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The mission of the Alumni Association is to advocate for the Butler Catholic School and its alumni comprised of alumni from Saint Michael, Saint Paul, Saint Peter and Butler Catholic Schools, and promote the good of the school, past, present, and future. Through its programs and services, the Alumni Association develops a spirit of loyalty to Butler Catholic School, engaging and serving alumni, student, parents, faculty and staff, and the entire parish community. More specifically, the Alumni Association's responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To connect alumni to the current Butler Catholic School and to one another
  2. To provide opportunities for alumni, parents and friends to gather in their local areas under the School's banner through chapters and other alumni groups
  3. To be the primary communicator to the alumni body
  4. To help develop a positive public opinion of our current Butler Catholic School
  5. To assist in recruiting the best and brightest students to the current Butler Catholic School and to encourage children of alumni to continue the family tradition of attending the current, Butler Catholic School
  6. To provide opportunities for the leadership of the Butler Catholic School to receive thoughtful counsel and advice from the alumni constituency
  7. To provide volunteer service opportunities for alumni to assist with the mission and business of the Alumni Association and the Butler Catholic School
  8. To promote legislation of interest to the Butler Catholic School and higher education
  9. To maintain the traditions that make this Butler Catholic School the unique place that it is



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