler Catholic School
Miller Eric Found1991Butler Catholic School
Miller Gary Found1969Butler Catholic School
MillerFogelJane Found1976Butler Catholic School
Miller Jeffrey Found1972Butler Catholic School
Miller Jennifer Found1994Butler Catholic School
MillerMillerJoan Found2003Butler Catholic School
MillerUngerKathryn Found1965Butler Catholic School
Miller Keating Found2007Butler Catholic School
Miller Kristin Missing1997Butler Catholic School
Miller Linda Missing1963
Miller Lisa Found1993Butler Catholic School
Miller LoriAMissing1970Saint Paul School
Miller Mark Missing1965
Miller Michael Found1969
Miller Michael Found1990Butler Catholic School
Miller Michelle Found2001Butler Catholic School
MillerRadickNancy Found1976Butler Catholic School
Miller Noah Found2006Butler Catholic School
Miller Paul Missing1963Butler Catholic School
MillerBallRita FoundNot Sure
Miller Robert Found1952
Miller Ronald Found1955Butler Catholic School
Miller Susan Missing1968
Miller Szalay Found2009Butler Catholic School
Miller Timothy Missing1964Butler Catholic School
MillerPellisVirginia Found1965Butler Catholic School
Miller William Found1942Butler Catholic School
Millhiser Sr. Raphael Millhiser FoundTeacher
MinehartMinehartChristineMFoundNot Sure
Minehart Frances MissingNot Sure
Minehart John Found1976Butler Catholic School
MinehartAcquavivaKathleen Found1961Butler Catholic School
Minehart Lois MissingNot Sure
Minehart Marlene MissingNot Sure
MinehartRayRachel Missing1989Butler Catholic School
Minor GailAnnMissingNot Sure
Minor Helen Missing1953
Minor Margaret Missing1968
Minor Michael Missing1963
MintoGladdLori FoundNot Sure
MirandaBeckMaricar Found1987Butler Catholic School
Miranda Marie Missing1983Butler Catholic School
MirandaLevierMarilou Found1987Butler Catholic School
Miranda Miriam Found1981Butler Catholic School
Miseyka Frank Found1939Saint Michael School
MiseykaYankowskiHelenMFound1936Saint Michael School
MiseykaSetnarJoanne Found1971Butler Catholic School
Miseyka Richard Found1965Butler Catholic School
MiseykaMiseykaRobertCFound1966Butler Catholic School
Miseyka Susan Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Miseyka WilliamMFound1941Saint Michael School
Mitch James Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Mitch Mary Missing1959
Mize Thomas Missing1954
MoculskiKrieffAnne Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Mohn Albert Found1956Butler Catholic School
Mohn Bernard MissingNot Sure
Mohn Dean Found1973Butler Catholic School
Mohn Jay Found1968Butler Catholic School
Mohn John Missing1972Butler Catholic School
MohnMohnKevin Found1975Butler Catholic School
Mohn Kurt Found1976Butler Catholic School
Mohn Lee Found1977Butler Catholic School
MohnKingLuann Missing1970Butler Catholic School
Mohn MarkAFound1986Butler Catholic School
Mohn MaryJoMissing1967
Mon-D-Aid FoundNot Sure
Monday Adam Found2002Butler Catholic School
Monday Aimee Found2007Butler Catholic School
Monday Allen Found2005Butler Catholic School
Monday Austin Found2013Butler Catholic School
Moneleone Charles MissingNot Sure
Monfre Natalie MissingNot Sure
Monteleone CharlesMMissing1957Butler Catholic School
Monteleone David Found1963
Monteleone Patsy Missing1956Butler Catholic School
Mook Alexis Found2007Butler Catholic School
Mook Max Found2008Butler Catholic School
Moore JohnToddMissingNot Sure
Moore Stacee MissingNot Sure
Moore Torre Found1990Butler Catholic School
Moore Trent MissingNot Sure
Moore Troy Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Mora Sr. Concetta Mora FoundTeacher
Morabito James Found1936Saint Michael School
Morabito Louis Found1938Saint Michael School
MorabitoMackMarilyn Found1953Butler Catholic School
Moran Barbara FoundNot Sure
Moran Ellen MissingNot Sure
Moran Kristen Found1993Butler Catholic School
Moran MarkPatrickMissing1998Butler Catholic School
Moran Megan Found1996Butler Catholic School
Moran Michael Found1959Butler Catholic School
Moran Richard Found1960
MoranRitzertShauna Found1990Butler Catholic School
Morgan Michael Found2003Butler Catholic School
Morgan Sr. M. Davida Morgan FoundTeacher
MorgusSwartoutDeannaLFound1982Butler Catholic School
Morgus Michael Found1955
MorgusMorgusMichael Found1981Butler Catholic School
Morgus NathanielMichaelFound2011Butler Catholic School
Morgus Timothy FoundNot Sure
Morgus William Found2013Butler Catholic School
Morin Terence Missing1955
Morris Charles MissingNot Sure
MorrisonJacksonCecelia Found1946
MorrisonMorrisonCharles Found1974Butler Catholic School
Morrison Charles Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Morrison Charles Missing1998Butler Catholic School
Morrison Donald Found1971Butler Catholic School
Morrison Frank Found1977Butler Catholic School
Morrison Juliann Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Morrison Larry Found1968Saint Paul School
MorrisonKovalLisa Found1986Butler Catholic School
MorrisonWesoloskiPamela Missing1972Butler Catholic School
MorrisonElliotPatricia FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
MorrowPearsJoyce Missing1970Butler Catholic School
Morrow Judy Found1970Butler Catholic School
Morrow Lauren Found1996Butler Catholic School
MorrowMorrowMark FoundNot Sure
Morrow Michael Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Morrow Richard Found1972Butler Catholic School
MorterRegesJulie Missing1996Butler Catholic School
Morton MaryEllenMissing1951
MosesMosesLarry Found1967
Moses Maggie Found2013Butler Catholic School
MosesErmatingerMaryJFound1977Butler Catholic School
Moses Michael Found1972Butler Catholic School
Moses Molly Found2009Butler Catholic School
MosesMonteleonSara Found1976Butler Catholic School
Moses Thomas Found1970Butler Catholic School
Moses Timothy Found1974Butler Catholic School
Motko Jay Missing1991Butler Catholic School
Motko MaryCarlaMissing1993Butler Catholic School
MravintzMravintzJoanneBFoundNot Sure
MudrickSimpsonCynthiaLFound1966Saint Michael School
MudrickMudrickJoseph Found1974Butler Catholic School
MudrickMuellerMarge Found1969Saint Michael School
MudrickGrennekMaryA.Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Mudrick Michael Found1971
MudrickLaneRita Found1975Butler Catholic School
Muchicko Roland Found1960Saint Paul School
Mulhern Sister John Ann FoundNot Sure
Mulholland Michael Missing1959
MulliganAltmanJessicaLFound1991Butler Catholic School
MullnerHawthorneElaine Found1952Butler Catholic School
MullnerNeelyRebecca Found1984Butler Catholic School
MullnerMullnerSaundra Found1954Butler Catholic School
Munley Sally Missing1952
Munsch Sr. M Augustine Munsch FoundTeacher
Murphy Alethea Missing1951
Murphy Bob Found1951Saint Paul School
Murphy Daniel Missing1953
Murphy Edith Missing1958
Murphy JamesFFoundNot Sure
MurphyD'antonioJudith Found1952Butler Catholic School
MurphyVicarioMaryElizabethMissing1955Butler Catholic School
Murphy Richard Found1971Butler Catholic School
MurphyVarrassoRoberta Found1951Saint Paul School
Murphy Ryan Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Murphy Sr. Phyllis Maureen Murphy FoundTeacher
Murray Kate Found2006Butler Catholic School
Murray LilyWeaverFound2012Butler Catholic School
Murray Sr. Frances Mary Murray FoundTeacher
Murray Sr. M. Bonaventure Murray FoundTeacher
MurrinCampbellAnn Found1971Butler Catholic School
MurrinKonstandinitisElizabeth Found1968Butler Catholic School
Murrin James Found1963Butler Catholic School
MurrinBlumMaryEllenFound1965Butler Catholic School
Mussbaumer David Missing1969
Musser Joshua Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Mustello Marci Found1982Butler Catholic School
Mute Chris MissingNot Sure
Muti Carmen Found1968Saint Michael School
Muti Kevin Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Muto Rhonda Missing1983Butler Catholic School
Muto Robert Found1947Saint Michael School
Muto Roberta Found1976Butler Catholic School
Muto Rose Found1971Butler Catholic School
MutoEtzelRoxanne Found1973Butler Catholic School
Myers Alice MissingNot Sure
Myers Diane Missing1971Butler Catholic School
MyersBonusElaine Found1971Butler Catholic School
Myers Tina Missing1991Butler Catholic School
Nagle Sr. Ferdinand Nagle (Helen Mary) FoundTeacher
Nagy Edward MissingNot Sure
Nale Sr. Alban Nale FoundTeacher
Namesnik Daniel Found1965Saint Michael School
NanniNanniCarl Found1957Saint Michael School
NanniPotochnyDianeMFound1987Butler Catholic School
NanniO'BrianGina Found1980Butler Catholic School
NanniNanniJennifer FoundNot Sure
Nanni Joseph Found1930Saint Michael School
Nanni Louis Found1947Saint Michael School
Nanni LouiseDiTullioFound1951Saint Paul School
Nanni MaryAnnFound1955
NanniCupplesMaryAnnFound1955Saint Michael School
Nanni Michael FoundNot Sure
Nanni Rayleen Found1969Saint Michael School
Nanni Richard Missing1952Butler Catholic School
Nanni Ronald Missing1982Butler Catholic School
Nantan MaryJoMissingNot Sure
Napelton Margaret MissingNot Sure
Napleton Alan Missing1963Butler Catholic School
NapletonSecundaBarbara Found1950
Napleton Edward Found1947Saint Michael School
Napleton Jeanette Missing1954
Napleton John Found1965Butler Catholic School
Napleton MaryAliceMissing1960
Napoletano Josephine Found1941Saint Michael School
NapoliAlwineElaine Found1974Butler Catholic School
NapoliSchmidtPatricia Found1968Butler Catholic School
NaporaMutoRaylene Found1972Butler Catholic School
Nastasi Dominic Found1951Saint Michael School
Nastasi Phillip Found1932Saint Michael School
Nastasi PhyllisLFound1965Saint Michael School
Natali Andrew Found1930Saint Michael School
Natali Richard Found1956Butler Catholic School
Natali Sandy FoundNot Sure
Natalucci PeterPFound1942Saint Michael School
Natili Anna Phyllis (Dubby)Found1951Saint Paul School
NatiliLamannaConstance Found1958Butler Catholic School
NatiliLealDolores Found1952Butler Catholic School
Natili George Found1965Butler Catholic School
Natili James Missing1969Butler Catholic School
NatiliTavolarioJean Found1956Butler Catholic School
Natili Nancy MissingNot Sure
NatiliVavroNancy Found1954Butler Catholic School
Natili Patrice Found2004Butler Catholic School
Natili Robert Found1982Butler Catholic School
Nealon Kathleen Missing1959
Nealon Michael Missing1960
NebelLarizzaAngela Missing1979Butler Catholic School
NebelWonderlyBettina Missing1963Butler Catholic School
NebelKerrCatherine Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Nebel Charles Found1978Butler Catholic School
Nebel Chester MissingNot Sure
Nebel David FoundNot Sure
NebelDennyDenise Found1974Butler Catholic School
NebelNebelDenise Found1966Saint Paul School
Nebel Edward Found1970Butler Catholic School
NebelHuthJanet Found1960Saint Peter School
Nebel JeanneAnnMissingNot Sure
Nebel Judith MissingNot Sure
NebelNebelKathleen JFoundNot Sure
NebelMenchykLinda Found1963Saint Paul School
NebelCranmerLois Found1965Butler Catholic School
NebelEichnerMarian Found1968Butler Catholic School
Nebel Robert Found1961Butler Catholic School
Nebel Ronald FoundNot Sure
NebelHartiganShirley Found1954Butler Catholic School
NebelMcdonaldStacy Found1981Butler Catholic School
Nebel Timothy Found1973Butler Catholic School
Nebel Virginia MissingNot Sure
Neely John Missing1960
Neely VJeanMissing1971Butler Catholic School
NeffTomasovicCarol Found1970Saint Paul School
Neff Colton Found2003Butler Catholic School
Neff StevenSteveFoundNot Sure
Neiggel David Missing1963
Neigh Chad Found1990Butler Catholic School
Neigh David Found1963
NeighMonteleoneDebra FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
Neigh Elizabeth Missing1961
Neigh Jason Found1987Butler Catholic School
NeighNeighJeff Found1990Butler Catholic School
Neigh Joseph MissingNot Sure
NeighWisniewskiJunelleLynnFound1992Butler Catholic School
Neigh Lance Found1988Butler Catholic School
Neigh Leonard MissingNot Sure
NeighSeybertMary Jo Found1984Butler Catholic School
NeighDeFurioNancyGFound1950Saint Michael School
Neigh Stephen MissingNot Sure
Neigh Virgil MissingNot Sure
Neilson Sr. Patricia Mary, RSM FoundTeacher
Nelson CarolAnnMissingNot Sure
Nemcek Stacey MissingNot Sure
Neubauer Walter Found1991Butler Catholic School
Neubert Theresa Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Neudorfer Deborah MissingNot Sure
Nevel Deanna MissingNot Sure
NewcasterWierlJenniferAFound1986Butler Catholic School
NewcasterLetizioKim Missing1989Butler Catholic School
Newcaster Stacy Found1986Butler Catholic School
Nguyen Adam Found1996Butler Catholic School
Nichol Matthew Found2014Butler Catholic School
Nichol Melissa Found2008Butler Catholic School
Nicholas KarenEFoundNot Sure
NichterMcKainCathy Found1950Saint Peter School
NichterNichterElizabeth Found1951Saint Paul School
Nichter Joan MissingNot Sure
NichterNichterJoseph FoundNot Sure
Nichter Rita MissingNot Sure
Nichter Ronald Found1982Butler Catholic School
Nichter Stacy Found1984Butler Catholic School
Nichter Theresa MissingNot Sure
NiebrzydowskiNiebrzydowskiEricMFound1983Butler Catholic School
NiebrzydowskiNiebrzydowskiJamesTFound1971Butler Catholic School
Niebrzydowski Matthew Missing1968
NiebrzydowskiPirochTheresa Found1978Butler Catholic School
NiebrzydowskiNiebrzydowskiThomasJFound1988Butler Catholic School
NietoNieberMatthew Found1968Butler Catholic School
Nieto Norma Found1985Butler Catholic School
NiggelTrimburDianna Found1957Saint Paul School
Niggel Elizabeth MissingNot Sure
NiggelKelleyLori Missing1985Butler Catholic School
NiggelBeatrizNorma Found1985Butler Catholic School
NiggelMcCarthyShelly Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Niggel Tom Found1991Butler Catholic School
NiggelNiggelTom Found1960Saint Paul School
NiggelLangVirginia Found1954
Niggle Patricia MissingNot Sure
Nightingale Pat Found1983Butler Catholic School
Ninni Blanche Found1930Saint Michael School
Ninni Bruna Found1929Saint Michael School
Ninni Eugene Found1927Saint Michael School
Noble RobertA.Found1971Butler Catholic School
NobleBurtnerSusan Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Noble Wade Missing1968
Nocera David Missing1963
NoceraNoceraJames Found1967
Nocera Kevin Found1974
Nocera MatthewJFound1996Butler Catholic School
Nocera Nicole Found1999Butler Catholic School
Nocera Pamela Missing1969
Nocera Richard Missing1973Butler Catholic School
NodgeBonnerAnita Found1954
NoelSwartzlanderJackie Missing1978Butler Catholic School
Noel Michael Found1984Butler Catholic School
Noel Sean Found1978Butler Catholic School
NoelNoelStephen Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Nolan Dennis Missing1967
Nolan Eileen MissingNot Sure
Nolan James Missing1959
Nolan John Missing1952
Nolan MaryJaneMissing1961
Nolan Michael Missing1962
Nolan Patricia Missing1968
Nolan Robert MissingNot Sure
Nolan Stephen Found1975Butler Catholic School
NolanNolanThomas Found1974Butler Catholic School
Nolan William Missing1954
Noland Ashley Found2000Butler Catholic School
Noris Charles Found1960
Norris Darren Found1995Butler Catholic School
NorrisWheelerKathleen Found1963
Norris KellyRFound1990Butler Catholic School
Nosse Dayna Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Noullet Donald Found1974Saint Paul School
NoulletRitzertElaineMFound1975Saint Paul School
NoulletTurnerGeraldine Missing1943
Noullet Glenn FoundNot Sure
Noullet James Found1966Saint Peter School
Noullet John FoundNot Sure
Noullet PatrickGFound1984Butler Catholic School
Noullet Patti Found1973Butler Catholic School
Noullett David Found1964
Noullett Frederick Missing1964
NoullettZgoninaSheilaJFound1978Saint Paul School
Noullett Susanna Missing1963
Novak Adam MissingNot Sure
Novak Haley Found2008Butler Catholic School
Novak Natalie Found2003Butler Catholic School
NovakMillsSusanna Found1963
Novak Tyrus Missing1993Butler Catholic School
Novara Anthony FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Nowacki Angela Found2008Butler Catholic School
Nowacki Edwin Found2004Butler Catholic School
Nowacki Rebecca Found2006Butler Catholic School
Nowakowski Daniel FoundNot Sure
Nowakowski John Found1962
Nussbaumer IdoMayMissingNot Sure
Nussbaumer John Found1962
O‘Reilly Sr. M. Magdalene O‘Reilly FoundTeacher
O’Brien Sr. M. Martia O’Brien FoundTeacher
O’Dowd Sr. M. Placida O’Dowd FoundTeacher
O’Neill Sr. M. Teresa O’Neill FoundTeacher
O’Rourke Sr. M. Borgia O’Rourke FoundTeacher
O'brien Christopher Found1971Butler Catholic School
O'brien Eric Found1988Butler Catholic School
O'brien John Missing1955
O'brien Lawrence MissingNot Sure
O'brien Patrick Found1970Saint Paul School
O'brien RobertM.Found1954
O'brien SharonAnnMissingNot Sure
O'brien Thomas Missing1970Butler Catholic School
O'brien Thomas Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Ochaba DennisFMissing1960Saint Michael School
Ochaba Frank Found1939Saint Michael School
Ochaba GeorgeEFound1963Saint Michael School
Ochaba JamesMFound1962Saint Michael School
OchabaOchabaJanet Found1957Saint Michael School
O'ConnorWilliamsBeth Found1989Butler Catholic School
O'Donnell Beth Found1989Butler Catholic School
O'donnell James FoundNot Sure
O'donnell Margaret MissingNot Sure
OesterlingFendBeverly Missing1958
Oesterling Denise MissingNot Sure
Oesterling Hugh Missing1954
Oesterling Jeremy Found1993Butler Catholic School
Oesterling Jody MissingNot Sure
Oesterling Michael Found1977Butler Catholic School
Oesterling Roger Missing1956
Oesterling Sylvia Missing1955
Ogarchock William Found1965
Ogin Maria Found1995Butler Catholic School
OginOginMichael FoundNot Sure
Ogorchock Patricia Missing1967
O'hearn Joan MissingNot Sure
Olean Steven MissingNot Sure
Olek Sr. Stephanie Olek FoundTeacher
OlexaSnodgrassCecelia FoundNot Sure
Olexsak Jolinn MissingNot Sure
Olexsak Michele MissingNot Sure
OlexsakOlexsakPatrick Found1985Butler Catholic School
Oliver Amy MissingNot Sure
Oliverio Joseph Found1962
Olson Joseph Found1962
Olson Mary MissingNot Sure
Oluschak John Found1979Butler Catholic School
OluschakAbbottKelleyJFound1981Butler Catholic School
O'Mara Sr. Catherine O'Mara FoundTeacher
O'neal Pamela MissingNot Sure
O'NeilBraunAlison Found1976Butler Catholic School
O'NeilShontzEmily Found1954Saint Paul School
O'NeilO'NeilHugh (Chip) Found1962
O'NeilWagnerPatriciaLouiseFound1947Saint Peter School
O'neil Suzanne Found1971Butler Catholic School
O'Neill CarlaAMissingNot Sure
O'neill Patricia MissingNot Sure
Onufer JessicaLFound1999Butler Catholic School
Onufer Michael Found2005Butler Catholic School
Opferman David Missing1953
Opferman Jessica Missing2000Butler Catholic School
Orenchak Georgeann MissingNot Sure
Orenchak James Missing1974Butler Catholic School
OrenchakDemmeMarie Missing1962
Orenchak Theresa MissingNot Sure
OrihelHomaBettyAnnFound1941Saint Michael School
Orschek Sr. M. Fidelis Orschek FoundTeacher
Orth Darlene Missing1960
Orth David Found1962
OrthCollinsDolores Missing1954
Orth Herbert Found1952
Orth Karen Missing1962
Orth Kathleen Missing1960
Orth Marianne Missing1952
Orth Regis MissingNot Sure
OrthRudishRoseann Found1957
OrthKentTheresa Found1965Butler Catholic School
Osche Bernice Found1977Butler Catholic School
Osche Diane Missing1961
Osche Grace MissingNot Sure
OscheEvansKaren Missing1971Saint Paul School
OscheConklinKathleen Found1962Saint Paul School
Osche Linda Missing1962
OscheOesterlingLinda FoundNot Sure
Osche M.KatherineMissing1955
OscheBerryMarcia Found1970Butler Catholic School
Osche Marcia Missing1970Saint Paul School
OscheOscheRyan Missing1991Butler Catholic School
Osche Sharon Found1970Butler Catholic School
Osgood Eric MissingNot Sure
Osgood Ryan Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Osgood Sherry MissingNot Sure
OshurakRossDianeMFound1956Saint Michael School
Oshurak Leitem Bonita Found1961Saint Michael School
OstrowskiOstrowskiGary Found1993Butler Catholic School
Ostrowski Tammy Missing1997Butler Catholic School
O'SullivanOrsbornBeth Found1979Butler Catholic School
O'sullivan Edward Missing1973Butler Catholic School
O'SullivanO'SullivanEugene Found1963
O'SullivanLasichakKarin FoundNot Sure
O'SullivanBarnhart-NeighMary Found1966
O'sullivan Sheila Missing1969
O'SullivanKozarTammy Found1997Butler Catholic School
O'sullivan Thomas Missing1968
O'SullivanO'SullivanTimothyJ.Found1973Butler Catholic School
OttoliniCochraneKaren Found1962
Ottolini Larry Missing1960
Ottolini PatriciaAnnMissingNot Sure
OunsworthSwidzinskiLoriAFound1979Butler Catholic School
Ozimkowski Sr. Stella Maris Ozimkowski FoundTeacher
PacificoHigginsKathleen Missing1965Butler Catholic School
Pacifico Mary Missing1968
Pack Erik MissingNot Sure
Pack Erika Missing1961
PackSprynMary Found1968Butler Catholic School
Paffrath Steven Found1967
Paffrath Victoria MissingNot Sure
Paganelli Deborah Missing1961Saint Michael School
Paganelli JackLFound1967Saint Michael School
Paganelli John Found1931Saint Michael School
Paganelli Julio Found1928Saint Michael School
Paganelli LarryEFound1960Saint Michael School
Paganelli Oscar Found1930Saint Michael School
Paganelli Richard MissingNot Sure
Paganelli Robert Found1946Saint Michael School
Pagen Barbara FoundNot Sure
Palick GeorgeJFoundNot Sure
Pall NormaJeanMissingNot Sure
Pall Stanley Found1966Butler Catholic School
Pallan Anne Missing1962Saint Michael School
Palmer Nancy MissingNot Sure
Panei Albert Found1943Saint Michael School
PanichellePanichelleMarc FoundNot Sure
Pannalard MaryAnnFound1961Saint Michael School
PannalardMeadorsNancyJMissing1963Saint Michael School
Pappalard DennisWFound1961Saint Michael School
PappalardNixonSally Found1966Saint Michael School
Pappalardo Adam Found1930Saint Michael School
Pappalardo Jennie Found1925Saint Michael School
Pappalardo Silvio Found1932Saint Michael School
PappasSwartwoutChristine FoundNot Sure
PappasFergusonKimberlyAnnFoundNot Sure
Pappas Michael Missing1971Butler Catholic School
PappasPappasThomasGFound1974Butler Catholic School
Parker Glenn Found1961
Parker Jennifer Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Parker MaryJaneMissingNot Sure
Parker Michael Found1971Butler Catholic School
Parlanti Roland Found1941Saint Michael School
ParrMarchyshynKaren Found1958Saint Paul School
Parrish Sr. M. Ricardo Parrish FoundTeacher
Partick Jeffrey MissingNot Sure
Pascazi Benjamin Found1948Saint Michael School
Pascazi Joanne Missing1961Saint Michael School
Pascazi Louis Found1932Saint Michael School
Pascazi Louis Found1968Saint Michael School
PascaziLovettMaryLouiseFound1963Saint Michael School
Pascazi Therese Missing1961Saint Michael School
PaserbaPaserbaChristine FoundNot Sure
Paserba Donald MissingNot Sure
Pasqualichio Patsy Found1934Saint Michael School
PasquinelliPetrigniLedaMFound1940Saint Michael School
PasquinelliOnufrakMary Found1940Saint Michael School
Pasquinelli Silvio Found1938Saint Michael School
PastoriusSnyderYvonne Found1952
Patakay Barbara MissingNot Sure
PatakyCampauBarbara Found1957
PatakyPatakyDavid FoundNot Sure
Pataky Jeanne Found1969Butler Catholic School
PatakyRoughLinda Missing1961
Pataky MaryJoMissingNot Sure
Pataky Michele MissingNot Sure
Patrick Carol FoundNot Sure
Patrick Joe MissingNot Sure
PatrickPatrickMichael FoundNot Sure
PatrickDoctorMichele Found1968Butler Catholic School
Patrizio Roger Found1938Saint Michael School
Patrus John MissingNot Sure
Patten Bernard Found1951Saint Paul School
Patten Clifford Missing1951
Patten Janice Missing1969Butler Catholic School
Patten Jeffrey Found1975
PattenLanzalottoKathryne Found1958
Patten MaryAnnMissing1961
Patten Raymond MissingNot Sure
Patter Richard MissingNot Sure
PattersonHeatheringtonAmy Found1978Butler Catholic School
Patterson Ann FoundNot Sure
Patterson David Found1958
PattersonRathEdie Missing1981Butler Catholic School
PattersonPattersonJamesWFound1976Butler Catholic School
PattersonPattersonJames Found1976Butler Catholic School
Patterson Jeffrey Found1992Butler Catholic School
Patterson John Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Patterson Mary FoundNot Sure
Patterson Matthew Found2010Butler Catholic School
Patterson Steven Found2013Butler Catholic School
Patterson Susan Found1961
Patterson John MissingNot Sure
Patton Patrick Missing1970Saint Paul School
Paul Ashley Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Paul David MissingNot Sure
Paul Robyne MissingNot Sure
Paulsen Amanda FoundTeacherButler Catholic School
Paulson Carrold Missing1952
Pavkovich Brian Found2003Butler Catholic School
PawlowiczLongDelores Found1956
Pawlowicz Jason Found1989Butler Catholic School
Pawlowicz Jerald Found1984Butler Catholic School
PawlowiczPawlowiczJohn FoundNot Sure
PawlowiczPawlowiczJohnEFound1980Butler Catholic School
PawlowiczKeeferJoyce Found1960
PawlowiczFazzinoMarilyn Found1958Saint Paul School
Paytas Carol Missing1954
Paytas Joyce Missing1952
PaytasFazzinoMarilyn Found1958
PayungPayungGordon Found1951Saint Paul School
Payung Paula MissingNot Sure
Payung Trena Missing1957
Pears Sarah Missing2005Butler Catholic School
Pecoraro Dean Found1960Saint Paul School
Peffer Benjamin Missing1996Butler Catholic School
Peffer Emily Missing1999Butler Catholic School
Pekala Sr. Jocile Pekala FoundTeacher
Pell Joseph MissingNot Sure
PellegriniPucciYolanda Found1934Saint Michael School
PellicccioneLintonMarian Found1973Butler Catholic School
Pelliccione Alfred Found1929Saint Michael School
Pelliccione David Found1975Butler Catholic School
Pelliccione George Found1927Saint Michael School
Pelliccione Marina Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Pelliccione Raymond Found1935Saint Michael School
Pelliccione SharonMFoundNot Sure
Pelliccione Vincent Found1971Saint Michael School
Pelliccone AnnaMarieFound1925Butler Catholic School
PellicconeBrownMarie Missing1961Saint Michael School
Pelliccone Marilyn Missing1961Saint Michael School
Pelusi Chas Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Pelusi Keith Missing1968
Pelusi Mark Found2005Butler Catholic School
PelusiScangaRita Found1970Saint Paul School
Pelusi Ross Found1996Butler Catholic School
Pelusi Sara Missing1999Butler Catholic School
Pelusi Susan Found1965
Pennington Vincent FoundNot Sure
Peplowski Ann MissingNot Sure
Peplowski Joann Missing1961
Pepper Harry Missing1952
Peratt Emily Found2013Butler Catholic School
Pernicano Eugene Found1956Saint Michael School
Pernicano JosephVFound1939Saint Michael School
Pernicano Sam Found1943Saint Michael School
Perri PhilipJFound1937Saint Michael School
Peters Daniel Missing1962
Peters Jacob Found2004Butler Catholic School
Peters James Found1951Saint Paul School
Peters Mary Missing1997Butler Catholic School
PetersPetersSarah Found1999Butler Catholic School
Peters Tyler Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Peterson Amy MissingNot Sure
Petrarca Rita FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Petrie John MissingNot Sure
Petrigni Laddie Found1967Saint Michael School
Petrikovic Antoinette Found1966Saint Michael School
Petrikovic John Missing1968Saint Michael School
Petrikovic Kathleen Missing1961Saint Michael School
Pett George Found1940Saint Michael School
Pett Katherine Found1944Saint Michael School
Phelps John FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
Phelps Steven Found2004Butler Catholic School
Phelps Zachary Found2009Butler Catholic School
PhillipsDiazAngela Missing1968Butler Catholic School
PhillipsBrownAudra Found1985Butler Catholic School
PhillipsHartleBrittany Found1996Butler Catholic School
Phillips Gerald Missing1960
Phillips Jaime Found1991Butler Catholic School
Phillips MaryEllenMissing1967
Phillips PamelaMFound1963Saint Paul School
Phillips Richard Found1955
Phillips Rodney MissingNot Sure
PhillipsCorreaSharon Missing1962
Phillips Sr. Margaretta Phillips FoundTeacher
Phillips Vickie Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Piccola Brent FoundNot Sure
Piccola Corey Found1985Butler Catholic School
PiccolaBerkeyJennifer Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Piccola Kevin Found1990Butler Catholic School
Piccola Shelly Missing1982Butler Catholic School
PiccolaWhiteVickie Found1980Butler Catholic School
Piccola WandaL.Found1958Saint Michael School
Pienre Joseph MissingNot Sure
PienreKingShelly Found1982Butler Catholic School
Pierrel John Found1929Saint Michael School
Pierrel Joseph Found1934Saint Michael School
Pierrell MaryAnnMissingNot Sure
PincekHoranBettyKayFound1963Saint Michael School
PincekFehlDorothy Found1965Saint Michael School
Pincek Isadore Found1944Saint Michael School
Pincek Joe FoundNot Sure
Pincek John Found1939Saint Michael School
Pincek Joseph Found1932Saint Michael School
PincekPowellKarenAFound1960Saint Michael School
PincekBeneighMargaretMFound1964Saint Michael School
Pincek Michele FoundNot SureSaint Michael School
PincekSnowNancyAFound1967Saint Michael School
Pincek Ralph Found1960Saint Michael School
Pincek StephenJFound1962Saint Michael School
Pincek William Found1956Saint Michael School
Pintell David Found2005Butler Catholic School
Pintell Matthew Found2009Butler Catholic School
Pintell Mike Found2001Butler Catholic School
Pintell Steven Found2006Butler Catholic School
PintielloNoceraAngeline Found1965Saint Michael School
PintielloPintielloVincentJFound1963Saint Michael School
Pinto Aaron Found1997Butler Catholic School
PintoPintoFrank Found1970Butler Catholic School
Pinto Frank Found1970Butler Catholic School
PintoPintoJoanne Found1964Saint Michael School
PintoPintoJoseph Found1969Saint Michael School
Pinto LisaMarieMissing1977Butler Catholic School
Pinto Michael Found1997Butler Catholic School
Pinto Nina Missing1995Butler Catholic School
PiovesanGardnerLindsay FoundNot Sure
PirrelloDegisiNina Found1994Butler Catholic School
Pirrello Valerie MissingNot Sure
Plaisted John MissingNot Sure
Platt Thomas Found1959
Pocchiari JohnJFound1980Butler Catholic School
Pocchiari Louis Found1975Saint Michael School
Polana Andrew Missing1957
Polanec Greg FoundNot Sure
Polena Ambrose Found1953
Polena Rose Missing1955
PoleschukSeybertJeanneMFound1963Saint Michael School
Polizio Stephen MissingNot Sure
Polizzi Marcella FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Pollock Halsey Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Porta Sr. de Paul Porta FoundTeacher
Porter Eric Found1996Butler Catholic School
Porter James Found1999Butler Catholic School
Porter Michael Found2003Butler Catholic School
Portman Albert Found1952
Portman Charlene Missing1954
Portman James Found2000Butler Catholic School
Portman Lori Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Portman Richard MissingNot Sure
Portman Shelly FoundNot Sure
Posteraro Dianne Missing1962
Poston Kaitlynn Found2004Butler Catholic School
Powers Constance Missing1970Saint Paul School
Powers David Missing1950
Powers James FoundNot Sure
Powers Judith Missing1959
Powers Linda MissingNot Sure
Powers Patricia Missing1965
Powers Ronald Found1961
Powers Sr. Marie Theresa Powers FoundTeacher
Powers Thomas Found1962
Prasad Vikram Found1997Butler Catholic School
Prebula Chris MissingNot Sure
PrebulaPrebulaEdward FoundNot Sure
Prebula Gary MissingNot Sure
Prebula Julia MissingNot Sure
PrebulaMellerKimberly Found1971Butler Catholic School
PrenovitzBennettiDonna Found1972Butler Catholic School
Prenovitz Linda Missing1965
Preston ClaireMargaretFound2012Butler Catholic School
Preston Emma Found2010Butler Catholic School
Pribis Maria Missing1998Butler Catholic School
Pringle Sr. M. Theodore Pringle FoundTeacher
PrinkeyYoungPatriciaAFound1962Saint Michael School
ProiettiPooleSusanLFound1966Saint Michael School
Protivnak Alex Found2008Butler Catholic School
Protivnak Jack Found2013Butler Catholic School
Protivnak Tyler Found2010Butler Catholic School
Protzman HeatherLFound1993Butler Catholic School
ProtzmanTuzikowKayla Found1999Butler Catholic School
ProtzmanProtzmanMelvin FoundNot Sure
Protzman Tyler Found1997Butler Catholic School
Prusnak Kathleen Missing1958
Pullekines Alyssa Missing2006Butler Catholic School
Pullekines Ellen Missing2003Butler Catholic School
Puntureri Loreen Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Puppas James Missing1967
PuppasBencieLoreen Found1973Butler Catholic School
Pusateri Cynthia FoundNot Sure
Pyle Linda Missing1958
QualeryLucasLinda Found1958
Qualery Virginia Missing1961
Queen George MissingNot Sure
QueenQueenRobertWFound1982Butler Catholic School
Questiaux David Found1974Butler Catholic School
Questiaux Kenneth FoundNot Sure
Quinlan Bryant Found2002Butler Catholic School
Quinlan Derek Found2004Butler Catholic School
Quinlan Kyle Found2008Butler Catholic School
Quinn Jeremy Found1994Butler Catholic School
Radaker John Missing1984Butler Catholic School
Ragley Sr. Anicetus Ragley FoundTeacher
Ragley Sr. Marie Celine Ragley FoundTeacher
Raible Patty MissingNot Sure
Raimond Gus MissingNot Sure
Raimondi DavidL.FoundNot Sure
RaimondiMarchinoskiMargaret Found1943Saint Michael School
Raimondi Thomas Found1971
Raimondi ThomasAFound1996Butler Catholic School
Rajchel AaronScottMissingNot Sure
Ramella Pamela Missing1960
Ramelli Americo Found1935Saint Michael School
Ramelli Fred Found1940Saint Michael School
RandigRandigJoseph FoundNot Sure
RandigTaggartPatricia Found1947Butler Catholic School
Randig Richard Found1963Butler Catholic School
Randolph DennisMFound1989Butler Catholic School
RandolphRandolphDennisMFound1962Saint Paul School
Randolph Michelle MissingNot Sure
RandolphFedokovitzNancy Found1966Butler Catholic School
RankinEsquerLynn Found1978Butler Catholic School
Rankin Todd Missing1976Butler Catholic School
Rapp Benjamin Found2003Butler Catholic School
Rapp Mary Missing2009Butler Catholic School
RaselyCobernCheryl Found1978Butler Catholic School
RaselyFitzgeraldDiana Found1974Butler Catholic School
Rasely DonaldJFound1963Saint Michael School
Rasely Eric Found1973Butler Catholic School
RaselyRaselyJames Found1973Butler Catholic School
Rasely Jean Missing1933
Rasely Roberta Missing1969
Rasely Ronald FoundNot Sure
Rasely Stephanie MissingNot Sure
RaselyRaselyWilbert Found1968
RaselyRaselyWillis Found1971Butler Catholic School
Ratay Barbara Missing1956
Ratay Joan Missing1960
Rathen Robert MissingNot Sure
RathfonVizziniAngela Found1993Butler Catholic School
RathfonMcCarrenJennifer Found1992Butler Catholic School
RathfonRoskovskiStephanie Found1984Butler Catholic School
Ratica Carly Found2009Butler Catholic School
Ratica Laurie Found2001Butler Catholic School
RaticaRaticaMaryLouFoundNot Sure
Ratica Stacey Found1997Butler Catholic School
Ratkus Courtney Found2007Butler Catholic School
Rattigan Howard Found1961Butler Catholic School
RattiganColley-VargoKaren Found1959Saint Paul School
RattiganDavidsonMarianne Found1956Butler Catholic School
Ravito Carol Missing1965
RayWilliamsAmy Found1974Butler Catholic School
Ray Eric Missing1984Butler Catholic School
Ray Rhonda MissingNot Sure
ReedReedDavid Found1992Butler Catholic School
Reed Jeffrey Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Reed Rebecca Found1998Butler Catholic School
Reep Chris Found1986Butler Catholic School
Reep Dennis Found1984Butler Catholic School
ReepReepJohn FoundNot Sure
Regal John Missing1979Butler Catholic School
Regal Judith Missing1957
RegisBrunoDarleneJFound1959Saint Michael School
Regis Reno Found1962Saint Michael School
RehmDella PortaBarbara Found1963
Rehm David Found1982Butler Catholic School
RehmSchnurJoan Found1975Butler Catholic School
Rehm Mary Ann FoundNot Sure
Rehm Michael Found1980Butler Catholic School
Rehm Robert MissingNot Sure
Rehm Thomas FoundNot Sure
Rehm William MissingNot Sure
Reiter Kara Missing1996Butler Catholic School
Reiter William Found1977Butler Catholic School
Renford Carol Missing1962Saint Michael School
Renforth Donna Missing1969
RenforthHrynyshynGenevieve Found1951Saint Paul School
RenforthMatonakJean Found1965Butler Catholic School
Renforth Margaret Found1951Saint Paul School
Reott Edward Found1968Saint Michael School
Reott Gary Found1970Butler Catholic School
Reott Gerald Found1951Saint Paul School
ReottReottGloria MissingNot Sure
Reott Gloria MissingNot Sure
Reott Jacalyn Missing1968
Reott Jeffrey Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Reott Robert Found1964
Reott Thomas MissingNot Sure
RhodabergerSextonCarol Found1961
Rhodaberger Donald Found1968
Rhodaberger Gary Found1967
Rhodaberger William MissingNot Sure
RhodesSerafineSandra Found1953Saint Paul School
Ricciardella Anthony Found1968
Ricciardella Mark Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Ricciardella William Found1964
Rice Christine FoundNot Sure
Rice Jarrett Missing2004Butler Catholic School
Rice Jennah Missing2006Butler Catholic School
Rice Joseph Found1970Butler Catholic School
Rice Mark Missing2005Butler Catholic School
Rice Theresa Found1965Saint Paul School
Rider Diane Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Rider Richard FoundNot Sure
Rider Tracy Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Riding Donald Found1971Butler Catholic School
Riding Edward Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Riding Harry MissingNot Sure
Riding Linda Missing1962
Riding Pamela Missing1967
Riding William MissingNot Sure
Rievel Sr. Wilhelmina Rievel (Mary Grace) FoundTeacher
Rikal Jamie Found1979Butler Catholic School
RikalHartleyRichelle Found1981Butler Catholic School
RikalRikalScottAFound1988Butler Catholic School
Rikal William Found1989Butler Catholic School
Riley Michael Found2005Butler Catholic School
Rimer Scott Found1988Butler Catholic School
Ringlein J. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
RingleinRingleinJamesFFound1973Butler Catholic School
Ringlein Janice Missing1956
Ringlein Judith Missing1967
Ringlem MarkJ.Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Riott MarkJ.Found1971Butler Catholic School
Riott Pamela MissingNot Sure
Rippin Matthew Found1995Butler Catholic School
Rippin Megan Missing1992Butler Catholic School
RippinRudiakPamela Found1963
Risch Carol Missing1952
Risch Megan Found1992Butler Catholic School
Rita Sr. M. Ann Rita FoundTeacher
RitcheySteighnerCarol Found1952
Ritchey Katie Found2000Butler Catholic School
Ritchey Michele Missing2002Butler Catholic School
Ritenour Travis Missing2007Butler Catholic School
Ritson Ashley MissingNot Sure
RitsonRitsonDouglas FoundNot Sure
Rittelmann Ashley Found2001Butler Catholic School
Rittelmann Daniel MissingNot Sure
Rittelmann Richard MissingNot Sure
RiversKuklincaChristine Found1963Butler Catholic School
Rivers David Found1968Butler Catholic School
Rivers Douglas MissingNot SureButler Catholic School
Rivers Eden Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Rivers John Missing1954
Rivers KevinPaulMissing1968
RiversYasinskyMarla Found1974Butler Catholic School
Rivers Michael Found1982Butler Catholic School
RiversRiversPaul Found1968
Rivers Scott Found1984Butler Catholic School
Rivers Susan Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Rivers Wiliam MissingNot Sure
Robb Robert Found1963Butler Catholic School
Robb Walter Found1953Butler Catholic School
Robinson Duane Missing1969
Robinson JeanLeeMissingNot Sure
Robinson Sr. Andrew Robinson FoundTeacher
Robinson Sr. M. Sebastian Robinson FoundTeacher
Robison Jacob Missing1997Butler Catholic School
RobisonHutchisonJoAnneFound1951Saint Paul School
RobisonRobisonJohn Found1953
Robison Mary Missing1968
RobisonFriedelNancy Found1958Butler Catholic School
Robison PatriciaAnnMissingNot Sure
Robison Robert Missing1956
RobisonHaleyTherese Found1974Butler Catholic School
Robison Thomas Found1967Butler Catholic School
RoccoJackAve FoundNot Sure
RoccoRoccoMarkAFound1982Butler Catholic School
Roche Sr. M. Pauline Roche FoundTeacher
RochonGrayDiane Found1980Butler Catholic School
RockBachmanDolores Found1966Butler Catholic School
RockWilsonJudith Found1963Butler Catholic School
Rock Dolores MissingNot Sure
RockensteinFellowsAnnRFound1935Butler Catholic School
Rockenstein Nancy MissingNot Sure
Rodgers Albert Missing1953
Rodgers April Found1987Butler Catholic School
Rodgers Carmen Missing1964Butler Catholic School
Rodgers Cherilayne MissingNot Sure
Rodgers David FoundNot Sure
RodgersRodgersGene Found1971Butler Catholic School
Rodgers Gloria Found1969Saint Paul School
RodgersRodgersJohnV.Found1963Saint Paul School
Rodgers Kathryn MissingNot Sure
Rodgers Kelly Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Rodgers Leroy MissingNot Sure
RodgersMckinneyMary Found1974Butler Catholic School
Rodgers Michael Found1967Butler Catholic School
Rodgers Michaele FoundNot Sure
RodgersKradelNancy FoundNot Sure
Rodgers Nancy MissingNot Sure
Rodgers Pat MissingNot Sure
Rodgers Patricia Missing1961
Rodgers Patricia Missing1967
RodgersThompsonRegina Found1970Saint Paul School
Rodgers Richard Found1962
Rodgers Richard Found1990Butler Catholic School
Rodgers Susan Missing1955
RodwanskiPuntureriConstance Found1958Butler Catholic School
Rodwanski MichaelAnthonyMissing1969
Rodwanski Patricia Missing1967
Roll Denise Found1972Butler Catholic School
RookHanfordJill Missing1965Butler Catholic School
Rook John Missing1988Butler Catholic School
RookMcLaughinMichelle Found1983Butler Catholic School
Rosales Brian Missing1988Butler Catholic School
RosalesRosalesManuel Found1975Butler Catholic School
Rosellini Jeffrey Found1976Butler Catholic School
Rosellini Keith Missing1978Butler Catholic School
RoselliniLanglandLouann Found1968
RoselliniFairMaria Found1972Butler Catholic School
Rosellini Richard Found1974Butler Catholic School
Rosely James Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Rosenbauer Heather Missing1995Butler Catholic School
Rosenblum Lydia MissingNot Sure
Ross Laverne Missing1958
Ross Mark Found1957Butler Catholic School
Ross Richard FoundNot Sure
Ross Robert Found1949Butler Catholic School
Roth KevinJFoundNot Sure
RotundaRotundaGeorge Found1958Butler Catholic School
RotzWernerKimberly Missing1979Butler Catholic School
Rotz Michael Found1977Butler Catholic School
RovitaBensonKathleen MissingNot SureButler Catholic School
Rovito Anthony Found1942Saint Michael School
Rovito Kevin Missing1968Butler Catholic School
Rovito Patricia Missing1960
Rovito Thomas MissingNot Sure
Royce Steven Found1988Butler Catholic School
Rozic Bernard Found1958
Rozic Eleanor Missing1956
Rozic Joseph Found1952
Rozic Marlene Missing1960
Rozic Steven Found1988Butler Catholic School
RublewskiRublewskiJohnJFound1960Saint Michael School
Rudolph Michael Missing1962
Rugaber AmyDianaFound2012Butler Catholic School
Rugaber Michael Found2013Butler Catholic School
Ruley RonaldSFoundNot Sure
RulifsonRulifsonJohnFrederickFoundNot Sure
RunkleLydicLinda Found1953
Runkle Michael Found1962
Runkle William Missing1960
Ruozzo Jim FoundNot Sure
Rupe Kenneth Missing1952
Russo RoseAnnMissing1959
Ruwe John Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Ruwe Marlene FoundNot Sure
RyanRyanCharlesDFoundNot Sure
Ryan Sr. Joachim Ryan FoundTeacher
Ryan Sr. M. Vincent Ryan FoundTeacher
Sackeld Nicholas Missing1999Butler Catholic School
Sadowski Christie MissingNot Sure
Sadowski John Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Sadowski Kerri MissingNot Sure
Sadowski Marlene FoundNot Sure
Saeler Linda MissingNot Sure
SafranSafranJohn FoundNot Sure
Sagle Cindy MissingNot Sure
Sailer Joseph MissingNot Sure
SalakRiversTeresaMFound1967Saint Michael School
Salkeld Breanna Found2006Butler Catholic School
SalkeldSalkeldRon Found1997Butler Catholic School
Salony Mary MissingNot Sure
Salsovic AlissaAnnetteMissing1993Butler Catholic School
Salsovic David Missing1998Butler Catholic School
Salsovic Kevin Missing1996Butler Catholic School
Saludek Kathryn Missing1996Butler Catholic School
Salusky Amy Missing1989Butler Catholic School
Salvaraj Kavitha Missing1998Butler Catholic School
Samartino Lori MissingNot Sure
Samastina Michael MissingNot Sure
Sander Kathy Missing1967
Sanders David Missing1968
Sanders John Found1970Saint Paul School
SandersonHartzTeresitaEFound1963Saint Paul School
Sanford HopeAMissingNot Sure
SankeySankeyRonald FoundNot Sure
Santorum BarbaraKayFound1971Saint Paul School
Santorum DanielJosephFound1973Butler Catholic School
Santorum David Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Santorum Rick Found1971Butler Catholic School
Santres Kristine MissingNot Sure
Santus Cassandra MissingNot Sure
Santus Kristine MissingNot Sure
Sanzotti Damien Found1998Butler Catholic School
Sanzotti Jessica Found1995Butler Catholic School
Sarteschi Lonna Missing1960
Sarver David Found1954
Sarver Deborah Found1962
Sarver Dorothy FoundNot Sure
Sarver John Missing1967
Sarver Kathleen Missing1968
SarverGouldVicky Found1959Saint Paul School
SasseFordJody FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
Sassone Frank Found1927Saint Michael School
Sassone JohnPFound1959Saint Michael School
Sassone Joseph Found1931Saint Michael School
Sassone LeonardJFound1936Saint Michael School
Saul Amy MissingNot Sure
Savannah Anthony Found1987Butler Catholic School
SavannahSavannahFrancis Found1975Butler Catholic School
Savannah JosephAFoundNot Sure
SavannahHindmanLucia Found1985Butler Catholic School
Savannah Marsha Found1968Saint Michael School
Savannah Matthew Found1990Butler Catholic School
Savannah Michael Found1992Butler Catholic School
Savannah Paula Missing1969Saint Michael School
Savannah Robert Missing1962Saint Michael School
SavannahLourensTina Found1992Butler Catholic School
Savannah Virginia Missing1961Saint Michael School
Sawhney Isaiah Found2007Butler Catholic School
Sawhney Tori Found2009Butler Catholic School
Scarnato Frank Found1927Saint Michael School
Scarnato Joseph Found1928Saint Michael School
Scarnato Louis Found1931Saint Michael School
Schaefer Greg MissingNot Sure
Schaefer James MissingNot Sure
Schaefer Jerome MissingNot Sure
Schaefer Julie MissingNot Sure
SchaeferParsonsTheresa Found1971Butler Catholic School
SchaeferSchaeferTricia Found1993Butler Catholic School
Schaefers Frederick Missing1960
SchafferSchafferDavid FoundNot Sure
SchafferPringleHeather Found1982Butler Catholic School
Schaffner AnnMarieMissingNot Sure
SchaffnerLacheskyBarbara Found1970Butler Catholic School
Schaffner Catherine MissingNot Sure
Schaffner Charles Missing1959
Schaffner Christopher MissingNot Sure
Schaffner Clove MissingNot Sure
SchaffnerMillerDeborah MissingNot Sure
Schaffner Dylan Found2014Butler Catholic School
SchaffnerJonesEllen Missing1963
Schaffner Gerald MissingNot Sure
SchaffnerSchaffnerGlendaMFoundNot Sure
Schaffner Jean Found1967
Schaffner Margaret MissingNot Sure
Schaffner Michael Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Schaffner Mitchell MissingNot Sure
Schaffner Patricia MissingNot Sure
Schaffner Patrick Found1971Butler Catholic School
Schaffner Ruth Missing1965
Schaffner Samuel Missing1952
Schaffner Steven Missing1961
Schaffner Thomas Found1968
SchehlHurleyClara MissingNot Sure
SchellFinkLinda Missing1965
SchellerNeumannJennifer Found1992Butler Catholic School
Schenck Michael Found2008Butler Catholic School
Schiebel Robert Found1969
Schiebel Thomas MissingNot Sure
SchirraBakerAnne Found1965Saint Peter School
Schmidt Alison Missing2001Butler Catholic School
Schmidt Amanda Missing1999Butler Catholic School
Schmidt Brett Found1997Butler Catholic School
SchmidtSchmidtDavid Missing2005Butler Catholic School
Schmidt EdwardA.Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Schmidt Jessica Found2002Butler Catholic School
SchmidtRamseyKaren Found1974Butler Catholic School
Schmidt Linda MissingNot Sure
Schmidt MichaelBFound1994Butler Catholic School
Schmidt RebeccaLFound1975Butler Catholic School
Schmidt Vincent Missing2007Butler Catholic School
SchmittMcguireNancy Found1957
Schmitzer Jeanene Found1980Butler Catholic School
Schmitzer Joseph Missing1982Butler Catholic School
SchneckFaleskiJennifer Found1982Butler Catholic School
SchneckEnslenPam MissingNot Sure
Schneider Harold Found2000Butler Catholic School
Schneider James Missing1954
Schneider Joseph Found1958
Schneider Rosemary Found1952
Schneider Sr. Virginia Schneider FoundTeacher
Schnitski Michelle MissingNot Sure
SchnitskiDennyValerieJFound1961Saint Michael School
SchnurSchnurAngie FoundNot Sure
Schnur Carol Found1962
SchnurSchnurCarol FoundNot Sure
SchnurShayCarrie MissingNot Sure
SchnurSchnurChristopher Found1981Butler Catholic School
Schnur Curtis Found1987Butler Catholic School
Schnur Cynthia MissingNot Sure
Schnur Dale FoundNot Sure
SchnurCagniDanaLFound1962Saint Michael School
SchnurMaddenDeborah MissingNot Sure
Schnur Donald FoundNot Sure
Schnur Donna FoundNot Sure
Schnur Floyd MissingNot Sure
Schnur George Found1991Butler Catholic School
Schnur Guy Found1955
Schnur JefferyJFoundNot Sure
Schnur Jonathan Found1994Butler Catholic School
Schnur Kasey Found2004Butler Catholic School
Schnur Kevin Found1999Butler Catholic School
Schnur Leah MissingNot Sure
Schnur Marilee Missing1962
SchnurDayeNancy FoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Schnur Pamela Found1973Butler Catholic School
Schnur PatriciaJFound1960Saint Michael School
Schnur Richard Found1989Butler Catholic School
Schnur Richard Found1946Saint Peter School
Schnur Ronald MissingNot Sure
SchnurSchnurSherriA.Found1971Butler Catholic School
Schnur Sr. Nancy FoundTeacher
SchnurNetzelTammy MissingNot Sure
SchnurWilkinsonTanya Found1992Butler Catholic School
Schnur Taylor Found2006Butler Catholic School
Schnur William Found1982Butler Catholic School
Schoffner James Missing1968
SchotsingerWelchleyMarkHerbertFound1960Saint Peter School
Schott Bernard Missing1967
Schott Laura Found1969
Schott Mark Found1971Butler Catholic School
Schramm Peter Found2006Butler Catholic School
Schreffler Bernadette MissingNot Sure
Schreffler Kenneth Found1967
Schreffler Kevin Found1974
SchrottSchrottDavid Found1982Butler Catholic School
Schrott John Found1973Butler Catholic School
Schrott Mark MissingNot Sure
SchrottSchrottMatthew FoundNot Sure
Schubert Joan Missing1962
SchubertAcquavivaLois FoundNot Sure
Schubert Roland MissingNot Sure
Schuffler Kenneth MissingNot Sure
Schultz David Found1967
SchultzLongstrethDiane Found1971Butler Catholic School
Schultz Janice FoundNot Sure
Schultz Judy Missing1969
Schultz Kenneth FoundNot Sure
Schultz Margaret Found1959
Schultz Stanley Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Schwartz Charmaine MissingNot Sure
Schweinberg James Found1980Butler Catholic School
Schweinberg Susan MissingNot Sure
Schwoebel John MissingNot Sure
Schwoebel Stanley MissingNot Sure
Scialabba Adolph Found1940Saint Michael School
Scotece BrianFFound1994Butler Catholic School
Scotece Christopher Found1992Butler Catholic School
Scotece Shannon Found1996Butler Catholic School
Scott Audrey Found2005Butler Catholic School
Scott Erin Found1995Butler Catholic School
Scott Ian Found1996Butler Catholic School
Scott Jacqueline Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Scott Sarah Found1993Butler Catholic School
Scott Sarah Found2008Butler Catholic School
Scott William Found1990Butler Catholic School
Seaburn Thomas MissingNot Sure
Secunda Barbara Missing1965
SecundaGrahamDeeann FoundNot Sure
Secunda Dennis Missing1960
SecundaCodispotJoan Found1957
SecundaRaabeSusanMFound1983Butler Catholic School
Secunda William Found1975Butler Catholic School
Seezox Chris MissingNot Sure
Seezox Corbin Found2007Butler Catholic School
Seezox Kelly MissingNot Sure
Seezox Sydney Found2008Butler Catholic School
Seibel Emily Found1999Butler Catholic School
Selfridge David Found1967
Selfridge Gerald MissingNot Sure
Selfridge Jennifer FoundNot Sure
SelfridgeKovacikLinda Found1962Saint Michael School
Selfridge Michael Found1969
Selfridge Paul Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Selfridge Rose MissingNot Sure
Sell DonaldAFound1963Saint Michael School
Sell Sr. Aiden FoundTeacherSaint Peter School
Selvaraj Kavitha MissingNot Sure
Selvaraj Senthil MissingNot Sure
SemesDietrickMaryJeanFoundNot Sure
Semes Patricia Found1980Butler Catholic School
SemesSemesPaul Found1972Butler Catholic School
Semes SusanAgnesFoundNot Sure
Seneca Patsy Found1934Saint Michael School
SequeteSequeteJeffrey FoundNot Sure
SequeteLewersLisa MissingNot Sure
Sequete RandallWFoundNot Sure
Sequito Carl Found1926Saint Michael School
Sequito Leo Found1931Saint Michael School
SerafineMillerLeahNFound1948Saint Paul School
Serventi Anthony FoundNot Sure
Serventi Joseph MissingNot Sure
Seybert Gerald Found1962
Seybert Gregory Found1982Butler Catholic School
Seybert Marianne Found1988Butler Catholic School
SeybertNeighMaryJoFound1984Butler Catholic School
Seybert Michael Found1976Butler Catholic School
Seybert PatrickP.Found1971Butler Catholic School
SeybertSeybertShawnJFound1983Butler Catholic School
Seymour Sr. M. Thaddea Seymour FoundTeacher
Sforza Ann Maria FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Shaffer William Found1973
Shea Daniel MissingNot Sure
Shea Keith Missing1969
Shea Michael Missing1967
Shea Robert Missing1968
SheakleyVardyBarbara Found1959
SheakleyPizzutiDeborah Found1965
Sheakley Jean Found1971Butler Catholic School
Sheakley Theodora FoundNot Sure
Sheehan Thomas Found1957
ShepardPollackJoan Found1945Saint Peter School
Sheppeck Barbara FoundNot Sure
SheppeckErkensMaryAFound1970Butler Catholic School
Sheppeck Samuel Found1973Butler Catholic School
SheptakDickisonAmyBethFoundNot Sure
Sheptak Julianne Found1973Saint Paul School
Sherlock Sr. M. deLellis Sherlock FoundTeacher
Sherman Anne MissingNot Sure
Sherman DaveJFound1951Saint Paul School
ShermanWehrEleanor Found1967Saint Paul School
Sherman Gerald MissingNot Sure
ShermanShermanJames Found1955
Sherman Kristian Found2005Butler Catholic School
Sherman Marjorie MissingNot Sure
Sherman Mary Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Sherman Richard MissingNot Sure
Sherman Stephen MissingNot Sure
Sherman Steve FoundNot Sure
Sherman Susan Found1959
Sherman Thomas Found1959
Shewalter Barry MissingNot Sure
Shewalter Chris MissingNot Sure
Shewalter Paul MissingNot Sure
Shewalter SuzanneMFound1987Butler Catholic School
ShewalterShewalterT.W. FoundNot SureSaint Paul School
Shewalter WilliamLFoundNot Sure
ShingletonShingletonGary FoundNot Sure
Shippeck Michael Missing1965
ShireyMondayLisa Found1975Butler Catholic School
ShoemakerShoemakerDaniel FoundNot Sure
Shook Melanie MissingNot Sure
Shope Christine Found2007Butler Catholic School
Shope Rebecca Found2004Butler Catholic School
Shorr Kara Found2007Butler Catholic School
Shriver Chad Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Shriver Heather MissingNot Sure
Shuler Christine Missing1966
Shuler Donald FoundNot Sure
ShulerShulerGregoryGFound1974Butler Catholic School
ShulerShulerHarryJFound1939Saint Paul School
Shuler James MissingNot Sure
ShulerShulerMichael Found1971Saint Paul School
Shuler Thomas MissingNot Sure
Shulik John Found2006Butler Catholic School
Shulik Joseph MissingNot Sure
ShulikGrahamKatelyn Found2003Butler Catholic School
Shulik Nathan Found2002Butler Catholic School
Shulik Nick Found2002Butler Catholic School
Shulik Robert FoundNot Sure
SikoraSikoraChester FoundNot Sure
SikoraAshElaineMFound1982Butler Catholic School
SikoraCiamaccoJoanne Found1983Butler Catholic School
SikoraMarkleMariaLMissing1980Butler Catholic School
Simon Deborah Missing1968
Simon Linda MissingNot Sure
Simon Pamela Missing1969
Simons MaryAnnFound1969
Simons Thomas Found1972
Simons William Missing1968
SimpsonChristyChristineMFound1982Butler Catholic School
Singer Richard Missing1954
Singleton Christopher FoundNot Sure
SingletonGrossblattMaryLouFound1984Butler Catholic School
Sinkevich Mary Missing1961
SinzRajchelCarole Found1957Saint Paul School
Sinz Charles Found1935Saint Michael School
Sinz Donald FoundNot Sure
Sinz Eileen Found1965
Sinz James Missing1959
Sinz Michael Missing1961
Sinz Paul Found1925Saint Michael School
Sinz Raymond Found1931Saint Michael School
Sinz Robert Found1937Saint Michael School
Sinz Thomas Found1951Saint Paul School
Sinz Victor MissingNot Sure
Sinz William FoundNot Sure
SkalSkalDamian Found1987Butler Catholic School
Skal Lori Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Skal MaryBethFoundNot Sure
Skal Michelle Found1982Butler Catholic School
SkidmoreSkidmoreJoAnnMFoundNot Sure
Skillman Albert Found1945Saint Michael School
Skillman ElaineSMissing1954
SkrabakSkrabakCletus Found1955Saint Paul School
SkrabakProppDoloresCFound1953Saint Paul School
SkrabakNoulletMarleneDFound1950Saint Paul School
SkrockiSkrockiFrederickWFoundNot Sure
Skunda AndrewAFound1963Saint Michael School
Slagel Carla Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Slagel Lisa Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Slagel PhilipDFound1974Butler Catholic School
Slater BrianJFound1995Butler Catholic School
Slater Colby Found2005Butler Catholic School
Slater James MissingNot Sure
Slater MatthewGMissing1993Butler Catholic School
Slater MonicaLFound1989Butler Catholic School
Slater Pamela MissingNot Sure
Slater Richard Missing1962Saint Michael School
SlaterSlaterRobert FoundNot Sure
Sleigher John Missing1958
Sleigher Joseph Missing1956
Sleigher Lewis Missing1954
SleigherBartleyMarie Found1942Saint Peter School
Sleigher MichaelJFoundNot Sure
Slick Linda Found1983Butler Catholic School
SlickOswaldStephanieMFound1984Butler Catholic School
Sloan Alan FoundNot Sure
Sloan RichardLFoundNot Sure
SlobodaRamelliGloriaJFound1959Saint Michael School
Sloboda JohnPFound1961Saint Michael School
Slupe Brittany Found2009Butler Catholic School
Slupe Darlene Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Slupe Deanna Found1980Butler Catholic School
Slupe Debbie Missing1974Butler Catholic School
SlupeKoniecznyDeniseMFound1970Butler Catholic School
Slupe Dennis Found1971Butler Catholic School
Slupe Douglas MissingNot Sure
Smietana ColeMFound1997Butler Catholic School
Smietana Paige Found2003Butler Catholic School
Smith AliceA.Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Smith Audie MissingNot Sure
Smith BarbaraAnnFound1956
SmithTicheBarbaraEFound1971Butler Catholic School
Smith Becky Found2005Butler Catholic School
Smith Billy Found2007Butler Catholic School
Smith BrianJFound1994Butler Catholic School
Smith Carrie FoundNot Sure
Smith Christine FoundNot Sure
Smith David Found1999Butler Catholic School
SmithDiggsDebbeLMissingNot Sure
Smith DonaldRMissingNot Sure
Smith DonnaMarieMissing1953
Smith DonnaEFoundNot Sure
Smith FrederickEFound1965
Smith GeorgeWFoundNot Sure
Smith Glenn MissingNot Sure
Smith James Found1962
Smith JamesEFoundNot Sure
Smith JayneMMissingNot Sure
Smith Jennifer FoundNot Sure
SmithHetheringtonJoanLFound1975Butler Catholic School
Smith JohnEFoundNot Sure
Smith JohnA.FoundNot Sure
Smith JohnEFoundNot Sure
Smith Justin Found1998Butler Catholic School
Smith KarenLFoundNot Sure
Smith Kathleen Missing1962
SmithSmithKathleen Found1990Butler Catholic School
Smith Katie Missing2001Butler Catholic School
Smith Leo Found1945Saint Peter School
SmithGallagherLuellaJFound1974Butler Catholic School
SmithAquavitaMargaretLFound1951Saint Paul School
Smith MarkJFound1975
Smith MarkAFound1995Butler Catholic School
Smith Marlin Found1965
Smith MaryLeeFound1963
Smith MaryLFoundNot Sure
SmithMccandlessMaryAnnFound1954Butler Catholic School
Smith Melanie Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Smith MichaelDFound1958
Smith NickCMissingNot Sure
Smith PatriciaAFound1966
Smith Richard Missing1963
SmithSmithRichard CFound1958
Smith RobertDFound1976Butler Catholic School
SmithSnodgrassSallyLMissingNot Sure
Smith SarahEFound2003Butler Catholic School
Smith Sr. M. Matthew Smith FoundTeacher
Smith Stacie Missing1982Butler Catholic School
Smith StephenJFound1961
Smith Susan FoundNot Sure
SmithSmithTammy FoundNot Sure
Smith Thom Found2002Butler Catholic School
Smith TomHMissingNot Sure
Smith Trudy MissingNot Sure
Smith WilliamJFound1956
Smoker John Missing1957
Smoker LucretiaLFound1954
Smollock Michael Missing1998Butler Catholic School
Smythe Aloysius Missing1960
SniderLehnerdDiane Found1971Butler Catholic School
SniderSniderHerbert WFound1974Butler Catholic School
SniderWalkerJennifer Found2006Butler Catholic School
Snook Dianne Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Snook Tammy Missing1988Butler Catholic School
SnowSnowDebbieR.Found1973Saint Paul School
SnowVandersydeMaryEllenFound1956Saint Paul School
Snow Nicholas Found1955
SnowMiroPatriciaAMissingNot Sure
Snyder ChristineMFoundNot Sure
Snyder ErikDFoundNot Sure
Snyder Lee Missing1959
Snyder PhilipEFound1958
Snyder RichardWMissingNot Sure
Snyder RobertJFound1956
Snyder SandraMFound1962
SnyderJacksonScott Found1985Butler Catholic School
SnyderHewittSuzanne Found1976Butler Catholic School
Sobieralski Joseph Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Sobieralski Kerry Missing1987Butler Catholic School
SobieralskiJunglingMelissa Found1993Butler Catholic School
Sobieralski Brent Found1990Butler Catholic School
Sobieralski MillerTaraLFoundNot Sure
SolariSchultzJaneLFound1966Saint Michael School
Solari Joanne Missing1960Saint Michael School
Solari Robert Found1969Saint Michael School
Somerville KyleDoyleFound2012Butler Catholic School
SommarivaPaneiAngela Found1992Butler Catholic School
Sommariva Eugene Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Sommariva Marcia MissingNot Sure
SommarivaHarveyRosemary Missing1983Butler Catholic School
SommersO'NeillKathleen Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Songer Monica MissingNot Sure
Sosnoskie Christine Missing1960
Sosnoskie Marie MissingNot Sure
Sosnoskie Stephanie Found1970Saint Paul School
Sosnoskie Theresa Missing1962
SosonoskieButlerMaryKatieFound1978Butler Catholic School
Souzer John MissingNot Sure
Spagnola Bart Found1946Saint Michael School
Spagnola Caroline MissingNot Sure
SpagnolaKenyonJeanne Found1972Butler Catholic School
Spagnola LeoSFound1962
Spagnola LeoCFound1973Butler Catholic School
Spagnola Leo Missing1947Saint Michael School
SpagnolaSpagnolaMadeline FoundNot Sure
Spagnola SalvatoreJFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
SpaneddaSpaneddaDennisAMissingNot Sure
Spangler ChasityJFound1989Butler Catholic School
Spangler Megan Found2004Butler Catholic School
Spangler MichaelJFound1990Butler Catholic School
Speer Sr. M. Edmund Speer FoundTeacher
Spence MaryEFoundNot Sure
Spinetti Donald Found1944Saint Michael School
SpinettiCipolloneLena Found1931Saint Michael School
Spinks Marcia Missing1958
Spinks William Missing1962
Spinneweber NealKFound1960
Spino DanteMFound1998Butler Catholic School
Spino Dominic FoundNot Sure
SpinoSpinoJoe FoundNot Sure
SpohnWeberChristine FoundNot Sure
Spohn Daniel MissingNot Sure
Spohn DeborahAMissingNot Sure
SpohnSpohnElizabethAFoundNot Sure
SpohnFowlerHelenKMissingNot Sure
Spohn JasonAFound1988Butler Catholic School
Spohn Jennifer Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Spohn Laura MissingNot Sure
SpohnSpohnLindaAFoundNot Sure
SpringJamesAndreaJFoundNot Sure
Spring JamesAMissingNot Sure
SpringNguyenPaula Found1975Butler Catholic School
Spryn JohnCFound1973Butler Catholic School
Spryn JosephWFoundNot Sure
Spryn KathrynSFoundNot Sure
Spryn MichaelDFoundNot Sure
Staab BrianPFoundNot Sure
Staab DanPFoundNot Sure
Staab DavidPFoundNot Sure
StaabSzwedElaineMFoundNot Sure
StaabShipmanPaulaJMissing1981Butler Catholic School
Staab Thomas Found1982Butler Catholic School
Stack Daniel FoundNot Sure
Stack MichaelJFoundNot Sure
Stack Robert MissingNot Sure
Stahura JohnWMissing1968
Stahura Nancy Missing1967
Stakem Ward FoundNot Sure
StampsDuffyEileen Found1970Saint Paul School
Standish Jonathan Found2006Butler Catholic School
Stanley Bryan MissingNot Sure
Stanley Darryl Found1974
Stanley M. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Stark EdwardEFoundNot Sure
StarkSarverKathleenJFound1964Saint Michael School
Stark Stacy FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
Starr DavidAMissingNot Sure
Starr Paula Found1975Butler Catholic School
Staryat Patricia Found1968
Stazer Tammy MissingNot Sure
Stean MaryLouiseMissingNot Sure
Steedle Sarah Found2009Butler Catholic School
Steele Alice Missing1951
Steele Amy Missing1990Butler Catholic School
SteeleSteeleCarolynSFoundNot Sure
SteeleLeoneCathyEFound1951Saint Paul School
Steele ChristopherSFound1991Butler Catholic School
Steele Dennis MissingNot Sure
Steele Michael Found1951Saint Paul School
SteeleSteeleRenee Found1991Butler Catholic School
Steele Steve Missing1987Butler Catholic School
Steffish George FoundNot Sure
StehleDillon / BullenCatherine Found1929Saint Peter School
Stehle DavidRFoundNot Sure
Stehle GregoryRFound2000Butler Catholic School
Stehle JeffreyTFound1967
StehleMariacherJennifer Found1965Saint Paul School
StehleStehleJohnHFound1996Butler Catholic School
Stehle KatherineMFound1994Butler Catholic School
StehleMcQueenMary Found1971Butler Catholic School
Stehle VincentWFound1975Butler Catholic School
Stehle WilliamJFoundNot Sure
Steibel Gail Missing1952
Steibel Gary Found1951Saint Paul School
SteibelDobbsPaulette Found1958Saint Paul School
Steibel Wayne Found1954
Steibotsky M. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Steighner AndrewJFound1996Butler Catholic School
Steighner Ashley Found2005Butler Catholic School
Steighner BethannMFound1995Butler Catholic School
Steighner ChristopherJFound1994Butler Catholic School
Steighner DanielDFound1967
SteighnerSteighnerDavidMFound1970Butler Catholic School
Steighner DoreenHFound1953
Steighner FranklinTFound1959
Steighner Gregg MissingNot Sure
Steighner Harold Missing1969
SteighnerEshelmanHelenLMissingNot Sure
Steighner James Missing1959
SteighnerSteighnerJoseph AFoundNot Sure
Steighner KathrynEFound1954
Steighner Marianne MissingNot Sure
Steighner Matthew Found2008Butler Catholic School
Steighner Rebecca Found1965
SteighnerSteighnerRenee FoundNot Sure
Steighner Richard Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Steighner Ronald Found1951Saint Paul School
SteighnerSteighnerSandraLeeFoundNot Sure
Steighner Willis Missing1953
Stein PaulaJFoundNot Sure
Stein Sr. M. Josef, RSM FoundTeacher
Stein ThomasJFoundNot Sure
Steiner LeePFoundNot Sure
Steiner Robert MissingNot Sure
Steiner William FoundNot Sure
Steinheiser Denis MissingNot Sure
Steinhiser DouglasCFoundNot Sure
Steinhiser Paul Found1954Saint Paul School
StelbotskySaxtonCarolynSMissing1974Butler Catholic School
StelbotskyWillettCatherineJMissing1980Butler Catholic School
StelbotskyStelbotskyDaniel Found1948Saint Michael School
StelbotskyBaughmanElizabethAFound1976Butler Catholic School
Stepanian JoshLFound1979Butler Catholic School
StephensonClouseDeanne FoundNot Sure
Stephenson Donna MissingNot Sure
Stephenson GaryEFoundNot Sure
Stephenson LorenRFound1998Butler Catholic School
Stephenson Rita MissingNot Sure
Stepp JoyceLFoundNot Sure
SteppSteppR.JamesFoundNot Sure
Stepp Richard Missing1952
Stepp RichardEFound1973Butler Catholic School
Stepp SharonLFoundNot Sure
Stepp Sheila Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Stepp Stacy MissingNot Sure
Stepp Wesley Missing1957
Sterling Joseph MissingNot Sure
Stern JohnPFoundNot Sure
Stern RobertFFoundNot Sure
Stevenson Anita Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Stevenson Brendon Found2002Butler Catholic School
Stevenson JohnWFoundNot Sure
Stevenson MarceLMissing1990Butler Catholic School
StevensonMorrisseyMelissa Found1990Butler Catholic School
Stevenson Taylor Found2008Butler Catholic School
Stevenson Theresa MissingNot Sure
Stevick Loyal MissingNot Sure
Stewart DennisJFoundNot Sure
Stewart EricRFoundNot Sure
Stewart GreggAFound1994Butler Catholic School
StewartYoungHeatherDFound1992Butler Catholic School
Stewart JosephLFoundNot Sure
Stewart Laura MissingNot Sure
StewartStewartLindaMFoundNot Sure
StewartStewartPeter CFoundNot Sure
StewartDimitSandraAMissing1973Butler Catholic School
Stieser Patricia MissingNot Sure
Stifpula Elaine MissingNot Sure
Still Charles MissingNot Sure
Still Charles Found1966Saint Peter School
Stilley Jacob FoundNot Sure
Stilley Jamie Found1993Butler Catholic School
StilleyGuerrieriMaggie FoundNot Sure
StillwagonGreenPatricia Found1971Butler Catholic School
Stitt Constance Missing1952
Stivason Michael FoundNot Sure
Stock Bernard Found1976Butler Catholic School
Stock Carol Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Stock Chris Missing1975Butler Catholic School
StockStockChristopher Missing1946Saint Peter School
StockSchnurJeanMFound1979Butler Catholic School
StockStockJulie FoundNot Sure
Stock Leslie FoundNot Sure
StockPattersonLynnMFound1982Butler Catholic School
Stock RobertPFound1980Butler Catholic School
StockStockShirley FoundNot Sure
Stock Regis MissingNot Sure
Stoops Beth FoundNot Sure
Stoverink Margaret Mary FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Strobel DavidLFound1975Butler Catholic School
Strobel DianeLFoundNot Sure
Strobel KennethHMissingNot Sure
Strobel Patricia Missing1958
Strobel PaulAMissingNot Sure
Strobel ShawnWayneFound1995Butler Catholic School
Strobel Tempa Missing1965
Strohmier Sr. Evangelista FoundTeacher
Strook Jay MissingNot Sure
StruttStruttElsie FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
StuartCallDianMarieFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Stubler Karen MissingNot Sure
Studds Meghan Found2007Butler Catholic School
Stuort Robert MissingNot Sure
Stuper Franklin Found1958
StuperStuperJohnAFoundNot Sure
Stuper Kirby Missing1961
Stutz AnnMarieFound1951Saint Paul School
Stutz Brad Found1982Butler Catholic School
StutzNazarukCarol Found1968Saint Paul School
StutzKradelCindyJMissing1971Butler Catholic School
Stutz DanielPFound1976Butler Catholic School
Stutz David Found1951Saint Paul School
Stutz DonaldJFound1969
Stutz JohnHFound1959
Stutz Judy Missing1970Saint Paul School
StutzGagenKaren Found1980Butler Catholic School
Stutz Michael Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Stutz PatrickFFound1991Butler Catholic School
Stutz SherrieLFoundNot Sure
StutzStutzVicki FoundNot Sure
Stutz Willard Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Stypula Diane Missing1975Butler Catholic School
StypulaStypulaMichelle Found1971Butler Catholic School
Sub OliviaJFound2001Butler Catholic School
SubSubRich TFound1973Butler Catholic School
Sub RobertPeterFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Subbiah Yamini Found1991Butler Catholic School
Suchonic Edward Found1951Saint Paul School
Sudol Joseph MissingNot Sure
Sulkoskie Michael Found1972
Sullivan Brianna Found2003Butler Catholic School
Sullivan Sr. M. Monica Sullivan FoundTeacher
Sullivan Sr. M. Protase Sullivan FoundTeacher
Sullivan Sr. Mary of Mercy Sullivan FoundTeacher
SummerillPappasFlorence Missing1958
Summers Sandra Found1954
Summers William Missing1953
Summerville DavidCFoundNot Sure
Summerville Debra MissingNot Sure
Summerville JamesAMissingNot Sure
Summerville JeanElizabethMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Summerville LawrenceEdwardFound1962Saint Peter School
Summerville Ronald Missing1954
Summerville William MissingNot Sure
Supler JonathanWFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
SuttonCyphertShanenMFound1987Butler Catholic School
Suzon Matthew Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Swain Margaret Missing1953
Swain PaulPFound1951Saint Paul School
Swartwout AnnaRoseFound2011Butler Catholic School
Swartwout Bobby Found2007Butler Catholic School
SwartwoutRickardCasey Found2005Butler Catholic School
SwartwoutStreitCatherineAFoundNot Sure
SwartwoutFullertonDeborahAliceFound1968Saint Peter School
Swartwout JamesDennisFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Swartwout MaryEFound1959
Swartwout Peggy Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Swartwout Sally MissingNot Sure
Swartwout SarahJaneMissing1965Saint Peter School
Swartwout William Found1959
Swartzlander Gloria Missing1958
Sweeney DavidJFound1996Butler Catholic School
SweeneyDickinsonJanetCMissingNot Sure
Sweeney RainMFound1994Butler Catholic School
Sweet Jr MissingNot Sure
Swidzinski Carl Found1977Butler Catholic School
Swidzinski Carl TFoundNot Sure
Swidzinski Charles Found1975
Swidzinski Edward Found1983Butler Catholic School
SwidzinskiNebelJosi Found1975Saint Paul School
SwidzinskiDavisKathyJMissing1972Butler Catholic School
Swidzinski MaryLouMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Swidzinski Niki Found1982Butler Catholic School
Swidzinski Poli Found1980Butler Catholic School
Swidzinski SallieAFoundNot Sure
SwidzinskiCooleTami Found1985Butler Catholic School
Swidzinski Travis Found1999Butler Catholic School
SybertGiacomoNorma Found1940Saint Michael School
SychakSychakWallace FoundNot Sure
Synowsky James Found1974Butler Catholic School
SynowskySynowskyTimothy Found1976Saint Michael School
SynowskySynowskyWilliamAFound1973Butler Catholic School
Szwed Jill Found2006Butler Catholic School
Szwed Kelly Found2008Butler Catholic School
Tabey Linda MissingNot Sure
TackMillerAmber Found1992Butler Catholic School
TaddeoTaddeoBrianTFound1986Butler Catholic School
Taddeo Michael Missing1992Butler Catholic School
TalleriJahnKarenMFound1976Butler Catholic School
Talleri Phyllis Missing1959
Tartal John Missing1960
Tartal JudithKFound1957
Tassey Francis Found1961
Tassey JohnCFound1957
TasseyLorenzPatricia Found1952Saint Paul School
Tavolario VincentJFoundNot Sure
Taylor HerbertBMissingNot Sure
Taylor JamesAFound1973Butler Catholic School
TaylorTaylorJanet FoundNot Sure
Taylor JeanMarieFound1970Butler Catholic School
Taylor June Missing1969
Taylor Kathryn FoundNot Sure
Taylor Mark Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Taylor Michael Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Tebay JeffreyMMissing1993Butler Catholic School
Tebay JonathanJFound1987Butler Catholic School
Tebben Joseph Found1957Saint Paul School
Tebben MaryElizabethMissing1955
TegliaMacefeAnnaMFound1935Saint Michael School
Tekesar John MissingNot Sure
Telenson DonnaMarieFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Telenson JohnWallaceFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
TelensonPillowPatriciaAnnFound1959Saint Peter School
Terek CarolAnnMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Terek Joseph Missing1959
Terrell Tersina (Terry)AFoundNot Sure
Testi Rene Found1928Saint Michael School
Thewes Therese FoundNot Sure
Thoma CharlesLFoundNot Sure
Thoma James MissingNot Sure
Thoma Joyce MissingNot Sure
Thoma KathyLFound1988Butler Catholic School
ThomaBastinPhyllis Found1951Saint Paul School
ThomaDonahueSuzie Missing1960
Thomas James Found1955
Thomas Jennifer Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Thomas John Missing1990Butler Catholic School
Thomas LisaMFoundNot Sure
Thomas Loretta Missing1967
ThomasThomasMarsha Found1960Saint Michael School
Thomas Wayne Missing1952
Thompson Bradley Missing1968Saint Michael School
Thompson Caitlin Found2003Butler Catholic School
Thompson Christine FoundNot Sure
Thompson DeborahJFound1966Saint Michael School
Thompson GeorgeEFound1971Butler Catholic School
Thompson Jeannine Missing1961
Thompson Jennifer Found1996Butler Catholic School
Thompson JudithA.Found1968
Thompson JudyC.Found1967
Thompson LawrenceEFoundNot Sure
Thompson NathanBFound2000Butler Catholic School
Thompson RonaldC.Found1962
Thompson-Maryland TerranceWilliamFound2012Butler Catholic School
ThomsonThomsonAlexander FoundNot Sure
Thomson ChrisPMissing1976Butler Catholic School
Thomson PaulSFoundNot Sure
Thrower Julia Missing1997Butler Catholic School
Tiber Thomas Missing1969
Tiberi BernardJosephFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Tiberi JeffreyDFoundNot Sure
Tiberi John MissingNot Sure
Tiberi JudyLeeMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Tiberi KathyAnnMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Tiberi MaryKayMissingNot Sure
Tiberi PatriciaJFound1970Butler Catholic School
Tiberi PaulFrancisFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Tiberi Robert Found1960Saint Michael School
TiberiBinstockRoseann Found1972Butler Catholic School
Tiberi SusanEMissing1967
Tiberi Thomas Found1932Saint Michael School
TigriDiamondFrances(Cooky)Found1949Saint Paul School
TijerinaMeyerkordAnnette Found1989Butler Catholic School
Tijerina David Missing1989Butler Catholic School
TilkoTilkoDennis FoundNot Sure
TilkoTilkoMichael Found1973Butler Catholic School
Tilko StanleyLFound1965
TilkoTilkoTimothy FoundNot Sure
Timbur Joanne Missing1962
Timbur John Missing1979Butler Catholic School
Timko Deborah Missing1969
Timko Michael Missing1965
Tirk John Found2014Butler Catholic School
Tirk PasqualinaMariaFound2012Butler Catholic School
Tishey Agnes Found1925Saint Michael School
Tishey Donald Found1945Saint Michael School
TisheyNowakowskiIrene Found1943Saint Michael School
Tishey John Found1940Saint Michael School
Titler Joseph Found2003Butler Catholic School
Titler Mary MissingNot Sure
Titley Taylor Found2009Butler Catholic School
Tobey Linda Missing1962
Tokarski CatherineC.Missing1965
Tolentino JohnEFound1993Butler Catholic School
Tolentino Karina MissingNot Sure
Tomasovic BethA.Missing1971Butler Catholic School
Tomasovic Edward Missing1946Saint Michael School
TomasovicTomasovicJoann Found1943Saint Michael School
TomasovicBurneyKathleen Missing1965
Tomasovic MaryEllenFound1969
Tomasovic Patricia Missing1972Butler Catholic School
Tomasovic Wendel MissingNot Sure
Tomlin John Found2001Butler Catholic School
Tomlinson Sr. Rose (Mercedes) Marie, RSM FoundTeacher
Tomosovic Robert Missing1967
Toner Harry Missing1952
Tonini Jeffery MissingNot Sure
Toogood ChrisJFound1975Butler Catholic School
Toogood JayRFound1974Butler Catholic School
ToogoodWillisonMegan Found1980Butler Catholic School
Toomey DanielA.FoundNot Sure
Torquato Carmen Found1945Saint Michael School
Torquato Richard Found1949Saint Michael School
Torres Fernando FoundNot Sure
Tosi Emily Found2004Butler Catholic School
Toth Frank Found1969
Toth Janet Missing1967
Tracy DanielEFound1962
Tracy JohnDMissing1968
Tracy KristineLFoundNot Sure
Trainor DavidCFound1972Butler Catholic School
TrainorBurdetteErin Found1976Butler Catholic School
Trainor LaureenAnnFound1980Butler Catholic School
Trainor MauraEFound1970Butler Catholic School
Trainor Megan Found1974Butler Catholic School
Trainor Patrice Missing1969
Tramontana Olga Found1925Saint Michael School
TravaglioWilliamsDeborahJFound1963Saint Michael School
Travaglio GuyAFound1964Saint Michael School
TravalgioBrashersValerie Found1968Saint Michael School
Tray Patrick Found1965
Tray Shawn MissingNot Sure
Tressler DavidLFound1973Butler Catholic School
Tressler Larry Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Trimbur Carolyn MissingNot Sure
Trimbur DorothyMarieMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
TrimburMillerJoanneMFound1962Saint Peter School
Trimbur Judy Missing1971Butler Catholic School
TrimburChristyLeetaEFoundNot Sure
Trimbur LoisAnnFound1962Saint Peter School
Trimbur Margaret MissingNot Sure
TrimburCravensMarionElizabethFound1969Saint Peter School
Trimbur RobertJosephFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
TrimburZimaSandraLeahFound1962Saint Peter School
Trimbur WilliamAMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Tritch Colleen MissingNot Sure
Tritch RichardCFound1967Saint Michael School
Tritch StephenRFoundNot Sure
TrombattHullPhyllis Found1957Saint Michael School
Trostle Katie Missing1994Butler Catholic School
Trostle Sarah Found1991Butler Catholic School
Troup Lauren FoundNot Sure
Truax MalloryAlexisFound2011Butler Catholic School
TruaxTruaxTerry FoundNot Sure
Turgeon Sr. Camilla Turgeon FoundTeacher
TurnblacerBowenBarbaraLucilleMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Turnblacer LindaAnnMissing1960Saint Peter School
Turnblacer SandraKayMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
TurnbullJordanKate FoundNot Sure
Turner Matthew Found1987Butler Catholic School
Turner Shirley Missing1960
UfnerGrigolettiJo EllenMFound1974Butler Catholic School
Ufner JulieA.FoundNot Sure
Uhlman Dustin Found2005Butler Catholic School
Ulhman Kyle Found2001Butler Catholic School
Ulner Michelle MissingNot Sure
UncapherGoehringKathyA.Found1992Butler Catholic School
UncapherUncapherTimothyA.Found1994Butler Catholic School
Urban Jan Missing1959
Urich Michael Missing2009Butler Catholic School
Usell DianaHFoundNot Sure
UsellSobolewskiDiane Found1967
UsellWigtonJanet Found1969
UsellUsellRaymond Found1955
Usell RobertGFoundNot Sure
Valker Catherine MissingNot Sure
Valtz Gary MissingNot Sure
ValunskyRamageMaryAnnFound1968Saint Paul School
ValunskyReedSherryLFound1970Butler Catholic School
Van BurenVan BurenEdwardGMissing1962Saint Paul School
Van GrootenbruelSauerlandAleneMFoundNot Sure
Van Grootenbruel DavidMFoundNot Sure
Van Grootenbruel LouiseJFoundNot Sure
Van GrootenbruelBeckmannNancyJaneFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Van GrootenbruelVan GrootenbruelRonaldFFound1976Saint Paul School
Van LaninghamVan LaninghamDaleK.FoundNot Sure
VanderlinMelletteMargaret FoundNot SureButler Catholic School
Vanderzee NathanJFound1992Butler Catholic School
Vanderzee RudieKFoundNot Sure
VandevortRenforthDonna Missing1969Saint Paul School
VanGrootenbruel Tyler Found2010Butler Catholic School
Vargo RaymondDFoundNot Sure
Vargo StephenJFound1960
Varner FrancisH.FoundNot Sure
Varner Melanie Missing1970Saint Paul School
Vaughn Joel Found2007Butler Catholic School
Vaughn Stella Found2004Butler Catholic School
Vaughn WesleyCFound1962
Vaulett Therese Found1936Saint Peter School
VavroThomasAnn Found1944Saint Michael School
Vavro David Found1963Saint Michael School
VavroKosarHelenTMissing1943Saint Michael School
VavroGvothMargaret Found1944Saint Michael School
Vavro StephenJFound1952Saint Michael School
Vavro TheodoreAFound1965Saint Michael School
Veccharella PatriciaAnnMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Ventura Anthony Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Ventura Fontaine Found1998Butler Catholic School
VenturaVenturaMichelle MissingNot Sure
Verna Klotz Missing1952
VeroVeroDebbie Found1959
VeroVeroFred Found1974Butler Catholic School
Vero JoBethFoundNot Sure
VeroTurnerMary Found1963Saint Paul School
Vero TheresaA.Found1970Butler Catholic School
Vicari AaronMFound1993Butler Catholic School
VicariMakerConcetta Found1967Saint Michael School
Vicari DennisMFound1957Saint Michael School
VicariWillDianeLFound1966Saint Michael School
VicariYohoDonnaJFound1970Butler Catholic School
VicariPaneiHilda Found1935Saint Michael School
Vicari Mary Found1934Saint Michael School
VicariMccunePatricia Found1969Saint Michael School
VicariGrossiRoseMarieFound1970Butler Catholic School
VicariVicariSamuelAFoundNot Sure
Vickey Barbara Missing1958
Vickey Charles MissingNot Sure
Vidmar Deborah Found1986Butler Catholic School
VirgiliRosewagCarol Found1958Saint Michael School
Virgili Jennifer FoundNot Sure
Voelker Anna Found2013Butler Catholic School
Voelker Barbara MissingNot Sure
Voelker David Missing1974
Voelker Deborah Missing1970Saint Paul School
Voelker Gary Found1967
Voelker Kirsten Found2014Butler Catholic School
Voelker Nancy Missing1968
Voelker Norman Missing1976Butler Catholic School
VogelSeeleyJacquelyn Found1970Saint Paul School
Vogel LeonardHFound1962
Vogel Linda Missing1959
Volk Sr. Baptista Volk FoundTeacher
VolpeFerrickConstanceMFound1940Saint Michael School
VolpeStakorFlora Found1944Saint Michael School
VolpeMudrickLucyJFound1941Saint Michael School
Volpe Philip Found1945Saint Michael School
VolponiVolponiCarolynSFoundNot Sure
Volponi Kim Found2004Butler Catholic School
Volponi Samantha Found2004Butler Catholic School
Waddingham Charles Missing1958
Wade Judith Missing1955
Wade Michele Missing1957
Wagner Alexander Missing1955
Wagner DavidPaulFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Wagner Douglas Missing1958
Wagner John MissingNot Sure
Wagner JohnRichardMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Wagner KathleenA.Found1960
Wagner MichaelFFound1973Butler Catholic School
Wagner Randy Found1978Butler Catholic School
WagnerZitaloneRebeccaAFound1980Butler Catholic School
Wagner RichardBMissing1967
WagnerWagnerRichardCharlesFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
WagnerWagnerSeanFFound1985Butler Catholic School
WagnerKennedySherryLMissingNot Sure
Wagner ThereseMaureenMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
WagnerWagnerThomas FoundNot Sure
Wagner WilliamGFoundNot Sure
Wahl Christopher Missing1993Butler Catholic School
Walker Jeanne EFound1958
Walker JohnDFound1960
WalkerLinderMaryEllenFoundNot Sure
Walker Rob Found1978Butler Catholic School
Walker ShirleyA.Found1967
Walker William Found1962
Walkowiak Daniel Missing1982Butler Catholic School
Wallace Sherri MissingNot Sure
Wallace Sr. M. Delores Wallace FoundTeacher
Wallen Barbara Missing1971Butler Catholic School
WallerOsterbergAmyLMissing1988Butler Catholic School
WallerLongBarbara JFound1971Butler Catholic School
Waller David Found1968
Waller Gary Found1976Butler Catholic School
Waller M. Missing1973Butler Catholic School
Waller Sharon Missing1969
Waller Susan Missing1961
WallsWallsBarbara FoundNot Sure
WallsWallsDavidCFound1990Butler Catholic School
WallsWissingerKristina Found1993Butler Catholic School
Walsh Beata FoundNot Sure
Walsh ColleenMFoundNot Sure
Walsh DouglasEFound1952
WalshUramElaine Found1958
WalshWolfordKatieAnneFoundNot Sure
Walsh Mary Grace FoundTeacherSaint Michael School
Walsh PatrickJFoundNot Sure
Walsh ThomasJMissingNot Sure
Walsh Tim MissingNot Sure
WalterGerstnerLinda Found1963Saint Paul School
Waltman CynthiaAMissingNot Sure
Warcup KathySFoundNot Sure
Ward ElizabethDFound1998Butler Catholic School
Ward Michael Found1995Butler Catholic School
Ward SamuelA.Found1998Butler Catholic School
WardWardThomas PFound2000Butler Catholic School
Warren Darlene Missing1960
Warren JackCharlesFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Warren John MissingNot Sure
WarrenPrementineKathleenJoanFound1962Saint Peter School
WarrenMoserKathy Missing1975Butler Catholic School
Warren PaulaFaithMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Washington Sr. M. Fabian Washington FoundTeacher
Washko MariaKFound1988Butler Catholic School
Washko StephenRFound1987Butler Catholic School
Washko TaraLFound1993Butler Catholic School
WashkoWashkoTimothy Found1991Butler Catholic School
Wasko Richard Missing1959
Wasko Terry MissingNot Sure
Watean RitaMaeMissingNot Sure
Waters Sr. M. Juliana Waters FoundTeacher
Watson Rosemary FoundNot Sure
Watters Diane Missing1961
Watterson CarolAnnMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Watterson DeanRonaldMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Watterson PatriciaLouiseMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Weaver KurtNFoundNot Sure
WeaverWeaverVivianFMissingNot Sure
Webb Eric Missing1959
Webber DavidJFound1965
Webber Francis Missing1953
Webber JamesLFoundNot Sure
Webber MaryTFound1962
Weber EdwardRFound1965
Weber SusanMFound1968
Weiland AdolphLFound1951Saint Paul School
Weiland Devin Missing1992Butler Catholic School
Weiland Kieran Found1994Butler Catholic School
WeilandSlupeKristine Found1980Butler Catholic School
Weiland MarionJFound1953
WeilandWeilandMichael FoundNot Sure
Weiland Sr. M. Verona Weiland FoundTeacher
Weiland Wayne Found1967
WelchleyPakutzMaureenEthelFound1964Saint Peter School
Wellman Robert Found1969
Wellman Timothy Missing1973Butler Catholic School
WellnerWellnerChristopherMFound1974Butler Catholic School
Wellner Cynthia Missing1967
Wellner Gerald MissingNot Sure
Wellner KathleenMMissing1969
Wellner Maxene Missing1953
WellnerSnyderPatricia Missing1958
Wellner PaulaA.FoundNot Sure
Welter Emily Found2002Butler Catholic School
WelterBayerErin Found2002Butler Catholic School
Werner Edward Found1965
WernerMercerMargaretEFound1960Saint Paul School
Werner PaulRFound1964Saint Paul School
Werner Roy MissingNot Sure
WernerWernerSharon Found1960
Werth James Missing1955
WerthWerthJohn Found1961Saint Paul School
Werth RobertEFound1958
Werth Thomas Found1968
Weser ConradMMissing1962Saint Peter School
Weser David Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Weser JeanEllenMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Weser KevinPaulFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Wesley Dale MissingNot Sure
Wesley Michael Missing1989Butler Catholic School
West Gina MissingNot Sure
West JamesJosephMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
WestWestJohn Found1968
WestGalidaKathleenElizabethFound1963Saint Peter School
WestRussellMarie Found1956Saint Michael School
West MaryAnnFound1969
West PaulJFound1961
Wetick Alice MissingNot Sure
Wetick HelenLFoundNot Sure
Whaley BarbaraAnnMissing1962Saint Peter School
Whaley ElizabethAnnMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Whartan Stephen Missing1965
Wharton Alice Missing1958
WhartonBrinkeChristine Found1960Saint Paul School
Wharton Susan Missing1966
Wharton Thomas Missing1957
Wheatall BrianRFound1998Butler Catholic School
Wheatall Karen Found2002Butler Catholic School
Wheatall LauraA.Found2000Butler Catholic School
Whelan ChrisPFound1989Butler Catholic School
Whitby Megan Found2014Butler Catholic School
White Brian FoundNot Sure
White Desiree MissingNot Sure
White Elesa MissingNot Sure
White GeraA.Found1989Butler Catholic School
White PaulA.FoundNot Sure
WhiteBakerSuzanneMFound1987Butler Catholic School
White ZoeAnnFoundNot Sure
Whitehall Judith Missing1954
WhitehillMorandoJanetMFound1951Saint Paul School
Whitehill Simeon Found1951Saint Paul School
Whitmire Jennifer Missing1988Butler Catholic School
WhitstonFoxTraceyLFoundNot Sure
Whoolery NicholasRichardFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
WickCariCandaceWFoundNot Sure
Wick William MissingNot Sure
Wickard David MissingNot Sure
WidenhoferWidenhoferArlene FoundNot Sure
Widenhofer David MissingNot Sure
Widenhofer Edward Found1971Butler Catholic School
Widenhofer JosephFFoundNot Sure
WidenhoferWidenhoferLeroyJFound1971Butler Catholic School
Widenhofer ScottEFound1971Butler Catholic School
Widenhofer ShirleyAFound1950Saint Peter School
Wiegand JohnA.FoundNot Sure
Wiegand SherranSuzanneMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
WiestLeMayAnn Found1980Butler Catholic School
WiestKertzEvelyn Found1974Butler Catholic School
WiestWiestGaye FoundNot Sure
WiestWiestJoseph Found1980Butler Catholic School
Wiest Lawrence MissingNot Sure
Wiest Olivia Found2009Butler Catholic School
Wiest RobertCFound1976Butler Catholic School
WiestWiestScott Found1973Butler Catholic School
Wiest Sophia Found2014Butler Catholic School
Wigton Luann MissingNot Sure
WilbertWilbertEdwardLeeFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Wilbert Floyd MissingNot Sure
Wilbert JudithBMissing1962Saint Peter School
WilbertLeitemLindaSusanneFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Wilbert RaymondJohnFound1964Saint Peter School
Wilbur EllliotHFoundNot Sure
Wiles Chad Found1989Butler Catholic School
WilesWilliamsTracieLFound1985Butler Catholic School
Wilken James MissingNot Sure
Wilkin JamesCharlesFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Wilkin JaniceElizabethMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Wilkin Rosemary MissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Wilkin RuthAnnFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
WilkinSliderWendyJeanFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Williams Linda Missing1960
Williams Sr. Mary Rose FoundTeacherSaint Peter School
Williamson Sr. M. Campion, RSM FoundTeacher
Willison EarlPaulFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
WillisonTonerJeannine FoundNot Sure
Willison Sally (Sara)LouMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Wilson Brian Missing1958
Wilson EugeneMMissingNot Sure
Wilson JanetLFound1970Butler Catholic School
WilsonWilsonJoyceMFoundNot Sure
WilsonHahnKathleenWMissingNot Sure
WilsonVincentKori Found1983Butler Catholic School
Wilson Maurice Missing1988Butler Catholic School
Wilson RobertSFound1961
Wilson Sharon Found1982Butler Catholic School
Wilson Sr. Patricia Wilson FoundTeacher
Winchester EugeneA.Found1969
Winchester GordonJFound1973Butler Catholic School
Winchester JeffreyLFound1974Butler Catholic School
Winchester Robin MissingNot Sure
Winn Mary JoanGeibelFound1951Saint Paul School
Winters Kathy Missing1974Butler Catholic School
WintersEtzelMaryAFoundNot Sure
Winters SandraJFound1969
Winters ThomasGFound1968
Winters William FoundNot Sure
Wokulich JohnMichaelFound1962Saint Peter School
Wolcott Patricia Missing1953
Wolfe Amanda Found2006Butler Catholic School
WolfeGoncusSara Missing1999Butler Catholic School
Wood JoyceMarieMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Wood MaryEstherFoundNot Sure
Wood WilliamAlbertMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Worst ChristopherRFound2001Butler Catholic School
Worst Kimberly Found2002Butler Catholic School
WrightWrightDavidLeeFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
WrightWrightRobert Found1957
Wueff Carolyn MissingNot Sure
WulffScottCharmaine Missing1972Butler Catholic School
WulffWulffDonald FoundNot Sure
Wulff GaryJMissingNot Sure
WulffBarclayLorraneRomaFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
WulffWeitzelMarleneEveFound1961Saint Peter School
WulffLesnikPatricia Found1970Butler Catholic School
Wulff PaulEFound1972Butler Catholic School
Wulff RomaAFound1974Butler Catholic School
Wulff RonaldJosephMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Wulff ToniJFoundNot Sure
Yalshevec RuthDarleneMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Yamnitsky KathleenMFound1968
YamnitskyBlaskoMargaretMFound1973Butler Catholic School
Yan Gerald MissingNot Sure
Yannotty JohnCarlFound2011Butler Catholic School
Yannotty Nick Found2007Butler Catholic School
Yaracs RichardKeithFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
YasinskyYasinskyRita FoundNot Sure
YeagerShafferStephanieMFound1993Butler Catholic School
Yockey Erin Found2003Butler Catholic School
Yockey KatlynJoFound2001Butler Catholic School
YonSypoltBarbaraCarolFound1989Butler Catholic School
YonYonDavidRalphFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Yon FrederickRobertFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Yon GeraldArthurFound1962Saint Peter School
Yon Jason MissingNot Sure
Yon MarilynElaineFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Yossa ChristineMarieMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Yossa Ken Found1975Saint Peter School
YoungCarbinAliceMarieFound1957Saint Paul School
Young Dismas (Leo) Found1952
Young DorothyJMissingNot Sure
Young JamesEFoundNot Sure
Young LindaMFound1970Butler Catholic School
Young RonaldJohnFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
YuengertYuengertJohnLFound1951Saint Paul School
Yuengert KatherineLFound1960
Yuengert RobertCFound1952
Yuhas BruceEdwardFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Yuhas JoyceMarleneFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Yuhas Robert Missing1980Butler Catholic School
Yurko John Missing1963Saint Michael School
ZabickiMahoodPatriciaAFound1951Saint Paul School
Zablotsky BarbaralFound1994Butler Catholic School
Zablotsky Michael Missing1993Butler Catholic School
Zabresky Sr. Lia Zabresky FoundTeacher
Zaccari MichaelLFound1955
Zaccari RonaldMFound1951Saint Paul School
ZaccariLucasSandra Found1969Saint Paul School
Zachatias Kathleen MissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Zahradnik Helen Missing1961Saint Michael School
Zaladek Kathryn MissingNot Sure
ZaliponiDailyPaulette Found1965
ZalisZalisRobert Found1975Butler Catholic School
ZaludekIsaacKathryn Found1996Butler Catholic School
Zambroski JamesPMissing1966
ZanickyZanickyDavid MFound1988Butler Catholic School
Zanicky Gina Missing1997Butler Catholic School
Zanicky Michele Missing1993Butler Catholic School
Zarnick DeborahLynnMissingNot SureSaint Peter School
Zarnick DouglasMichaelMissing1975Saint Peter School
ZarnickSnodgrassPaulaAnnFoundNot SureSaint Peter School
Zarnick RobertSFound1973Butler Catholic School
ZavackyZavackyBrianRFound1992Butler Catholic School
Zavacky Janice FoundNot Sure
ZavackyMurrayTrishaMFound1994Butler Catholic School
Zavaral Barbara Missing1958
Zavoral Susan MissingNot Sure
Zeh Jason FoundNot Sure
ZehfussRitzBeth Found1975Butler Catholic School
Zehfuss LarryTFound1981Butler Catholic School
ZehfussZehfussMarkWFound1982Butler Catholic School
Zielinski CathyAFound1982Butler Catholic School
ZielinskiZielinskiDarren Found1989Butler Catholic School
Zielinski KimLMissingNot Sure
Zielinski Stanislaus Found1959
Zima Betsy Found1965
Zima BrianMFound1991Butler Catholic School
Zima David Found1957
ZimaGeorgeErinMFound1993Butler Catholic School
ZimaClamidoriKaren SFound1960
Zima Richard FoundNot Sure
ZimaParkerSandraMFoundNot Sure
ZimaMaradeiSharonEFound1993Butler Catholic School
ZimaZimaTricia Found1988Butler Catholic School
Zimmerman Denise FoundNot Sure
Ziros Patrick Missing1958
Zitalone Lisa Missing1974Butler Catholic School
Zitalone Richard Missing1958
ZitaloneSoundraFound1975Butler Catholic School
ZuccalaBrunoFound1970Saint Michael School
ZupanSavannahCarolynEMissing1963Saint Michael School

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